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One of my favorite trails. A little of everything elevation, flat areas, beautiful views.

went with the family and a 3 month old Aussie pup. Dont know that my parents enjoyed it as much as I did, but the views are absolutely gorgeous the whole way and it's a great reward for the tough hike. (Mind you, even if you're in pretty decent shape it's tough though)

this place is near and dear to my heart glad I live so close to such a beautiful place the big man above created a masterpiece with this one

Great workout and beautiful views!

13 days ago

Absolutely loved this trail..it followed the creek most of the way except for the fire road area. It had beautiful waterfall views and 16 creek crossings one way which ends up to be 32. For an out and back trail it was great..alot of down trees to climb over but still fun. The cabin at the end is well worth the obstacles.

This trail is labeled HARD for a reason, but it is so worth it!! In the summer there are wild blueberries lining the path, and the views of the gorge are simply stunning. the campgrounds are also gorgeous.
Be ready for some burning legs! This trail is breathtaking in more ways than one!

Loved the views!!! Rough hike. Beware. Worth it for the views.

As a resident of the area. We live off Wolf Pit Rd and enjoy sharing our mountain to all who want to enjoy it. The road in (Wolf Pit) is a State/Federal rd. It has fallen into a sad shape. We have started a petition to submit to our Representatives to get some agency to take up repair and maintenance of Wolf Pit. Please sign https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-repair-and-maintain-wolf-pit-road

Linville Gorge is amazing. It is also unforgiving. Be prepared for some of the most beautiful scenery on the east coast but be prepared to earn those views. My favorite hangout in NC.

The road to get to the trail head is winding and narrow with more than a few deep ruts. The last 1.5 miles of the road was locked closed for winter, it's 1.5 miles of steep uphill on blacktop. The option for getting more water seems to be a single spring about 6 miles in.
Well marked, minimal trash, death defying heights and ledges, what could be better? 29 miles of wilderness fun.

2 months ago

Great trails for a day hike. Beautiful year round and breathtaking view from the summit. Highly recommend going in winter during snow season.

Absolutely the sickest trail I have ever experienced. difficult as can be but totally worth the effort

2 months ago

There were a total of 16 creek crossings. There could be more after a good snow melt or a good rain. From the parkig area, the cabin is actually 5.72 miles and the primitive camping area is 1.7 miles which is where the trail junctions are located. We hiked a total of 11.2 miles total from the parking area to the cabin and back. The first cabin chimney ruins is on the left shortly past the trail split and grave sight. There are more along the trail, after creek crossing 6, 7, & 10.  There are a few good sized waterfalls along this trail, one just before the 5th creek crossing and another between the 11th and 12th creek crossings with smaller ones along the way.

Awesome trail, challenging for sure but some really nice spots to relax and camp out. Stopped by the ranger office in Nebo and scooped a map which is a necessity out there. You need a compass and a map and you'll be good. Parked the car and began the trail at Conley Cove until we got to the Linville Gorge Trail. Took that for a while and found a good campsite. Continued the following day and camped around the Brushy Ridge area. Took the trail from Babel Tower out to the 105 dirt road and hiked that back down to the car at Conley Cove. Would definitely recommend this trail.

I enjoyed this trail immensely. Pretty challenging and fairly technical in some sections. Be ready for lots of incline and some beautiful ridge walking. I started at 10 in the morning, took a bunch of breaks (waiting for friends to catch up), and finished by 5:45 at night.

The whole gorge is amazing to hike. Make sure to take plenty of water while on the outer ridges a

Mono non minimal

My home trail, if you will, as we enjoy a cabin at the base of the gorge with my wife’s family. We hike here often, and think the views are some of the best in the area. Love it!

Holy smokes was this a tough but amazingly beautiful trip. There is no "true loop" as you have to make your own by piecing together different trails. We started at Pine Gap and made our way down to reach the Linville Gorge Trail. If you aren't careful it's easy to get lost and turned around as there are no blazes... ever. We created our own map by piecing together multiple different ones we found online. We camped along the river after hiking about 8 miles the first day, it was grueling and we are pretty avid backpackers! Planned on crossing the river to meet up on the other side of the gorge making a loop but what no one tells you is the river is a RAPID. The trails marked with river crossings were so bad we ended up just hiking down the river to Conley Cove trail and walking back to our car at Pine Gap. It was the hardest hike I've ever done. If you plan on coming here, which you should because it is INCREDIBLE, please be prepared.

Remote and beautiful with multiple river crossings to challenge your balance and the effectiveness of your boot tread! Jumping rock to rock was fun and wet at times! Often you are on the edge single file with a steep drop-off above the river. We are not blind nor are we stupid- the trail is poorly marked! Yes, lots of great white trail markers but none where you make the turn to come back around the second part of the loop towards post hike happy hour tailgate-style! So... we ended up on Lost Cove for a while- great name btw! Future great swimming holes! The gravel road to get there was scenic in its own rite! Fun day, enjoy!

Great hike along some beautiful waterfalls with lots of swimming spots. Not marked very well and really easy to off on the MST and not on timber ridge.

Tons of bugs in late afternoon during the 1st 2 miles of trail when visited in July. They don't bite though :). Plenty of spots to stop and marvel at the gorge. Switchbacks were only moderately difficult with plenty of rocks. At no point were climbing or even scurrying skills needed. Camping areas along the ridge were beautiful. Trailhead road was 3 miles of dirt/ gravel road but easily accessible by any car - 4x4 not necessary. Can't wait to hike it again.

5 months ago

gorgeous hike! will do it again and next time camp.

Breathtaking and by that I don't just mean the views that saddle in the Mountain between shortoff mountain in the Chimney's / Table rock picnic Area is breathtaking it like walking up the steepest ski slope you've ever seen and then Doubling that

I took Flat Rock Ridge up from Long Bottom Rd and came down Grassy Gap. Nice trail and saw no one the entire time. The turn off for Grassy Gap from the MST was not marked (that I could see). You must open the metal gate to get on the fire road. Mostly forest views with a couple of peephole views of mountains.

6 months ago

Hiked about half of the trail system last weekend and loved it! Plenty of wildlife to see as well as great views. Beginning of trail is very easy but does get a little more strenuous as you go. Very doable by most fitness levels.

7 months ago

I loved this trail. The history of this area added facets of emotion and meaning. The creek crossings were manageable with the added help of hiking poles, although any amount of rain would likely make some of them more difficult. The trail itself didn't seem too strenuous, but it's important to mind your step on some of the terrain with steep inclines/declines and slick rocks. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the remnants! I can't wait to go back.

the rock terrain and views are really amazing. this is a challenging hike and your pretty exposed to the weather do plan accordingly. also fairly overgrown in places so pay attention. really good spot to get out and away.

Tough trail going down and up but the reward when you get to the bottom of the gorge at the waterfall is well worth it

7 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in the gorge. Start off from Wolf Pit Road up and around on Short Off Mountain trail. Great views of Lake James on the way up and stunning views of the gorge once you reach the top of the east rim. There are a couple amazing camp spots on top and also plenty embedded in the wooded areas.

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