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19 hours ago

Great trail with lots of Geocaches! Drone footage can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMt2gbNfKQU

Epic, beautiful, challenging. I went counterclockwise, but would choose to go clockwise if I go again. You get vista views of the ocean along with deep, lush fern and redwood immersion. Loved every minute of it.

Easy, pleasant hikes. Moderate traffic but we went on a warm Saturday. Parking was easy on the nearby neighborhood. My son who’s disabled and has some issues with walking long distances Loved it! There were stairs for the steeper parts and lots of places to stop and rest on benches or tree trunks.

Enjoyed this hike with my two kids (ages 10 and 9). It’s a short, easy trail but with several large rocks to climb and sit on to get a great view of the city. Was moderately trafficked. Found this to be a good hike for both my son with disabilities (who needs assistance with trickier trails) and his brother who is very active and adventurous.

Great hiking trail. My dog loves it too!

Great views!!

23 days ago

Another forgotten trail...

There are many different options to complete this loop. The loop has a lot of features, redwoods, ocean viewpoint, creek. It was a good climb at the latter half, and the trail has a lot of shades. Once passed the first descending part it would be a very good trail for running too.
One can see a lot of different scenes in this one loop. from mountain to ocean, from bare ground to tree canopies, from mountaintop to creek valleys.
Definitely worth the effort of completing the whole loop.

Great hike for families - the kids loved running up and sliding down the sand dunes. Lots of dogs having fun playing off leash. Beautiful views. Better on a less windy day when the sand isn’t whipping around

trees, downhill then uphill, can see half moon bay, nice forest type trial

I really enjoyed doing this trail with two of my friends on a Sunday. We arrived to the trailhead at 10 a.m. and we’re happy to see there was a free parking lot with a port o potty and hand sanitizer.

The difficulty is on the upper side of moderate for folks with intermediate hiking experience. It took us about 5 hours hiking a pace of 2.4 miles per hour and taking a 15-20 minute lunch. Most of the elevation gain is the last 2.7 miles of the trail. I would not recommend bringing people who are not in shape on this trail and if you do, expect for it take 6+ hours depending on how much they struggle.

We saw several banana slugs along the way and loved the scenery overall. This is a mixed use trail also used by trail runners and mountain bikers, so hikers should be extra aware that those folks are likely going to need to pass you at some point. The trail wasn’t terribly crowded either like some other Bay Area hikes can be.

Overall, a trail that is definitely worth experiencing if you are in moderately good shape.

I typically do this counter clockwise. It’s once of my favorite hikes on the peninsula. Nice mix of in the woods and mountain Views. agree with others that it’s on the hard side of “moderate.” The trip back up is a lot of sustained climbing, but there are a few flat spots to catch your breath. Not for beginners.

Beautiful scenery with many route options. We ended at 2.5 miles and not the 1.5 listed. We were able to hike down to the beach for easy waking with surrounding dogs.

Bautiful view. Enjoyed it a lot

Moderate trail, view of HB Mavericks, Redwood, crystal creek, beautiful. 7.65 Miles, 3.5 hours. 1,775 feet elevation gain, prepare to climb V elevation, nice workout. Bring water and snacks.

2 months ago

Love the variety of trails and how secluded they all are.

Stunning surroundings, a challenging hike, just so beautiful!

2 months ago

Stunning views on a nice day.

2 months ago

good sunset view along the beach,so beautiful!some people riding around in there.

Those hills on the way back were killer! Great way to get the heart pumping.

It’s a great trail and a great view. But, if you go on the small trails up higher, they are very steep and some may find them pretty scary.

Went clockwise this morning. Perfect cool temps. Able to race the loop in 2 1/2 hours- fast for me.

3 months ago

Beautiful coastal beach trail that's easy and open and there's to see of doggies to see!

beautiful views of the ocean and half Moon Bay.

There were a lot of good trails to wander around and it was challenging enough to remain interesting. Had a lot of fun!

Very pretty hike. Strenuous though. Not for beginners.

Pretty trail and views, downhill at the beginning makes for a bit of a climb back up at the end.

3 months ago

Great combination of biomes—everything from sweeping ridge views to bubbling brooks in the redwood thickets. No matter which way you run the loop, it’ll be a bit tough the last mile back to your car.

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