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Went with my husband. First thing we noticed was all the broken glass everywhere. It was ridiculous. Then the garbage all over, and I usually stop and pick the trash up but there was too much on this trail. There was 1 trash can that we came across along the trail. It’s unmarked as well. We passed 2 groups of people who were trying to get down to the water. We lived in CO for 7 years and hiked numerous trails within the springs and have never seen as much garbage and broken glass. We call it Hep C falls now. It was disappointing. My husband and I agreed, if the city took any time at all clearing some of the paths, marking some trails, and cleaning up this place it could be great.

3 days ago

Would be a favorite trail if it wasn’t for the trash and glass. I wish they could clean it up. :(

Love it

Long and flat. Nice to have a longish trail close and it is well maintained. Probably more fun for bikes. Somewhat monotonous to hike.

Amazing trail, my kids really enjoyed!! I only wish they had more seating throughout the trail and allowed dogs.

We loved this trail! Nice length and lots of ups and downs in elevation. Nicely gravel trail most of the way, but a ton of places to go off trail wandering. We saw half a dozen deer right off the main trail, there's also fishing and many options for side loops to make it longer. It was moderately trafficked, a lot of kids, but very clean and plenty of places to stop. We liked the big rocks to climb and look over the lake. This is one of my favorite hiking spots in DFW. Pros: moderately challenging terrain, beautiful scenery, lots of off -trail hiking, having the lake there is nice for warmer weather hikes, wildlife spotting, not much trash, and no bikes! (i hate when I almost get run over by mountain bikes! lol) Cons: moderate - heavy traffic so it's not super quiet; some of the markers are a bit confusing. Definitely recommend trekking poles if you're planning to go off trail, and watch for the slippery mud after rain. Overall, this is one of my favorite trails in DFW for all around day hiking with less experienced hikers.

We had an awesome time exploring this trail. There were a lot of bikers but still good for hikers too. Lots of pretty scenery and some interesting obstacles to maneuver. It’s not the most child friendly trail, but we managed!

This is a beautiful place to hike. I explored all the dirt trails and really enjoyed them. If you are a trail runner, these are perfect trails to run on. They are smooth, wide, and free of roots, rocks, etc. I’m a klutz, so I get tripped up easily. But, I could see myself having a pretty safe trail run out here.

Pretty awesome trail. I saw more Deers here than any other trails I have been to
Also, the section that goes along the lake shore is pretty scenic, quiet and peaceful.

Loop 1 great for running. Mostly bikers through here.

A fairly challenging trail that offers some great views. Crowded on nice weekends; come on weekday if you can.

2 months ago

Been hiking this with the dog for a couple of months now. Great trail. There are bikers so keep an eye out. They are good about watching for you too and share the trails well.

Only wish was more folks would clean up after themselves.


Great hike for us to take family from Las Vegas on. We saw armadillos and deer and lots of beautiful scenery.

I love this trail!! It’s pretty challenging and has some really good views!

I was pleasantly surprised on how few people were on this trail for such a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Clean wide pathways. Will do this trail again..

Great for walkers but not much to look at. This trail is very wheelchair accessible. Most of the trail is in the open and it doesn’t make a loop. The sun reflects off the wide cement path even in October. However they’re making several improvements to connect the trail so I’ll update when that is complete.

If you want to hike or bike further can merge with large park south of Spring Creek. Loved the pathways by the creek. But take a bag to pick up some trash especially if you walk down to the creek—as I often do.

Lots of deer and other wildlife to see!

Good for biking. still under some construction.

Nice park with a lot of paved and wooded trails. Park also has a nature & relaxation center and an auditorium. They were building more trails while we were there. Beautiful area in an urban setting.

I've been hiking this trail for a few years and now it's becoming over run with people. it's still a nice trail.

Great trail, but be mindful of the copperheads.

mountain biking
5 months ago

I forgot to start recording at the beginning. We rode from the Vietnam Memorial to the west end of the trail in Mineral Wells and back, except we rode up the hill beyond our start point, up over the highway, then back down to the war memorial lot. About 10.5 miles total. It was a very nice ride, easy trail, it's paved once you get to the east side of town all the way to the trailhead on the west side. Most of the roads you cross are not busy. Lots of nature along the trail.

Fun trail with good elevation changes. It was crowded, so if you're looking for a more solo, quiet in the woods tiype of trail, this probably isn't for you. Parts of the trail are like walking a gravel road through open fields, the lower loops next to the lake are nice and shaded. The trail is well marked and defined, if you have concerns about poison ivy, no issues here, it's safe to wear shorts. If you slow down, especially near the lake, there is a lot of wildlife to see. We saw lizards, squirrels, many deer and fawns and armadillos.

6 months ago

Great trail leading to a nice pond.

One of my favorite mountain biking trails that offers a good mix for hiking as well. The south side has very little elevation change while the north side offers more elevation change. Don't forget your bug spray, some areas are heavily infested with mosquitos.

Great for kids or if you are in the mood for a quick hike.

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