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4 days ago

It was perfect for young kids and a puppy. Wide trails. No drops. They could play in several stops along the river and even at the fall.

Must do!! One of my fav hikes in Chattanooga, beautiful sights and challenging routes. Also connects to waterfall and other trails for longer hike.

Hiked this trail 7/28/18 Signal Park has short walk down to awesome overlook. The trail from there to swinging bridge at Rainbow Lake had some trees down, but pretty easy to go under, over, or around. Rocky trail also. The trail from swinging bridge only had one small tree down. Overlooks are nice. First big overlook is not Edwards point, its maybe 50 yards past that one. Beautiful views.

I've hiked this Trail many times. It's beautiful and offers a bit of a challenge but not too strenuous. From the Ohio Avenue parking lot to the Edwards Point Lookout is 2 miles exactly on my GPS. Not sure why it says 8.4 miles on the alltrails app. But overall it's one of my favorite trails to hike.

This map actually begins at the Rainbow Lake Wilderness Trail head on Ohio Avenue. Edwards Point is 2.1 miles from here and is located on the map at the point or where the trail turns sharply up. Not exactly sure where this trail map ends, but heads towards Mushroom Rock (5 miles from Rainbow trailhead) and Suck Creek Rd., Trail head (8.4 Miles from Rainbow trailhead). Starting at Signal Point would add a little over a mile to the hikes.

Nice payoff at the top. Great view from south overlook. Check for ticks when you finish. Had about 3 on each of us even with bug spray

1 month ago

Found this trail while looking for something closer to Knoxville and a little different than the normal Smokey Mountain day hike. Parking is for about 5-7 vehicles. There was a nice trail map at the beginning. The trail is marked pretty well except one part where you combine with an ATV trail, then shortly come back off of it. After a little over a mile the trail began to be overgrown. The brush and grass was very tall and really took away from enjoying the hike for us.

1 month ago

Continuing past DeBord, it’s an easy, steady climb (about an additional mile) to the next fall on Emory Gap trail. Muddy and rocky but not difficult. Only complaint is that the fall isn’t impressive and rock climbing is necessary to get the best view.

Loved this trail but this map isn’t right about halfway on this map is Edwards point

i just did it and we got pored on, but it was fun. its great for people who are starting climbing and trail-running.

Poorly marked and it needs to be a loop! Technically you can see it from either side of the falls but not connect the trails.

If you enjoy rock/mountain climbing and don't mind a workout this trail is great. The view is well worth the hike! In summer there are wildflowers and even raspberry brambles along the path. Beware when it rains some parts become muddy and slick.

It was a good hike, but we didn’t do the out and back. We ended up doing a loop with another trail. Beautiful! Done with kids and they did fine.

1 month ago

Did the north side of the stream trail which was not very well maintained so the next time I will do the south side that sounds like a better option on my next camping trip to Bandy Creek Campground.

2 months ago

Walked all that way and it was dryed up was also chased by savage blood thirsty bees and there was spiders with webs like fishing line!!!!!

seemed like a great trail, but only got to go a quarter mile in due to hiwassee flooding the trail making it unsafe. Will definitely try again soon.

Beautiful mountain scenery and great for the whole family

3 months ago

The trail is being frequented more often and parts are definitely eroding. Could use updated markers for people that are unfamiliar with the route. Worth it for the views and good workout with ups and downs.

This is a pretty difficult hike -- the trail includes a lot of steep uphills and precipitous downhills, with some clambering over rocks. It's a challenge! But beautiful, especially at the top, and very isolated; I didn't see another soul for the whole hike. Chimney Top really does go right to the top of the mountain, up, over, and around the rocky summit. I can confirm that the Mart Fields campsite does have a water source, a hundred yards or so down the Chimney Tops trail -- but when I was there it was a meager trickle. One note: they have moved the Chimney Top trailhead so that it comes out by the Visitor's Center, about 1/4 mile down the road from the Spicewood trailhead. So the last bit of the hike is along a paved road (but one with very little traffic).

Beautiful view!

It was so pretty even for a dreary cold day. It was pretty intense in some places. I loved all of the water features and views of the huge open valleys.
The flowers were just starting to bloom but it was unusually cold on this particular day. We were the only people out there and my dog also had a blast! Super fun day despite the cold.

3 months ago

This was an enjoyable hike. I agree with most of the others. I don’t think the last third could be called easy:) Of course I’m 71 and far from the fittest hiker on the trail!

4 months ago

Nice trail lots of water after a rain event. Second half of trail was like walking in a creek! Looking forward to the next visit.

Easy from trailhead to Debord Falls, some areas rocky so watch your step. To continue onto Emory Gap Falls is doable but defiantly closer to the moderate range. You are going up hill more and there are a lot more rocks and tree roots.
( I did see and older man fall, he was not injured). If the the first Falls (Debord) do not have plenty of water flowing you may want to wait to do the second leg another day.

My favorite hiking loop in Frozen Head.

Nice easy trail, mostly follows an old road. Nice views of the Big South Fork River. Great for little ones too. Take your time and explore the area.

Great hike with great views. The trail could be a little better marked especially after the first overlook. The suspension bridge was a highlight along with the overlooks. Great hike to do in winter before trees get leaves.

4 months ago

Love this trail! Not sure I would say easy especially the very end of trail but can be done!

5 months ago

NOT EASY. This is definitely a moderate hike—especially closer to the falls. They were beautiful and well worth the effort. The Debord Falls are on the same trail, so stop and see them on your way.

Great trail. My wife loved it. We had fun and great views.

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