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Great views!

Really good hike for Spring! Most of the climb is in the first 3.5 miles, and it provides an excellent, less crowded backdoor to Mission Peak. The hike down from Monument peak through the Agua Caliente Trail is a real treat, with excellent views of the city. The only downside is the trails can get quite muddy right after rains.

18 days ago

Not really a trail, but a paved path. Great scenery and workout. Great for dogs. There are many trails the feel more like a real hike that branch off from Pipeline Road, however dogs are not allowed on those.

Love this hike! Great views.

Coastal view is awesome on the top of mountain. But wind is pretty strong, remember to wear warm coat!

on Byrne Trail

23 days ago

This is one of my favorite trails - great views with picnic tables for a break and so unique with the redwoods, carvings, altar, and little surprises. Great for all ages.

Steep but worth it.

great views of the area. about two areas with steep elevation gain. there is a little network (3) of trails that can get a little confusing, so be sure to download the map. took us about 4 hours with time for pictures and resting. no reception in the parking lot, but spotty through out the trail.

on Mine Hill Trail Loop

trail running
1 month ago

The history of this area itself is great! Beautiful on an overcast day. There are mountain lions here and wild pigs. Another hiker said he saw two mountain lions right before we met each other on the trail. I spotted multiple deer. If you go fishing in the reservoir, it’s suggested to not eat the fish high in mercury.

today I covered this loop except I started from South parking lot of purisma which is by skyline Blvd hwy 35. There are space for about 12 cars. however this entrance is much less popular and only have couple of cars Wednesday morning at 10:30. from here it's a gentle 1.8 miles downhill fire road to intersection of Craig Britton trail. once down to purisma creek, it's a flat trail all the way to Higgins road trail head which is pretty popular with about 12 cars parked. the flat creek trail has more people, I ran into 10 hikers and one biker. at early November, the creek is still flowing, a little miracle for peninsula. from Higgins to Harkins ridge trail is mostly exposed and hence dusty just like other south Bay trails. from this point to intersection of Craig Britton trail is all uphill with couple of steep sections. this part of Harkins ridge trail is not pleasant. then comes the beautiful part once I turn into Craig Britton trail which is gentle downhill narrower hiker only trail. it's in the redwood Grove and shady all the way. this trail is as enjoyable as the flat creek trail. there are fewer people on either Harkins ridge or Craig Britton trail. then I turned back to South parking lot. this route is 10.7 miles long with 2297 feet up and 2297 downhill according to Google maps. Google estimate 4.5 hours for the route. it took me 5.2 hours. it's a good hike.

Really good hike. The hike gets really steep towards the north peak. Recommended to do it early in the day so you are done by noon.

Beautiful trail!! It starts off with a steep incline but it tapers off . Love the views of the forest! The smells of pine are embedded in the hike!!

amazing trail!

2 months ago

If you stay on the main trail it is a 90 minute blast.
The payoff is a terrific view of the southern part of the Monterey Bay and a great sweat.

Steep and beautiful views.

Very steep coming up or down from parking area...but not so steep that I had to slide on my butt.

Good for a walk with your furry friend.

Hidden gem sandwiched in between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. Beautiful coastal views. Not as hectic as other over hyped trails in the area. Nice Fresh air. You might spot a whale or two on the lower end.

Beautiful and eerie pre-dawn October run up Montara Mountain. After heading out from the TH, I dropped down a bit and took the old road around a half mile in. About 2 miles in to the climb the trail gets a bit steep, but is non-technical and easy to follow even in the dark. I continued to climb up through and above the marine layer, feeling like I was in the Lost Boys. After about 4 miles, I reached the North Peak and took the fast decent back down.

3 months ago

Took Pipeline road trail to Ridge Fire trail to get to observatory point. Hiking through the redwoods on the pipeline trail is so beautiful! Ridge trail is so interesting. It goes up the mountain but the path is covered in white beach sand. Beach sand on top of a mountain is unheard of. This is because the top of the mountain used to be under the ocean 10 million years ago!!! Entire hike (round trip) is about 6.5km and it took 2 hours - from the beginning of pipeline to observation deck and back.

3 months ago

Great place to take the dog. I enjoyed seeing friendly people along the way.

Great hike if you have your dog with you!

3 months ago

Lots of poison oak, but if you stay on the path, you’re fine. A few spots where you can take dogs down to the river.

Got right up on the North Ridge- way above the fog

My new favorite. Hard, but gorgeous and rewarding.

Good route. I've done other hikes from Grey Whale Cove this was the first deserving of the hard rating. The combination of the two steep sections and that you tackle the entire 2k incline in the first part of the hike keeps you on your toes.

I chose to hike up to the peak and then run down, with a few exceptions where it was too steep to run and stay in control.

4 months ago

We went in Labor Day weekend, it was decent hike. A bit difficult at start but then you get to see beautiful views and it is downhill from the summit. It was dry in Sep, will try once more in Spring as well. It took us around 1.5 hrs to complete the loop.

Came here with 4 other friends on Labor Day weekend. Arrived at 10:30 and found parking I the road. The 6 miles uphill is mostly shady and not too steep, the 3 miles downhill is a little steep. Very few people on the trail. Peaceful and green trails, clear road signs and free maps at the trailhead. Really enjoyed the hike. Definitely 5 star!

4 months ago

What a rewarding hike. The look out point is breathtaking.

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