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This was a great way to see the sunrise. Scenes were great and it was nice and quiet at 530 in the morning ;) will be doing it again!!

nice walk, half of it is pathed. Dog friendly.

Best views in town!

21 days ago

A long, winding trail through the hills gives way to some absolutely amazing views. Certainly a hard and difficult trail due to the elevation gain and length, but I’d say it’s on the easier side of “hard” because the climb is gradual.

As others have said, getting down to the beach is a bit tricky. When you get to the overlook point with the two signs on either side that both say “Treacherous Slope,” go to the one on the right. There’s a trail that winds down to the beach from there.

Definitely worth the 3.5-4.5 hour trek!

Went to visit pismo and looked up a hike to do in the morning. Beautiful views the whole time provided by the ocean, caves, and nearby million dollar houses.

All together spent 8 hours, started at church scrambled up loose rocks to properly insert myself on trail, I'm still sore! Came down near Costco went into wholefoods had dinner. Great views, great training exercise. Used Aveenza offline map app works great.

This time I went up on the 101 side and then down to pirates back to the 101 through the fire trail and neighborhood. 2.90 miles total. Great views and a good workout.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Tons and tons of wildflowers and lots of green.. now is the perfect time to do this hike. It is a solid 10 miles if you make it down to the beach. The trail ends at the point overlook and then you have to kind of figure it out yourself how to get down.. there are various little trails but they're all rather steep and iffy. We found a way to get down by turning right at the trail end. It is a bit of a scramble but worth it to have a pristine beach all to yourself. The hike starts out at a gradual incline up for two miles, levels out, and then halfway in at the Vandenberg AFB gate it's all downhill so be prepared to walk right back up...it's never too steep though. Very gradual incline the whole hike. Great way to spend an afternoon. We saw lots of lizards but no snakes, thankfully.. heard sea lions in the distance but didn't see any.. saw hummingbirds and lots of cows as well!

2 months ago

Great walk even if you take the short walk. Green and cool in April and May.

Easy 5 miles down to the beach and 5 hard miles back

Trail has a moderate climb and is very rocky. Beautiful natural landscape and creek views.

Good warm up hike for anyone wanting to get out of Santa Maria/Guadalupe area for a bit. VERY EASY hike on a well maintained fire road. The beach is nice and not many ppl on it. The walk there can take up to 4 round trip, but I've ran it there and back and it's only under 1hr 30 min.
Be careful as ppl always get their cars broken into.
There's No shade and it can get hot & windy. Hike gets boring after you do it so many times. Good walk for families or small kids and pets. No water around bring your own.

Great hike even for my 11 year old dog and family that don’t hike on a regular basis. Absolutely gorgeous. We began around 10:00am on a Sunday which was perfect before the crowd and heat.

This will be our new regular family day hike.

Beautiful! Loved the cave. I wish people would respect nature and not vandalize it. There is some graffiti on the rocks and in the cave but it was still beautiful being above the ocean on cliffs looking out.

Easy enough for my 3 & 5 year old, but my husband and I also really enjoyed it. Can’t beat the constant view of the beautiful ocean! My boys loved searching for Pirates treasure :) Just outside the cave to the left you can go down the rocks a bit and you will see a ring in the side of the mountain. We were told this is where the Pirates used to hook their ships. That made it even more fun for my kiddos!

Would not call this a 'hike'. A short walk to the top of the hill, but once you get there, a direct, open view of Cerro San Luis Obispo and Bishop Peak. Good place to bring your lunch and get out of the office.

Went to morro view via the mariposa trail. It was 4.6 miles and on a clear day the morro outlook is pretty nice. Pretty well maintained trail. Very few people and a few mountain bikers

This is another option to the Sycamore Crest Trail, with a shorter, but more strenuous incline at the start of your hike up to the ridge. The breathtaking views make it all worth it!

Well worth the effort, especially considering how close it is to civilization.

6 months ago

Hiked the trail yesterday with my brother from Connecticut. 2/1/18. Perfect weather, endless vistas spanning 90 miles of the central coast.
Soaring hawks dominated the wildlife.
4 hours 22 minutes 10 miles on the nose.
Be prepared for the steep 2 miles from the overlook back to the apex, after that gently rolling and downhill to the parking lot.
Recommend chili rellenos at the Guadalupe cafe when dinw

6 months ago

Great trail.
Nice breeze kept me cool.
Challenging but not impossible.
Nice view

Amazing views on this hike.
It was a pretty good workout too....

6 months ago

Excellent workout and great views of coastline.

Nice hike, especially with the cool, cloudy day. Some steep areas. My kids hiked it easily, though my dog was too fat to easily get down the rocks to the beach. Great views. Lots of trash, and too many people didn't pick up after their dogs.

Pirates cove gets the kewl points but super chill walk

Nice hike! Took my kids (5 and 11) and they were able to easily make it. We loved the cave!

Great trails and guides. Many different routes. Hilly and beautiful view of the city

7 months ago

Just got back from hiking from the Gaud dunes to Point Sal beach. We starting on the road leading to the Guadalupe Beach parking lot. We hiked up and down across the dunes until we hit Mussel Rock. There's a steep sandy drop leading down to Paradise beach. Next day we hiked up and out of Paradise along the ridge of Point Sal. Heading south on the ridge we came across a spot that seemed washed out by water leading down to Point Sal beach. There's a steep trail next to this wash out running down the mountain side. It seems intimidating upon appearance, but definitely saves a couple hours from having to walk around the whole ridge line to get down to the beach. This route is definitely a hard one. Be very cautions if backpacking. The trail will take you down to the very North tip of Point Sal beach. I do not recommend taking this route alone.To get to the parking lot of Point Sal from the beach, we found the beach access at the south side of the beach. Once on the paved road, you can choose to take a shortcut straight up to the top, or follow the winding long road. The shortcut connects to the road you're own. Another indicator of the shortcut is a water runoff drain at the top of the shortcut. Once you've hit the paved road you're back on track to the parking lot. Bring camping gear and lots of food and water. This route is not one for the weary. I hope this helps out anyone looking to explore this area. Safe travels!

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