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This trail was great! No cell reception so if you plan to use a map on here, download it long before you even get close to this area. Devils Well is a fascinating look from an opening on the top of a cave cavern (that holds water probably around 100feet deep) thanks to a sinkhole forming. A ranger we spoke with told us to be careful and watch for the signs along the trail. Many people get lost confusing the hiking trail with the ATV trail. The hike to Spring Cave was beautiful, in the fall you have less trouble with bugs. We had a baby with us and she was quite the trooper! Only people seen on the trail besides our group of 5 was a small ranger-led tour group.
The cave is something else. It seems the most popular way to get there is by canoe. We had the cave to ourselves for about 20 minutes then all these people seemed to paddle in out of nowhere. There is a deep part in the back of the cave that I was not able to research well until I had WiFi again. I read it can be up to 120 feet deep back there and with a lot of uncertainties. If you go in there, don’t take that lightly. Be very careful, and most of all preserve its mysterious beauty!

We just got back from hiking in Colorado and wanted to keep it up here back at home. First time on this trail. So happy it’s so close to our home. Very well kept, marked perfect to decide which way you want to go and loved all the fall leaves. Can’t wait to get back out there with our bikes this time!! Would totally recommend!!

17 days ago

Beautiful fall hiking trail!

It great you don't feel like you are in the middle of kc.

We hiked this trail twice during the last week of October, 2018. The first day was a perfect sunny fall day. Two days later, we hiked on a cloudy day. On Monday, we saw 8 other hikers on the trail. On Wed, with a threat of rain, we didn’t see any other hikers. The fall colors were beautiful both days and the hike was very enjoyable. There are a few places that are pretty rocky, but other places with very few rocks. Most of the trail is fairly level, but there are a few easy hills and one hill that is pretty steep and rocky. You will likely be breathing hard as you climb that hill on the way back to the TH. Most people willing to hike almost 8 miles should be able to handle it OK. The tunnel is neat to see and walk through. I would advise taking a flashlight to help make your way through the tunnel, as there are some rocks that could trip you in the dark. There are several rock formations/bluffs and small holes/caves along the way to view and or explore also. We crossed several dry creek beds on this trail. If you hike this trail in early spring or after heavy rains, these creek beds might have water in them. We hiked in and out on the east loop, as I had read the west loop wasn’t as pretty or worthwhile. There were no bugs or ticks on our late Oct hike and only a few cobwebs. We did search a little while the first day trying to find the trail head. Drive to the spring, but don’t go over the bridge. Take the road that veers slightly to the left. From there it is a short distance to the TH. Great trail!

hard to follow with all the leaves. safe

Northern and eastern half best sections. Poor trail markers, but doable.

Really great trail! Easy to follow and the tunnel at the end is worth the hike.

Great view, make sure to go all the way through the tunnel!!

30 days ago

Oct. 21, 2018-Just an incredible trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Load up my recording to get a blow by blow coverage of this hike with pictures. I really enjoyed this hike with the varied terrain and different features including the panoramic views of the valleys, several streams, the rock formations in the lower part of the area, and the excellent camping areas as well. I camped in the B campsite which is the primary backpacking camp site. It is a large area and will hold about 7 to 8, 2-person, tents and is situated next to a creek bed which was dry this time of the year. The trail was well-maintained, and also was well marked. Even though this was not the peak weekend for the fall colors for the different tree varieties, it was still beautiful to see some of them finally showing off their colors. It’s a scenic, easy, trail and one that I will definitely do again.

Awesome trail. I had a late start so I did the loop clockwise and hung a hammock at the backpack campground which was a good low laying spot in between hills next to a creek bed. Finished the loop the next day which had some really cool features and scenery.

Nice wide trail. Hiked for an hour on a Tuesday. Did not see a single person! Good news if you are allergic to poison ivy/oak, the trail is wide and plenty clear so no need to worry about that. Some areas where you could run but areas of a fair amount of large rock where it would be dangerous. Saw some migrating birds, woodpeckers, chickadees, hawks, and 2 whitetail deer as well.

Easy, lots of mountain bikers but a nice reprieve

horse traffic has done a bit of damage. trail could use some blazes. little trash.

the caves are hard to find. the land its hard to traverse. for that reason this is idea hiking. beautiful scenery.

Good trail for power walking.

2 months ago

I have known about this Trail since I was a kid and I've hiked several portions of it for most of my life. it has always been torn up from the horse traffic. but it is a large loop and has mostly treed areas.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is my go to trail at Landahl, since I'm still fairly new to mountain biking. I do Family Trail going out and then Will's Wanderer (the actual trail name) coming back. They're not too hard but both definitely have some tricky spots. The trail was changed this year to make the end a little less challenging and to avoid some huge rocks. Dave's Maze is another great trail that connects to these two and is about the same level of difficulty.

