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8 hours ago

Spikes only needed on 3/17

13 hours ago

Spikes are definitely needed, hiking sticks come in handy as well. Bundle/layer up for sure and enjoy the beauty that is Chasm lake, so worth the climb!!!

Hiked early in the morning. Decided to go out and back on Sleepy Lion trail instead of taking the loop back which would have just followed the road. We also took Professor's Ranch trail which takes you to the top of the Dam instead of going to the bottom where the water outflow is. You will see the sign as you wind down near the Dam. Great hike with views of Long's Peak and the Res.

3 days ago

this was a lovely hike! I just wore my hiking boots and tried to be careful in areas where it looked icy!

Microspikes were definitely helpful, but snowshoes are probably overkill now. We had no problem making it to the lake with just spikes. The snow was only not packed down right near the lake

Best views in RMNP in my opinion!

Definitely recommend spikes. Snowy towards the end. Falls were frozen over which made the hike anticlimactic. Would recommend saving this for when it gets warmer.

Hiked with family of 4. Great loop and views.

It had snowed this morning so some of the trail was covered with maybe an inch. Watch out for those snow covered icy spots. Also, the last stretch to the falls is extremely icy! Watch your step and wear spikes!

10 days ago

Wonderful trail, definitely moderate especially with the snow pack on the trail. It's highly recommended to use ice cleats as the second half of the trail is all packed snow which turned to ice in many spots. Beautiful views along the way and at the top. Mostly an uphill hike on the way in.
Not enough fresh snow today for snowshoes so they would be cumbersome on the packed snow but would provide better traction than plain boots.

10 days ago

I enjoy taking my dogs here; 5 stars when it’s not super busy. Pretty views.

If you can end up at the reservoir around dusk this hike is magic.

This was an excellent hike. Took my 15 year old along, and she really got into the views. Most of the hike was only borderline "moderate", but as you approach the top there are a few sections that approach vertical. Made for a terrific day hike, and gave my boyfriend the urge to do a lot more of that.

Gorgeous winter hike. Tough with the extra mileage due to the road closure. Definitely bring snow shoes.

Fun trail. Felt like it should be rated a little more closely to easy than moderate, but the ice today (3/4) made it a little more challenging on the non groomed road parts. a great hike to take friends who might be from out of state (flatlanders) without overexerting them but showing them the beautiful side of Colorado.

on Ouzel Falls Trail

14 days ago

Wow! Windy and tough but a great snowshoe/winter hike. Snowshoes not necessary but helpful

Ceran St Vrain was a pretty easy hike. I decided to continue and follow the trail 252 up the hill to Millers Rock to see what that had to offer....it offered some pretty amazing views. That part of the hike was tough. The trail was icy in spots and snowy in others, with a touch of clear trail. I wore my spikes the whole way through just to be on the safe side. I'm glad i did.

19 days ago

Excellent day! Wild basin trail was snow packed all the way up to Ozuel falls, only needed boots. We decided to keep trekking and loop back on North St. Vrain fire trail and this area had not been touched so snow shoes are necessary until you get back to wild basin trail. As seen in previous trail reports MOOSE are active in area we saw 3 in separate locations and a bull who did not want to be disturbed ! Careful and enjoy
P.S. upper trail head is closed in winter this adds about 2 miles to total.

I’m a beginner and had no trouble. Excellent mountain views.

Great scenery! Creek, dam, and mountain views. About 1-2" of snow covered the trail on our hike today. Some areas of ice and snow slush. I used spikes but my wife and friend did not. Very doable even at this time year. Will def be back during the warmer season.

20 days ago

Tried to do this hike a week ago. The snow was not packed at all unlike many of the other reviews. Our feet sunk in 3 feet with every step on the way up and it was incredibly tiring. Once we broke the treeline, the wind was so strong that the trail disappeared and my gps unfortunately glitched out. We brought microspikes and trekking poles, but I imagine snowshoes would've made it a lot easier. We had to turn around past treeline due to the aforementioned things, but I still enjoyed it and will be trying again soon.

23 days ago

Attempted on 1/27/2018.
I used my Microspikes and found it very doable. Made it all of the way to the base of the lake after pushing through 50+ mph winds. Only to find that there was a giant snow field to pass. The guy in front of me had 2 ice axes and crampons and was not able to make it across. It was absolutely beautiful and will try again!

Great hike with amazing views of the twin peaks. The sleepy lion trail is actually off leash dog friendly! the dogs had a wonderful time romping around in the mountains. quick hike with amazing views. will definitely do more often

27 days ago

This is a great place for an easy winter hike. It offers nice views and is not very steep. It is a popular place on the weekends with several dog walkers and the like. Nice sunset too. For pics and more details: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/01/16/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-ron-stewart-preserve/

27 days ago

Nice winter hike. A good climb and beautiful views. For pics and more details: https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/01/02/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-deer-mountain-trail/

Amazing beginner winter hike with gorgeous views along the way. There were a few icy patches making trek poles or ice trekkers useful but not necessary. Other than that a great day hike trail.

28 days ago

Absolutely awesome. Fun hike to do with friends.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Chasm Lake is one of my all-time favorite hikes. The views
along the way, ... Peacock Lake, Chasm Falls, wildflowers,... just awesome! I did this hike in July 2016 - perfect hiking weather, and the snow had just melted past the boulder field. The boulder field is one of the most challenging / taxing parts of the hike; your thighs and legs get a workout an it slows your hiking pace down. The last part of the hike, you need to scramble up a steeper area and I needed to watch my footing and take my time. But the views of Chasm Lake over the ridge and of Longs Peak were just Amazing! The CO Hiking book and RMNP said this hike was 9.4mi. I know it is rated moderate here; CO Hiking rates it Moderate - Strenuous and I agree. I was glad I started this early morning. Had time to eat and take a break at Chasm Lake before hiking back. By the way, did any of you hikers try that "outhouse" that hangs over the ridge? Crazy!

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