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13 days ago

We attended to reach Camp Muir, Mt Rainier on August 26th, 2018 from from the base at Paradise at 5400’. We started on the Skyline trail around 9:00 am and went via Panorama Point and all the way to Pebble Creek Trail. The views of the mountain are just amazing. The hike was snow free until we reached above 7200’. On the way we met one of the volunteer rangers who un warned that thunderstorms may be coming in late afternoon. We continue our hike on the snow a little late in the day and we made it all the way to above 8500’. At this point was already passed 3:00pm and we decided to turn back. It’s a considered a strenuous hike, but doing it is way harder than that. I’ll be back to finish this hike soon! Manny

I started at 8.30am at the parking lot and by the time I got to the snow section at 10am, it was still firm. On my way down at 11am-ish it had soften quite a bit. I wore micro spikes up, but when I was coming down I saw some people successful walk up with out micro spikes. Though if you have it, might as well bring it.

Gorgeous along the way to the top! Snow got really soft so hard to glissade, but still a lot of snow!

Amazing view and hike! Last 2 miles are very brutal even for an experienced hiker like me. There isn’t much snow up there and that’s why it’s more steep.

What an epic journey. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Brought the right gear, pretty much poles and crampons. It’s sure is a butt kicker but so much fun and the views were breathtaking.

Beautiful day hike! I will definitely be coming back! Did this back in July so don't have latest conditions but NPS recommended the following website for most accurate weather on the route (also found on NPS website)


One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. A pair of crampons or snow cleats would have been very beneficial so if you have those take them.

Hiked this on 18th Aug. Beautiful hike. Fun glissading
down. 2nd time to camp muir.

Great challenging hike! Views amazing despite haze. I recommend bringing some kind of spikes/yaktrax and hiking poles (I did it without but wished I had them). There is a ton of snow to hike through and it's straight up! Took about 4hrs to get up and 1.5hrs down. We brought trash bags for glissading! It was so much fun after all that hardwork! I would recommend for comfortable glissading to wear waterproof pants and layers to keep your booty warm and some waterproof gloves! I hiked all the way up in a tank top and threw on my patagonia for the way down! Be sure to bring water and snacks to refuel!

Tough hike but amazing time out there. Bring a trash bag for the way down.

Awesome hike, doesn't get much better than this unless you do the summit. Bring garbage bags for glissading down, I did it without and spikes or poles by avoiding majority of the snow. My favorite hike so far!

Take a plastic bag for glissading, lots of sunscreen and water, it’s amazing enjoy!

Awesome hike! July 24 with Nahid and Aras! Full detailed map, extra layers, spikes, extra water and sun production makes this long hike more pleasant!

2 months ago

Went in June, very hard but lovely hike to Camp Muir. Be aware of sudden weather change even in summer, bring compass to be safe and lots of sunblock.

Extremely beautiful on a clear day, difficult hike


Went June 2018. We arrived at Paradise with all paths covered in several feet of snow. This definitely made the hike through Sunrise much more difficult. The All Trails Pro app was a lifesaver as we needed GPS to safely navigate the path as they were snow covered and not well marked. The cloud cover was pretty intense so visibility was only about 20 feet for a good part of the hike.
In terms of materials needed, hiking sticks, micro spikes or snowshoes a must and a Camelback and snacks. Bring a trashbag for the decent!! It is the amazingly fun way to get down the mountain. Dress in layers because the temp changes as you move up the mountain but you'll be sweating from the work.
It is not an easy hike but the views are amazing. Not a lot of traffic, but enough to encourage you to keep going.
We did it in a day hike but if you can stay the night at camp Muir so you can relax a bit and just enjoy the peace at the top of the mountain.

Trail was a great challenge, unfortunately bad weather brought my hike to an end.

Hiked July 2,2018- took us about six hours with a forty five minute break at the top. Weather was not ideal with most of the trip being in white out conditions but with the snowfield well tracked and the trail markers relatively easy to find, we were able to follow the trail relatively easily. Would recommend to bring a GPS as a backup just in case. Worth every bit of the hard work for the views. Stopped along the way and saw some marmots. Pro tip- Utilize the glissades to help get down the mountain but don’t get carried away and go in the wrong direction, have a lot of fun!

I did it as a day hike this morning and it took me 3 hours to get to the campground. Beautiful views and there is so mucha snow. I like to avoid the crowds so started hiking around 6:00 am.

