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4 hours ago

I would recommend this trail for anyone looking for an easy hike/walk. Good for dogs and kids. It was quite muddy and there were 3 creek crossings of increasing difficulty. Nothing that takes a daredevil but your feet may get wet. The weather was great and the falls were beautiful!

23 hours ago

This is a very easy walk with some beautiful views of the river and the falls. Falls are much bigger in the rainy season(obviously). It’s easy for kids and even accessible with strollers even though I would advise a stroller meant for off-road activity. I have taken my 3 grandkids who are 6, 3, and 2. It’s a great walk when you don’t have a lot of time but want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

This is an easy family friendly trail for year round use.

Went with my best friend Monday afternoon around 3, took our time and ended up hiking back to car in the dark. Well worth it, just make sure you have flashlights or prepare unlike us and go earlier. I cant wait to go back when it’s warmer and go swimming.

Road in wasn't bad, and could handle my tiny Hyundai Accent perfectly. I assume it isn't always that way, but there wasn't any snow and pot holes were easy to navigate. As for the trail, not slippery or icy for my trip. Some downed trees, but a hop over, and you're hiking again.The falls were well worth it, as well as the view you got of everything else at the top.

5 days ago

More of a walk than I hike, it’s short & quick. The January waterfall was a welcomed sight. Narrow, muddy, rocky & steep, but short. Most able bodies wouldn’t have a problem getting in but not easy for elderly, under 8 (or so), and parents carrying the tiny. Relatively unknown and beautiful waterfall though!

on Franklin Ghost Town

5 days ago

Nice short hike for dogs and kids. Trails are well traveled if not clearly marked.

6 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

6 days ago

This was a fun and easy 2 mile hike. The way up is a little steep but was easily maneuverable. We took our two senior dogs and they did just fine. Nice Informational day trip.

Plenty of parking, pretty muddy. But pretty

Nice short hike to get out into nature. Every skill level can enjoy this trail (my wife is 8 months pregnant and had no problem). Beautiful river and waterfalls!

Be advised Green river Gorge trails association charges you 5$ per car then an additional 5$ per person. We moved on.

Hiked it today, 1/5. I drove from Wilkerson and drove over the bridge, parked, then walked over the bridge to the trail head. You have to step over the guard rail to get to the trail. It’s a little steep going down but flat once you get down. I only hiked about 30 minutes because it started to get dark. The trail was pretty muddy but not too bad.

Hiked today (Jan-5, Sat), arrived around 11am, there is not much parking but was plenty of space today, not a high season. Trail is easy and in a pretty good condition, muddy sometimes, but nothing bad. Main challenge was the Hannan Creek crossing near the falls. There is a fork and loop on the second part of the trail, you can go left or right, both trails go to the falls. I took the left trail and that was a mistake, creek crossing on the left side was worse than on the right, it was not easy to cross without getting wet. There are some logs and rocks but pretty slippery and you have to jump. I wish I had my poles with me just for this crossing, left mine in the car for this easy hike.

My suggestion - take the right trail, there is a crashed car right after the fork, so you will know what place I am talking about. Creek crossing is smaller on this side and there is a big tree over it, which you can use for easy crossing. Then after the falls you can try the other side of the trail to go back, if you can’t make the crossing there, it’s not far at all to return and go back the same way. And, as I mentioned, poles will be helpful for creek crossing. Unless you are fine with wading through the creek and get wet.

13 days ago

Just the 90 minute hike I wanted today! Headed the wrong way to cross the “bridge” to get across the creek before I headed back the right way. There was only one trail and it was mostly packed dirt with some loose rocks at a couple points. I loved hearing the rushing creek as I hiked and after 15 minutes it was all mountains! A good workout, I was even able to run a little on the way down. It was well populated so I felt safe as I single 54 year old woman. Can’t wait to make it to the falls when I have more time.

14 days ago

Beautiful setting.

15 days ago


From the East Coast (specifically New Jersey) and this was our first West Coast hike. Wow, wow, wow. The views were insane, the flora was gorgeous, and the temperature was perfect in August! This review is written late, but if you can make the trip, DO IT!

Beautiful view and pretty straight forward trail

Trail was in good winter condition. A little muddy in some spots, but nothing that couldn't easily be navigated. It was fairly icy for the last 1/3rd of a mile or so, especially on the steps and wooden walkways.

16 days ago

Nice trail. The grade is very gentle, so not really steep at any point. The trail is initially just a spiderweb of social trails until you cross the creek, then pretty easy to follow until the waterfall.

Beautiful views but you can’t really get close to the falls during this tome of year. By close I mean down to the lower level. Definitely coming back here during the spring to see the salmon.

Gorgeous trail and the waterfall was stunning. No snow for most of the trail but a few slick spots towards the end. I really enjoyed this hike and the changing plant communities.

Awesome place to take kids just be careful in some areas.

This was the hardest hike I have ever done (hiking around a year only 2nd trail ever in Cascades). extremely steep. the rocks you have to climb were covered in and ice making it super difficult. the waterfall was amazing to see and the tree was very cool. the stairs were also very icy. Be advised you basically climb up the waterfall/streams lots of rocks!

Hiked this one on Christmas morning. Definitely snowy at the top, but worth it for the solitude. First part of the hike is narrow and a bit slippery with the rain, but the rest of the way is service road until you reach the cell tower area, where the trail heads to the left (east), and out to a small overlook before continuing to the terminus. Definitely a beautiful hike and good uphill that burns off the Christmas cookies!

19 days ago

Incredible year round

this waterfall is so powerful. A beautiful exhibit of nature.

it is definitely worth the effort especially in the winter time. The snow is beautiful

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