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2 days ago

Beautiful scenery the entire walk and quite spectacular at the top. Considering the low mileage the solitude at the top was surprising.

This hike was stunning. It was a pretty quick one, it took us two hours to get to the top. The trail itself was easy and well maintained, the hard rating is due to the near constant elevation gain.

8 days ago

The road to the trailhead is very rough, you definitely need high clearance and 4WD to get all the way. There were no cars parked at the trail head. Cars could probably make it a bit past the Mt Massive trailhead, to within about 1 mile of the trailhead, where there are some campsites to park at. But depending on your vehicle, it may be safest to not try.

The hike itself offered beautiful views of many surrounding mountains and was generally easy to follow. It is very steep at times, and you definitely want to be fully acclimated before attempting. Before you reach the first lake, the trail forks, and could be easy to miss. To the right is a path up to a waterfall, and to the left is the lake(s). The AllTrails map doesn't include hiking up to the second lake, though there's definitely a faint trail going there and it's not a bad quick addition if you still have the energy at the top. We only saw one other set of hikers the whole time we were on the trail.

on Cathedral Lake Trail

9 days ago

The hardest part is the last stretch before you top out to reach the lake, so be prepared for that. The switchbacks are very steep and in the sun. There were a LOT of gnats around the lake but the views were beautiful.

We started at 8am and the trail was pretty unpopulated. We ran into a LOT of people making their way up as we came down, including people blasting music from their phones (please do not blast music on trails).

11 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes near summit county for several reasons . One it is gorgeous and two you can hike for as long as you want . You can hike to first lake and have a fun outing. You can hike to 2nd Lake and have a longer hike or for the adventurous you can hike to the top and summit mt fletcher which is almost a 14’r at 13950’!!! The views are amazing and provides a great view of quandary without all the crowds!! Just follow the rock pyramids for trail locations .. you can see my trail locations on the app for where to hike. It’s a 5-6 hr hike to do fletcher but it’s worth it !!

Challenging, but totally worth it. It was a steady uphill with some switchbacks to start, followed by some serious rock navigation. The toughest part was the switchbacks up the mountainside around mile 2. Poles would be handy. the lake was gorgeous and peaceful.

14 days ago

Without an ATV or FWD better park at the Mt Massive trailhead. From there the hike along the dirt road to the trailhead is over one hour. Halfway up the trail, it gets extremely confusing where the trail supposedly goes. There are no clear signs. I spent over 2 hours hours up there circling around trying to find my way and never made it to any lakes(s), turning back in frustration as it was getting later and later and hiked the 3 hours plus back to the car.
Re. lady with her toddlers below, I am positive you must have been at another lake. The 'trail' gets pretty steep in areas climbing over boulders while you're holding onto tree limbs.

Wonderful hike but it was tough for us two 50-something flatlanders with only one day acclimating. Loved lake.

Lakes, wildflowers, marmots and stunning views. Awesome hike!

Hard but really rewarding with beautiful vast views and the lake at as a nice reward at the end. Difficult and moderate parts with beautiful waterfalls and wildflowers. Looking forward to doing it again. A fun hike with friends.

21 days ago

Nice, easy trail. Has a little climb at the beginning. Beautiful mature aspen groves. The lake is very cloudy, muddy looking, (from mineral runoff?), guess that's where it got it's name. We were the second vehicle there at 8am, probably saw 25 people by the time we left a couple hours later.

27 days ago

We hiked in late July on a Saturday and the trail head parking area was full. We parked on the road with a large number of hikers. The trail rating is correct and the trail is well maintained. There were lots of wildflowers and a number of scenic views. The area near the lake and the lake itself were great.

We loved this hike. You climb up and hike through an Aspen Grove then end up at the lake which is beautiful. There are are several Creek crossings but they are easily crossed.

Beautiful grove of aspen trees in the middle of the hike! The beginning was uphill but not extremely steep. Lots of wildflowers and even saw a woodpecker pecking on a tree! Beautiful hike.

28 days ago

Great views!!

This is one of the prettiest bikes that I have done in Colorado. It is a long drive back in and it a 1 lane road when you get back closer to trailhead. I would recommend a 4wd once you past the first trailhead parking for Mt. Massive. Our GPS reading showed that it was 6 miles not 5.4. Well worth the drive.

30 days ago

loved this trail, my wife and I hiked out and had lunch by the lake. There are a few steep spots, but not too difficult. the lake is up against some beautiful mountains.

Wildflowers are out and beautiful!

This is beautiful. Wildflowers, aspen trees, mountain views... can’t ask for any more! We hiked even though it was raining and it was still worth it. Even saw some baby ducklings at the lake!

1 month ago

I made the entire loop today with my mother and my dog. I would also suggest turning left first since that will allow you to go downhill at the most steep part of the trail. The initial incline is steep but it gets less intense after you go around the first corner. There is a beautiful view of Montgomery Reservoir on the left, mountains to the front and a valley below. I've seen deer in the valley on a prior hike. The thing I love most about this hike is the 360 view of the area if you go to the very top of the mountain. There are some very steep parts to this trail and the air is thin but it is worth the hike.

Amazing hike!! Took the 3 and 4 year olds so it took a while but the views were amazing!!! Had to park about .3miles away from the trailhead. Long hike for the kids but they loved the lake!!

One of the most stunning hikes I've done in Colorado. They're were so many wild flowers! The lakes are gorgeous! I can't say enough good things!

Great hike! Did this hike 20 years ago with the children, still just as pretty. There are some awesome awesome aspen groves along the upper portion of the route.

1 month ago

Always up going out, but worth the hike. Keep telling yourself it’s all down hill on the way back. Would be great for a one night stay with stars overhead.

1 month ago

We started out really late and ended up hiking most of it in the dark, but it still had some great views and was a fun hike. We also saw some sweet biting goats #neaturewalks

1 month ago

Love this hike! Easy with Pretty views in the aspen groves and the lake at the end. Great place to hammock at the lake.

1 month ago

Great trail well maintained , opens to a beautiful patch of aspen ends with a really great view of the lake - peaceful. We’ll do it again must be great in the fall.

Finding the trail is very simple and had great views. The family (wife, MIL, 6mo old strapped to dad) loved it and felt it was a good hike to get acclimated to Colorado.

A couple things to note, as you walk up when the trail splits it has a natural curve to make you want to go left. This is actually walking the trail backwards and shouldn’t be an issue. Just plan for that when looking at the elevation. We found the trail easier this way as we took the steepest grade downhill.

The other thing is the trail (if walked backwards) goes from a well defined road to a less defined two lane atv looking trail that leads down to a small lake you can dip your feet in to.

Anyways would recommend this trail.

Hard hike but just as scenic the entire way up as at the top. We got lost at the top, so stay left and cross the creek. No snow on the trail as of 6/16.

Great hike with great views!! Definitely going to come back. I would say it’s more moderate than hard

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