Always such a thrill to be on Mt Rainier. . Always a long day from Mill Creek, WA. By the time you stop for this and that and ohhhhh pizza sounds good . . 14 hour day. But always so worth it! It’s one of my favorite day hikes in Washington State. Trail is almost snow free to the top of Alta Vista. “Route n snow” is about as perfect as you will get going to Muir. Multiple glisade chutes on the way down. . Not concerned with “times” anymore . . Buttttt I think it was a personal best at 1:37 on the way down. Wild flowers will be in full bloom on 7/20/18 in the Paradise area.

Best hiking trip I have ever had. Love the snow wish I lived where it snowed! Definitely recommend because even though I wasn’t prepared for it we almost made it to camp Muir about 500 feet higher than we were and about 2 more hours of walking. So we went back down but I had so much fun and this hike inspired me to do more and get this app.

beautiful and challenging.

Went with REI this past Saturday. Had three breaks every hour or so to catch our breath. Weather turned out perfect at the top with a view above the clouds. Glissade chutes down were well appreciated. This mountain hike is no joke.

Made the hike up to Camp Muir on 6/2/18. It was a beautiful sunny day with very little wind. Incredible views of the upper mountain as well as Mt Adams, Hood and St Helens. Saw two avalanches on the upper mountain and heard several more. That was pretty incredible. Glissade chutes were numerous and lots of fun on the way down. This is a long hard hike but well worth the effort. I highly recommend it.

Though this hike is TOUGH this is so worth it. I am a fairly in shape person, I trained a couple times going up mount si with a 30lb pack along with running and weight lifting. I ended up with a 40lb pack (thanks to my sister) going to Muir. Took quite some time as I had my 62 yr old mother with me. Started at 9:15am and got there around 4pm. 100% snow terrain. If you camp there, you need a permit so make sure to stop at the guide station before you head out. Also didn’t get a wink of sleep as it was incredibly windy and cold. The altitude never hit me as hard as it did for a couple people in our group, they say it really only hit when you got to the camp. Though Like I said, it was tough, But this was an experience of the life time. 10/10 would recommend.

Amazing hike! 5/27/18 Weather today was amazing, not a cloud in the sky. We could see Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Hellen’s, and Mt. Hood.
This hike is only for experienced hikers and you want the correct gear. Good mountaineer boots or boots with micro-spikes, poles, sun protection, and plenty of water. The weather can change on a dime so be prepared.
Some people bring up their skis or snowboards and ride down.

Best done with skis especially for the descent. This can be quite crowded on the weekends. If you have the knowledge and are properly equipped, enjoying a sunset at Camp Muir then skiing back to Paradise before full darkness can be spectacular. Always be aware of the hours posted for the gate at Longmire as they lock it to all traffic both up and down in the winter.

This IS a tough hike if you're not in shape, but if you're a '2-3 hike-a-weeker' you should have no problem. The 8.5 mile roundtrip distance isn't the problem....it's the 1,000ft. per mile elevation gain. You're nearly at a mile up at the onset so drink lots of water the night before you start and bring plenty and sip it often as well as tasty high-carb snacks. If it's a clear day, start early, gob on the sunscreen and apply often.... the Muir snowfield is BRUTAL on a hot summer day. Don't become depressed when your destination seems to keep getting further and further away from you the closer you get. It's the altitude making your boots feel like they're cinder-blocks. Try two little tricks for the 'climbers' use. Pressure breaths...blow out two breaths deeply then inhale one long deep one...about every 5 minutes or so. Also try climbers- step when thighs and calves are fatigued on steep areas: Place leg forward and put weight on the knee joint and step up straight and repeat. Take your time, you're not in a race....just maintain a steady pace. (I'm 65 and this does help me...it's good practice if you're having trouble with altitude and better than most) If you notice nausea or a migraine setting in, TURN AROUND and head back calmly. The mountain will still be there for another day. 9 times out of 10 you'll notice the symptoms disappear once you proceed to a lower altitude. Camp Muir itself is a reward. Congratulate yourself as you sit 2/3 of the way up Rainier taking in tiny Paradise Hotel, Mt. Adams and the valleys beyond. When you make it back down reward yourself with a great meal and brew!! ENJOY!

Definitely watch out for rattle snakes. 20 minutes into our hike I almost stepped on a baby one. Also the juvenile bulls were a little intimidating. Nice peaceful hike. No shade so go in spring or winter.

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