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To Hike (Dog Friendly) Map

Very scenic, easy and not crowded if you go in the evening. Wrapped up hike right before sunset.

Beautiful sight!

Hike this everytime we come to Tucson. Love it! Oh... and jump in the water at 7falls!

Some of the path is hardly marked so it's easy to get lost. However it was beautiful I highly recommend!

Nice views!

It was pretty good. Nothing too crazy. It’s close to a vortex as well.

Great hike with ever changing views of the butte. Did it with our kids.

Great view of the city but nothing to write home about.

10 days ago

Depends upon which side you choose to start, it can either be an easy or difficult start. The paved path becomes steeper and steeper, while gravel and paved path is easy. Anyway provides beautiful view of Prescott.

Great hike! Just enough to get your blood flowing while enjoying nature.

Beautiful views! Hike itself was not too hard, but it was easy to get lost. Brought the whole fam, kids ages 10.11, 15. We had fun!

I like others also consider this closer to moderate. If you throw in the Tabletop Trail side trail then moderate for sure.

Biggest obstacle is parking. I use the Bandit Trail which gives a little more elevation as well as some other parking options that only locals seem to know about. There are 4-5 spaces in the parking lot at Tom Lawler Plumbing.

A very scenic trail, probably the most scenic in all of Sedona. I’ve done it about 5-6 times over the years. Great views of Cathedral Rock on the southeast side. Even better views if you opt to add a mile to your hike by taking the Tabletop Trail.

The trail itself isn’t that bad in terms of foot traffic. Just get there early for parking.

Beautiful hike and easy to get to from Sedona as it is in a neighborhood just 5 minutes from the main artery through town. We did Teatime to Coffeepot but also did the Sugarloaf loop and summit which was steep but not too strenuous and the 360 view from the top was amazing. Getting back down Sugarloaf and catching teatime and working our way up to Coffeepot was not too hard using this map but it is easy to get off path. Views of the surroundings are incredible. We did a picnic lunch on Coffeepot and then hiked back down pretty easily. Not a lot of shade so start early or on days not too hot

this is not an easy trail. moderate for sure. 3.6+ miles around the airport hill. very rocking and uneven footing. long up and down grade sections. on a 80° day bring plenty of water. absolutely great views of cathedral rock, bell rock, the souther landscape and the northern landscape. best place to park is half way up the road below the scenic lookout but there are only about 12 spaces. if you park up at the scenic viewing lot you must walk 1/2mi down and back to the trailhead. in addition the short peak trail at the begining is a sideline not to miss!

15 days ago

Never been hiking before, easy trail to start on.

The beautiful views! The rock formations are amazing. I enjoyed this hike very much.

Great views - yet there are no markings or signs for the loop - use the gps on the app to monitor otherwise you will miss the loop.

My favorite hike in the area.

Great hike with amazing views

Lots of competition for parking in March! The trail is not hard. Nice walk with beautiful scenery and random rocks you can climb

21 days ago

This trail has nice views of Sedona and surrounding rock formations. All views have buildings, roadways, and traffic. However it is not an easy trail trail but Moderate. There is lots of rocks in trail, ups & downs, requiring attention to footing, proper sturdy footware, plenty of water, etc. I do not think it is good for mountain bikes unless your a pro rock hopper. Trail is well used so you will not be alone or secluded.

Outstanding views ❤️

23 days ago

Very pretty, fun hike. I am an inexperienced hiker and had very little problems navigating the various branches of this hike.

We parked at a small lot right at the end of the East Bay Loop and went left. The first half of the hike from this direction is pretty lack luster and more of a relaxing walk. Once you get to past Heritage Park is when it becomes more challenging and very beautiful. Scrambled up a few rocks for some amazing views. We finished off the trail with the East Bay (?) loop through the marsh. The water was very low so there was no mud on this part of the trail. But it looks like the water could get very high there, so if during wet season I'd recommend parking at Heritage Park and hiking up to the bench at Red Bridge, then looping back around.

The trail also tracked at about 8 miles on my phone, but we went off trail a few times to climb and take pictures.

I very much enjoyed my time, and it was a pretty easy exprience.

I loved the trail itself. Lovely views and a nice hike that I'll do again. HOWEVER. The hike was made unenjoyable when the entire time the unpleasant thump of bass from music pumped out of the boat rental shack followed me. Even when far back in the various coves the banging followed.

Great short hike and can be challenging. At the right time of day the trail can be relatively quiet.

Very climactic. I really loved this hike.

Trail head parking was overflowing but went to top and paid $3 to park and hiked down to trailhead on a trail which adds about a mile to this hike. Great views all around, south side of trail more rigorous then north side, suggest starting the hike on south side. Was great half day hike that has great views all the way around.

Amazing! Such a great hike with beautiful falls at the end. We got there early enough to have the falls all to ourselves for a good 40-45 minutes. We passed a TON of people as we were heading out - from what I've heard (and now from what I've seen) this place gets extremely busy. That being said, our solitude was a true, special rarity!
I saw lots of people wearing improper footwear. Bring water, start early, and wear good hiking boots/shoes, the rocks are very slippery! We mostly stayed on the trails (avoiding the tram road) and it was a little over 8 miles.

The trailhead parking is tiny so I ended up paying $3 to park .6 miles further away at the airport.

The hike is gorgeous for the first mile but quickly loses views on the backside

Great short hike. Steep depending on which directions taken (clockwise or counter clockwise). From Feb through mid-July parts of the trail are closed for the falcons breeding cycle. Great way to get your day started off right. Be aware there is a parking fee at the trailhead.

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