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Do the whole loop around the lake. The view from the opposite side includes Mt. Lassen.

Fun hike with a cool late at the end. Hike is steep like everyone says but it's not terrible. The "lakes" are just one lake right now as the water is high and connects the two little lakes. We took a break and swam for an hour, great way to cool off. Right before the lake don't miss all the green grass where the stream comes right out of the ground and goes all the way down past the parking lot, very cool to see right where it starts, especially since you can see right where it comes out of the ground!

Easy for kids. Crosses a beautiful creek.

Nice hike from the road to the hot springs. Some great photos can be taken here. Get there early as parking is really limited and the hordes of people can make the trail unbearable.

I thought this lake was awesome. The brown green mud with red clay blue sky and green trees. Mix that together, sure makes some great pictures

1 month ago

Wow, steep trail. This was only 1 mile one way and I thought it would be easy. So, did this right after climbing Brokeoff, so, this was a 9 mile day for us. Did it though and had a good time, but, it's a steep climb. There are parts where there's still snow on the ground and was slippery (I did this at 4PM in late June). There's also some rocks and pebbles close to the end of the trail and that was slippery. View of the lake is beautiful.

awesome area , will be accessible again soon ..

2 months ago

Short, but Steep hike and the altitude defiantly adds to the challenge. We hiked in Mid-June and still had snow to contend with. The lake was beautiful as it had not completely thawed.

2 months ago

Dogs ARE NOT allowed on this trail-nor in Lassen Park on ANY trail. So don’t plan on bringing the four legged critters on this on. A short hike, definitely steep but wouldn’t rate it as hard!

This was a nice hike - wanted to do the Devils Kitchen hike, which is off of the same trailhead and makes for a nicer longer hike. Unfortunately we encountered a young brown bear on the trail to Devils Kitchen so just turned around and did this one. Didn’t see any more bears but keep your eyes up and alert - they are active and there aren’t any signs or warnings (we left one on the trailhead though).

Pretty easy hike to get to, a slight incline as your heading to the lake but was a cool sight to see

One of our favorites because of the changing terrain and views. We went in the spring and hiked through snow which made the whole hike much more fun! Definitely hike around the lake to see the views of Lassen from the other side. This is an excellent family hike!

4 months ago

Beautiful and steep.

Did this in 2016. Had to take an alternative route as the main trail was closed for renovations

The name says it all

6 months ago

Snowshoed this as a loop cutting across the Jumbles to the road and back. Peacefully follows a creek on the way up before making a slightly more aggressive climb towards ridge above the lake area. Decided to climb partway up the ridge leading to the crags above to a small rock formation with great views of Shasta in the distance. Turned back towards the lake area from there due to high winds and unstable terrain. Fun trek through the snowcovered rocks in the jumbles area back to the road, and after spending some time on the south side of Lassen, it was refreshing to see tracks reflect good trail etiquette.

Enjoyable hike / walk with minor elevation changes and an amazing view of the valley. Highly recommended for families and hikes of all ages.

A well-marked trail that offers beautiful views, varied terrain and a good opportunity to see the geothermal vents.

10 months ago

My husband and I hiked Bumpass Hell in August with our boys ages 10 and 13. It was a great out and back hike with views along the way and a great reward of the cool Bumpass Hell area. Bring water. There are bathrooms at the trail parking lot. We added the hike to Cold Boiling Lake which starts at the Bumpass Hell area.

Very windy and very chilly! Start this hike early! We were fighting with daylight on the way back- but it was unlike anything we'd seen before. Cool views! It's harder to breathe at this elevation.

10 months ago

A unique trail and a great taste of what Lassen Volcanic has to offer! Great views the whole way through. Be careful on the edges! ;-)

I did this in the snow in July and it was so slippery even with micro spikes! I'd recommend also having hiking poles if you go in the snow. Super easy and rewarding otherwise. Highly recommended.

My husband & I did this last Sat and it was beautiful. The weather was nice with a crisp cool air and the sun was shining. It was our first time in Lassen Park and we were very pleased with the surrounding beauty. Seeing the sulfur pools was amazing, we did this adventure in one day and then had a 3 hour drive home. We will definitely be coming back as we want to see the subway caves & painted dunes.

The first part of this trail is really easy to do for everyone. The second part it's even easier to do because it is a downward path that takes you to the pools of sulfur and the walkways that keep you safe from the unstable ground in some areas. There are some photo ops and those may vary from day to day, not always you get the spectacular bubbling that you expect. The return hike may be difficult to do as the first part is steep but it's a good hike nonetheless.

Absolutely gorgeous trail fairly straightforward and well marked. We went on to cold boiling lake trail despite thunder and lightning and we're especially thankful for the excellent trail markings when we returned to the entrance as over an inch of snow had accumulated. Spectacular views. We communed with two deer families along the way.

Nice hike. Well traveled and everyone was great. Children hiking and enjoying being outside.

Harder than easy, easier than moderate. A great introductory trail to get to know Lassen. Roof of California. Loved it.

Very easy hike, would say it's more of a tourist attraction but cool nonetheless.

11 months ago

We were feeling ambitious and chose this hike as Bompass Hell was closed. The trail provides worthy rewards at the top, but was definitely a challenge for our 6-year-old. She made it though!

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