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First hike and I enjoyed it very much. Would do it again.

I thought the trail was great. A little sketchy driving in, seems to have been a wildfire recently(months or years). Park right at the trail head and be prepared for some inclines. As others have said, great views about 2/3 up. Once at the top, carefully walk around perimeter of radar installation for views of most of island. After that, prepare for a trip back down. My knees still hurt from the decline.

great hike. best on a day with some wind. was hot without a breeze

A lot of people saying don’t hike when it’s been raining, I say don’t hike when it hasn’t! Anyone who has been there on a week of great sun will tell you the pools can get stagnant and turn brown. Definitely kicks up the difficulty when it is raining since you’ll be climbing and descending on a layer of mud! But I guess it just depends if you are highlighting the falls and swimming or just worried about the hike. Just the hike, go when it’s sunny, falls and a quick dip, wait for a decent amount of rain.

My favorite waterfall in Hawaii this far. Fun trail through bamboo forest. Muddy right now. Awesome falls you can attempt to swim in.

Great trail. Beautiful waterfall.

trail is great. I have been a few times a day haven't regret it yet. when you go make sure you jump from the high point on the waterfall (the left if you're looking at the fall)

Beautiful hike, not much signage, we took a wrong turn once and had some difficulty finding the falls. We went after there had been a lot of rain so the waterfall was flowing hard and we did not attempt to get into the creek, although the rope swing looked fun.

very steep, yet well worth trail to the top of Oahu! ropes towards the top to help you. very interesting hike.

Waterfall was great. Hike past the waterfall was an adventure

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

Did this hike today. The entrance is all the way to the right of the parking lot. There is a locked gate but a big hole has been made in the fence to the left of the gate. You will hike down an open gravel road for a ways then you will begin the hike on a trail through the woods. Follow the pink ribbons. Try to stay straight along the stream. There are multiple trails coming off main trail. You will have to cross the stream in several places as well. Muddy and slippery in places but well worth the hike.

Hiked the day after heavy rains from Hurricane Lane. Trails were pretty slick/muddy. Very technical in spots with some pretty amazing views.

Nice trail! It was muddy and slippery, but not bad. Would recommend not wearing a new pair of shoes. Water shoes worked well for my wife and adult daughter. Lots of exposed roots and rocks so those uf us with weak ankles need to be careful. Falls was nice at the end and worth the hike. Wear your suit if you want to make the plunge!

15 days ago

Great trail. It appeared to be very well maintained. Definitely not an easy hike. I started at 8 am and was sweating through my clothes after a mile into the hike. Going out to that great view is about 3.5 Miles. So many uphills. Don’t go right after leg day! There are some benches to rest. I’d be mindful if you plop down on a rock because I noticed there were ants all over the ground. Going back to the glider Airfield parking lot was a lot easier since most of it was downhill. Good hiking shoes are a must. You’ll want that extra grip when stepping over all the rocks. Watch your footing. Bring water. It’s beautiful.

DId the hike today and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of different ways to get there, but just remember to get yourself to the Nuuanu Stream and stay with it (on whichever side seems easier to you) until you get to the falls. The easier entrance now seems to be to the right of the parking area where there's a double gate in the fence (it's locked) with a hole to the left. Follow the road for a bit, and then you'll see some signs. The trail was super muddy, but it's an enjoyable trek with a great payoff. The falls are beautiful and refreshing.

19 days ago

Great trail and good scenery from the switchbacks. Only went up to the picnic table and back but it was great with the family in tow. Definitely want to do the entire trip one day.

Great views and cool down at the end in the brisk waterfall. Bring something to waterproof your phone since it tends to rain while you take a dip in the water. Must bring towel and change of clothes and foot ware for the drive home, due to the mud.

on Waimano Falls Trail

20 days ago


Usually just take this trail to the puka. Its on private land. Good shoes, water and a hat is recommended, it does get really windy at times. Once you get the the top of the first climb it kind of flattens out for a bit then you will get into some ups and down hills. Its a 1.15 miles from the start and took me approx 1hr to reach the puka. Once you are on the trail witch is easy to follow look for the telephone poles, you will pass by to the right of it from that point it is approx. 20-25 minutes from there. After the telephone pole you will be climbing down a little steepness, its not bad but you will be using both hands. All total about 2.3 miles. Just take your time and be safe.

Nice falls, not to muddy, nice to jump in the water!

Beautiful Breathtaking hike!! Definitely worth it!! Amazing views of the river, jungle trees, and of course the waterfall. We jumped off the cliff of the waterfall it was plenty deep. I disagree with other reviews that this hike is not kid friendly. I took my 3 kids ages 11,9,8 and they loved every minute of it! If your kids don’t like getting dirty or want to be held while hiking it could be a dealbreaker. It is muddy but that was half the fun! We wore great shoes (chaco’s) and it made all the difference. Cant stress how important good footwear is so be prepared. I saw people hiking with flip flops, which is a terrible idea.
The hike starts behind a road with a gate. The trail wasn’t marked but it was easy to find when you know to follow the trail behind the gate. You park in a residential neighborhood to access the trail.

on Mount Kaala Trail

22 days ago

Loved this hike

Wack hike. Little muddy on the way up, followed the creek on the way back and it was 100x better

23 days ago

Just about a nonstop uphill hike. I brought and 6L of water with me on this hike. I could have had a faster hike time, but there is so much to see and take in along the way. At the top please take extra care in the Reserve. Extremely fragile ecosystem and the top. Please follow all the rules posted on the signs by the gates. Endangered plant and wildlife.

Hiked in June 2017. Nice trail nothing spectacular. Waterfall was decent would have been nice if it was flowing heavier.

The falls are really, really awesome. They are cold and there are three different diving heights for the more daring. But the hike is not s hole - it is a slog through mud from start to finish. Prepare to get very messy and I’d avoid bringing younger kids or the disabled.

The day I hiked was shortly after all the weather from Hurricane Lane. So the trail was quite wet and muddy with some small fallen trees. Overall I’d say it was a good hike despite the muck. The falls at the end of the hike is the biggest payoff though! The falls are nice and there are plenty of spots to soak your feet, for those wanting a break. For the more adventurous there are the different spots to cliff jump into the pool at the bottom of the falls. The pool is quite deep, but depth is dependent on rain fall and the river current. Best to check the depth or confirm with others that have already jumped that day. You’ll be glad you did it, it’s a blast!

Side note, shoes are recommended, but I saw several people doing it barefoot (not recommended). The trail is slippery wen wet, and the ground is a bit uneven due to roots protruding from the ground. I wouldn’t classify this as a difficult hike difficult hike by any means. Easy-moderate. The higher jumps were around 20-25 feet. The small jump was 4-5 feet.

28 days ago

Deciding to hike this after tons of rain maybe wasn't the best choice. Very muddy, so dress accordingly. The waterfall was fun, but had a very strong current after all the rain. I'm glad we hiked it only because the waterfall was pretty, but not my favorite hike.

Great hike. With tropical storm Lane so close, it is a wet slippery hike. The falls are strong and the water has flooded a bit.

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