Just another badly marked and cryptic trail that will easily get you lost. Even the trail head maps were off the mark. Got lost after waiting for the local "Trail Nerds" group run that never showed (not even sure they exist anymore) and found myself super lost in the dark. Not to mention LOTS of rocks, somewhat dangerous for runners and the occasional weed smokers on the trail make it for a annoying and disappointing experience.

The trail was lightly travelled which was evident by the amount of spider webs I walked through. Over all the trail was clearly marked and the sites were beautiful. I would recommend long pants because of the underbrush and water proof shoes for the cave.

2 months ago

Good hike! We went the counter clockwise route which is the way most hikers go if you want a nice morning hike out. First part was harder than the second half due to the humidity and heat of the day we hiked in. Was only a 5 mile hike to the campsite and the seasonal stream was running was nice. My only complaint was the chiggers or oak mites were bad!

Hit these trails today for the first time and was blown away. So beautiful, well maintained, varied difficulty levels and surfaces. I spent several hours and went about 12 miles. Can’t wait to enjoy the trails this fall as the leaves turn. Make sure to take plenty of water and make note of the paved trail that goes straight up the middle and takes you back to the trailhead anytime.

Great trail, good workout, and well shaded. Would like to see better markings for the trail across intersections and the such. Got off the main trail several times.

2 months ago

Excellently maintained and well marked with a great natural feature to keep you moving forward. I’ll definitely return with my kids next time.

mountain biking
2 months ago

I grew up in Overland Park over the past forty years and have been pleased to see the extensive trail system develop. I jog, bike, take my dog on jogs, and even ride my longboard on the Indian Creek trail. My wife and two boys live 3 blocks off the trail. The trail is fairly well cared for. A few cracks which are most notable on the skateboard, but they’re few. And definitely not a problem for any other mode. I’ve seen police on a few occasions. I don’t recommend a ride on it within 24 hours of rain, as a couple of low spots can pocket water. Summer day will dry it up, though.

I usually ride my mountain bike about 5 miles, I might run a 2 mile jog once a week. I sse a good balance of trees and open areas, which means even on hot days you will find a diversity of temperatures. Fall brings a few too many leaves for the longboard... And, pity the Activity menu here doesn’t have the skateboard-longboard and nor does it show inline skating. These are 90% level grade trails on the floodplain of the creek and are a treasure for the community. They provide continuous uninterrupted movement...just pick a mod and do a little “forest bathing” through the City of Trees. See you there!

3 months ago

Nice clean, well maintained trail. May have some issues during heavy rain.

This was a great trail that both my dogs and I enjoyed. The natural bridge at the end was beautiful and fun to walk through. The only downside I found was that it was more heavily trafficked than I tend to enjoy and I had forgotten repellant so I spent about an hour getting seed ticks off of my body. Highly recommend using repellant here!!

The trail was well marked with easy access to the trailhead. There are plenty of trail maps but no bathrooms. The trail is very rocky and narrow making the rating of “moderate” accurate. My two children got excited for a bench at about two miles. They sat down only to realize a minute later that they were COVERED in termites! My five year old was in pure horror! We tried to finish the loop with the shortcut but after a quarter of a mile farther, we decided it was best to turn around. After returning back to the car and fully stripping their clothes, we also found three ticks on my husband and daughter. Heads up that this is not a young kid friendly hike. I wish we would’ve have gotten a chance to see the entire trail and what it has to offer. I gave it three stars because I’m sure it’s a good trial for others, but I wish I’d known it wasn’t for my family. Oh well, you live and you learn.

We parked at the Smoke and Davey Trailhead and took the Neale Trail. So great. Somewhat challenging, very cobwebby at 8 am but found a good stick to help with that. Very well maintained and pretty views everywhere. When the trail crossed the cement path that ran down the center of the trail system we occasionally saw another person but aside from that no other people once we were in the woods. Great views of the lake.

This was mostly a horse trail. The conservation department has re-routed the trail we were trying to follow causing us to take a wrong(?) turn and cutting a couple of miles off of our intended route. Instead of hiking down along the Niangua River we skirted the ridge above it. Also, according to the map, at one point we had a choice of three paths back to our vehicle. Fortunately, we chose the correct one as the other two ended up being closed to allow vegetation to regrow. However, we didn’t discover that until we saw signs where the other two “old” trails merged with the “new” one. Also, there was not one point where we could find an actual paper map to follow. We happened upon a campground that showed us where we were and where we needed to go. Be prepared to do a lot of up hill!

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