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Very technical and fun for all levels of riding. Trail can be a bit confusing at times but it's always well maintained.

Very nice and covered trail.
It's primarily a biking trail, so be ready for bikers while you are hiking. I won't say a very busy trail though. Good terrain, has that forest feel.
Will go back.

The trail are slightly confusing but I really enjoyed my hike! I will be back for the bike trails!

We just completed this hike in August. It was our first backpacking trip and we had an amazing time! It was my husband and I and our 2 children ages 11 and 13. We did it in 4 days, 3 nights. Our garmin watches clocked it at 48 miles, but that included the distance to and from our campsites, side trails, trips to "toilets" etc. It is claimed to be 42 miles, I believe. I feel it was a great choice for a first backpacking trip because aside from the beautiful views, the sites all have ample bear locker storage, there is plenty of water available (just bring a filter), and pit toilets at most campsite areas. Also, the areas of the trail that are scenic points and accessible by parking lots and drive-in campgrounds gave opportunities for getting rid of trash and bathrooms! We went from Grand Sable Visitor Center to Munising Falls Visitor Center, and used Altran to shuttle us. We had no problems and we felt glad we went westward. The entire trail was beautiful and scenic, but the last half was really the best. I can't recommend this trail enough.

Nice trail , well marked. The first 2 miles is thick in the woods not much to see . The last half opens up and gets prettier especially around Pickerel Lake. Nice mix of inclines towards the end .

7 days ago

The DTE Green Loop is a nice, new-ish trail. It is in great shape, smooth, hard-packed, no rutting, plenty of spots for the hiker to step aside for oncoming bikes. The trail is set so bikers and hikers are in opposite directions and the directions for them switch on alternate days (e.g. see my 2nd picture, of the 0.0 mile marker). I hiked the trail on a Thursday morning, starting at 9am. There was one car in the lot; I saw 7 bikes on the trail during the two+ hours I was out. The lot had 8 or 10 cars in it when I finished a little after 11am. The east part of the trail, roughly the first 2 miles when going clockwise, there is a fair bit of road noise from M-52 coming over Green Lake. That fades when you get some woods between you and the road. The trail has 1/2-mile posts throughout and the intersection with Big Kame is clearly marked. There is essentially no wildlife beyond chipmunks and squirrels and couple white egrets; didn't see any deer tracks, let alone deer. There are no benches or other rest spots along the loop. My pictures are geo-tagged with the recording I uploaded. Hi-res versions of pictures at https://johnmetzler.smugmug.com/Parks

Go after it rains. The waterfalls are way cooler.

My wife and I really liked this Trail. The scenery was great, much of the trail was along the North Branch of the Clinton River followed by different wooded and meadow views. The boardwalks were safe and well maintained.

mountain biking
12 days ago

This is a good moderate loop with a nice 2 mike north loop warm up.

mountain biking
14 days ago

Start the green trail to reach the Big Kame trail and then access Winn trail for a an excellent day in biking!

I really like this location. The trails are easy, but the scenery is great.

This is a harder “moderate trail. Lots of climbs and sharp turns to keep you on your toes and out of your seat.

Good hike, lots of people near old man’s cave

mountain biking
20 days ago

The lake loop offers some long climbs to burn the legs and back side. One big tough hill that is a difficult to master. I will however!

As far as I am concerned, this is the best hike you can do in Michigan.

The best section of the trail runs from Chapel Beach to Miners Castle. However, the whole lakeshore trail is beautiful and worth doing.

I started at the Au Sable trailhead and went west to Munising falls. I decided on going through the Grand Dunes - the actual trail skirts past the south of the dunes. The dunes are certainly difficult, but the views are absolutely killer once you reach the lake.

I went in mid August and the bugs were not a problem at all. My biggest complaints are how disgusting the campsites were - there were piles of human feces and paper not 25 ft. from the sites I camped at, and it was everywhere. Additionally, all of the sites are communal and isolation/seclusion isn't really a thing.

The trail itself is absolutely breathtaking.

I hike this park often, it is a scenic park. the trails offer a wide variety of landscapes, hills, switch backs, heavy hardwoods, pines, lakes, ponds and scenic overlooks.

Cute little riverside trail. Saw a few deer. The Boardman rushes fast alongside. Always an interesting river. Downside of loud traffic all around this little spot.

trail running
29 days ago

I’m a business traveler always seeking local running trails. This looked like my best option while staying in the GB/Flint area. The trailhead is at the end of a long local dirt residential road. I ran 7.2 miles today and the trails were beautiful - moderately difficult for running, and deeper into nature than what I usually find. Around mile five I thought I was lost in the woods for a moment. It was an exhilarating afternoon.

I get it now that I’ve run it. The “west loop” which I took, is setup for mountain bikes and has impressive climbs, roots, rock features, and other obstacles that makes this park unsafe for beginning trail runners. You have to watch every step and know how to shift gears quickly - at times you are running full bore down a root staircase or faced with a long rocky uphill. Trail shoes are a must. Fun but I’m beat up! I will return for another run in the future if the season is right.

Pros: Deep in the woods, challenging, long distances

Cons: Mountain bike traffic and trail obstacles, lack of directional signage

Protip: No headphones! Listen for traffic coming up
behind you and be prepared to stop and step aside for bikes.

Whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

We went around 8am and ran into her me person on the trails. There are so many different options for trails that you could have a different experience each time. We will be going back!

Very nice trail, nothing too crazy but a great opportunity to get outside and hike around a bit. There is a fee to get in the park.

used this trail for training for my 50 miler. it's a 10 mile loop(ignore the 6.9 claim in the description) and it has walking trails that cross 0every so often so you can shorten it to any distance easily.
most of the traffic are mountain bikers.

trail running
1 month ago

First time running at this park. Trails weren’t bad for running. Mostly grass trails from what I saw during my 3 mile run. Trails could be marked better, it was easy to get turned around.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Offers trails for every skill level.

1 month ago

Loved our hike!

mountain biking
1 month ago

These trails are super fun. Mostly easy climbs, a little technical in sections of single-track switchbacks, and the sand in sections requires some peddling. Beginner or expert, these trails can entertain anybody, except hikers. They are indeed multi-use, but the bikers really out number all others.

Fantastic hike. Get out early to miss the crowds. By 10:30am the trails are packed, especially byThe Old Man’s Cave area.

1 month ago

This is a nice medium length trail for hiking. Nice forest to travel through and the view of Pickerel Lake is very nice.

Oddly enough there are no good views of Crooked Lake on this trail without walking over to the campground.

It’s pictured rocks...it rocks!

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