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Hiked this on Thursday. No blow downs...all removed! Trail in great shape. No mud or water on rail. Light traffic. Rock Hopper.

about as fun as walking through a golf course could be...

not too bad for a metropolitan area trail... there are a few moderate areas, not too many though and they're not too long - there is a long paved trail around the lake, and dirt trails that veer off from the main paved trail

This was a great trail to bike and not have to worry about cars. I went mid-day to take advantage of the warm weather. There were quite a few walkers close to the towns, but I had the trail to myself in between, passing a handful of bikes going the opposite direction. Beautiful scenery; very well maintained trail.

13 days ago

Quick, steep hill to get your heart rate up

road biking
15 days ago

Not a technical trail at all, it's paved and is split into 2 lanes along many parts of it.

$101 fine if you go over 10 mph on a bike, so if you're not going at a leisurely pace, stay away

Perfect walk friendly people along the way.

I enjoy doing segments of this trail on days that I want to take my cardio outdoors instead of inside at my gym..Lucky that I always pick the right time and is never busy

Crazy easy hike but if you don’t have a map - ITS A LABYRINTH! (I had to keep checking my map at every turn cuz there’s so many alternative routes (FYI)

Hiked this one on Christmas morning. Definitely snowy at the top, but worth it for the solitude. First part of the hike is narrow and a bit slippery with the rain, but the rest of the way is service road until you reach the cell tower area, where the trail heads to the left (east), and out to a small overlook before continuing to the terminus. Definitely a beautiful hike and good uphill that burns off the Christmas cookies!

Good hike but view a little disappointing

This was actually very nice and quite beautiful, also quite peaceful in the December season. I give it 3 stars only in comparison to the other AMAZING trails in the area.

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning hike!
Highly recommend good shoes for this and pay attention to the terrain on the way down as much as the way up, if not more! I had an accident on the way down with a not-so-great outcome, but got some gorgeous photos on the way up, and proud to be able to say, ‘I made it to the top!’

It was really pretty and had some interesting sights, at one point the intersection was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Make sure to watch out for mountain bikers if you start by going to the left, more than likely they will come from behind and the trail is pretty thin.

Well maintained trail, short and sweet! Great sunny cold day with some peekaboo views.

Did this hike about a month ago! Definitely gets your heart pumping! The view at the top wasn’t really much of anything, however it was an awesome work out and really pretty greenery!!! ❤️

Great paths and easy for all ages

Awesome bike ride, beautiful paved trail. Trail runs through Orting, which is a very cool town. Towards end of trail you can stop for a coffee at a trailside coffee shop. Would highly recommend this trail.

2 months ago

Great morning trail during the summer before it gets to hot. This is a great work out on the way up as it does get pretty step. But fun with the views and good company.

Did a quick up and down the back way from the parking lot. Cool day for hiking. No rain. No mud. Had my son Jim and April, daughter in law, in tow. Happy Trails.

3 months ago

They’re doing logging near this trail so the trailheads are difficult to find. Got lost a few times due to the trails being cut into different sections with no discernible trail markers. Plus parts of the trail are not well maintained. Not the coolest views either. Just a lot of forest and ferns.

3 months ago

Great if you want a workout. Some cool views along the way but no views at the top. Gravel pathways the whole way up with some optional traversing paths through the woods. We brought our three young kids and had to carry them pretty much the whole way up - it’s steep. You don’t need a pass and the facilities and trail are new, nice and clean!

I take my toddler to orting all the time for the foothills trail. We have explored a few parts of it and there is still so much more to see and experience. Cool river view points and an awesome view of Mt Rainer.

Rode with friend yesterday. Nice peaceful.

road biking
3 months ago

Biking with family nice trails

Such beautiful scenery!! Absolutely love this walk. The looped walk has small hills that leads into a couple big hills (depending which way you go, you could be going up or down these hills). If you’re going up the hills, there’s a park up at the top and they have a water fountain and dog water area. Also, a few places to take some amazing photos. Right off the loop walk, there is also a bridge where you can put a lock on. And a body of water that is so pretty, where my kids love to look for crabs.

Great hike for intermediate level and with dogs. Not a lot of sites to see but view was good

4 months ago

Good quick workout, don't do it for the views. Parked outside the gate (it doesn't open until 8am) Near the beginning of the gravel road up, there is a path to the left over a tiny bridge, it's a more wooded natural path that avoids a lot of the gravel switchbacks. There are a few spots for views of the valley which will probably be most clearly seen in the cooler months when the deciduous trees drop their leaves. Took about an hour to the 'peak' which comprised of two benches in the trees. No view. We hiked down the other side on the Cal Magnusson Trail where there are some neat rock formations. once at the other parking lot, we took the right side trail by the big rock and bike rack, which is pretty steep. as the whole trail system loops we basically just always stayed to the right at forks the whole hike. Hiked on a Saturday morning mid Sept. and as we were leaving it was starting to get busy. Arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Love this trail for jogging with my kids who bike while I run. My daughter doesn't like pedaling up hills - she's fine with this trail as it is flat plus I get my Mojo seeing the Mountain. You'll be able to see and hear the rushing water of Carbon River along a portion of the trail.

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