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Prepare for a real winter ascent during the storm season.

You'll need chains or a 4x4 \ Awd because the road starting at Icehouse Canyon is icy. 6 cars were stuck, with few crashes.

Trail was snow loaded, with increasing difficulty to locate it if you've never been treaded here.

You'll be clear of winds until the bowl start, and exposed after that. Bring multiple layers with Gators, an axe, crampons, trekking poles and, even snow shoes if the trail disappeared.

Really windy near the top with a deep snow pack. 60 mph gusts.

Use discretion and glissade down if you need to bail.

Excellent rock formations at the base, a moderate hike with few trees and sweeping valley views. Great way to get some altitude in a short amount of time. Hiked on New Years Eve in blistering wind. The hiking experience on the way up overtops the payoff at the top, so enjoy the journey!

love this hike

1 day ago

Hit this hike Sunday 1/13, with a group of 6, right between storms with absolutely PERFECT weather. 28 degrees at 7am when I arrived, still at or below freezing when we started at 8. Had to stop once or twice early to dial in the proper amount of layers, settled with regular wind/water resistant pants, quick dry T shirt and light weight pullover. Obligatory wool socks/water proof(ish)boots. Beanie for good measure on the way down.

What can I say, as soon as you get done taking in the spectacular views in one spot, just hike for about 20 more minutes to be blown away again. This continues all the way to Suicide Rock which does not disappoint! We started early and everything was covered in a fresh powder that packed nicely and just amplified the experience. On the way back(passed a few groups headed up) it was warming up and melting so it was almost a different hike coming down. All in all 7.5 miles, 1956ft gain 3hr 45 min and a kick ass time.

I guess it was alright? wouldn't mind going again.

Beautiful view, easy to anyone!

Such a fun hike! I’d definitely rate it as intermediate rather than hard. The tricky part is losing the trail, which can be avoided by trying to look out for the trail markers. Definitely some scrambling required towards the end, but keep going because the view is so worth it!

Sunday hike Jan13: Due to above ankle snow, We had to park out on Angeles crest Hwy and walk a mile into the campsite, then a bit more to get to the actual trail. The road was “closed for the season” but we went in to see if we could hike it anyway and we did! The snow definitely made it a workout. Going in was mostly downhill or flatlined, so keep in mind that it’ll be inclined coming out, be very careful some areas may be slippery. We only got to where a creek was (a beautiful little ending point ), we didn’t make it all the way to the waterfall as it was starting to get cloudy, foggy and dark where we were. We did see a few other people on the trail later in the day who were coming from the connecting trails.. Overall the whole hike was beautiful, snow everywhere, it was either up to your ankles deep or less in some areas. There was still running water in the creek, the path gets narrow in some areas so be careful with that too. I highly recommend this trail. Simply breathtaking with all the snow right now ⛄️

1 day ago

Beautiful hike. Felt like I was going through different climates at certain stages. The rope down to the falls can be iffy but once your down there its gorgeous. There was some water on the falls but not gushing.

Pretty good hike. Very nice view at top but not that hard.

Great hike. The beginning had the most elevation gain and then flattened out a bit so if you can get through the first half hour, you will be fine. It started snowing hard on our way up but but we finished the hike. The snow made the hike just that much more spectacular. It felt like a winter wonderland. No views from the peak though due to the snow and clouds. Thankfully we brought a ton of layers because it got very very cold near the top with the heavy snow.

Great trail! Awesome view at the top and many different areas with scenic views as you make your way up. Different routes can make this hike shorter or as long as you want. Good trail for beginners.

Make sure to bring a potato!! Fairly easy until the incline. There is a section that splits between the easier longer route to the top or a shortcut but it is really steep! Overall, great scenic hike with an awesome view at the top.

God forbid there happens to be a single drop of rain. They close the trail?!?! Seriously?

What a great hike. It starts low and slow but builds to loads of inclines and switch backs. It’s say it’s moderate to difficult in places as the paths are narrow and even steep in some hairy spots. Beautiful views. We will be back.

This is a strenuous hike and well worth it. Did this hike on January 11, 2019. Snow was 3ft or higher and temperatures in the very low degrees. We were equipped with the necessary things that we needed to finish the hike at night. Starting at 10:20 am and finished at 8:20 pm. Well worth it. One important thing is to have a map or download AllTrails.

A great winter hike, especially if there are clouds. We hiked this left to right, but I would reverse that next time. The downhill of going makes you loseseveral hundred feet you just earned, and the last 3rd of the hike is very steep downhill.

So, at the split, turn right and do the hard up first and you’ll have a nice, long, leisurely down hill for most of the loop back.

2 days ago

Crowded, nothing too special. View was mediocre not really a Joshua tree vibe.

2 days ago

Definately a place to check off the list & a unique site as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the NF, but go with expectations. This is NOT a hiker's hike. You will encounter grafitti, trash, sewage, loud human noises, partiers & the trail inexperienced (read: don't know trail ettiquette). While it's rated moderate for the rocks & a short hill, it's fairly easy. Kids & small dogs could make it.

As of 1/13, there is tons of snow and ice on this trail. Bring poles and maybe spikes for the slippery ice on the second half. All in all, a great hike for snow hiking newcomers.

Not actually rating this a 1, just wanted to notify everyone that the trail is currently closed due to wildfire debris.

perfect hike for a good workout but not too difficult. A few up hills. very peaceful. Not a lot of people on the trail. beautiful rock formations.

Definitely counterclockwise direction. It was a smooth way back down to parking lot. Mud, cow poop and wet grass is abundant depending on (writing this down in January) climate. We did enjoy this hike. Bring proper shoes and walking sticks were also helpful.

I highly recommend completing the hike counterclockwise. The trail was fairly muddy so I’d recommend shoes that can be washed easily. There is a lot of wildlife on the trail including ground squirrels and cattle. Horses are allowed to use the trail so watch your step. Dogs are not allowed. Keep in mind half your hike is uphill. Enjoy!

Did this during a wind storm on 7 December 2018. Reversing the route gave a much steeper ascent and is not recommend. Some of the trail is still beautiful, some waterfalls are amazing, but the essential beauty of several segments was lost to the fire.

2 days ago

LOST kid's retainer. If seen/found, please post to let us know here. Otherwise, it was a great hike - beautiful views in all directions, especially of los angeles and ocean. Some puddles but nothing you can't easily step over/around.

Gorgeous rolling greens trail. Moderate yet muddy when I chose to go last weekend after the rains. Lots of fun off shoots to explore. It was beautiful to see the regrowth coming in since the fires. A total rebirth of the valley. We saw loads of coyotes coming back and looking for meals so think about keeping small dogs on leashes.

live less then 10mins. from devils punch bowl. have hiked this

The trail was almost entirely snow covered but mostly packed down and easy to follow until close to the very top, when the footprints diverged and several paths led straight up to the ridge. Traversing the steep and snowy ridge from there up to the summit was a little sketchy—I probably should have had an ice axe but made do without one. Microspikes and trekking poles were enough. Managed to find a tiny dry spot under a tree on the other side of the summit to set up my tent with a beautiful view of Baldy. Cold and windy, but very beautiful!

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