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4 hours ago

Amazing views!

The hike is moderate/moderate.

Bring extra water, and do watch out for rattle snakes.

Fantastic hike! The first part of the hike along the lake there are some good lake access places for fishing or swimming. The trail is rocky and uneven but we did it with our dog in about three hours round trip. The extra 1/4 mile viewpoint at the end was well worth the short distance. We’ll be back with family and friends!

You feel like you're outside of AZ in some of the cool spots. It feels like there should be water close.

8 hours ago

Parking info: Soldier Pass Rd. vs. Jordan Rd.
Very limited parking on Soldier Pass Rd. It was filled at 8:30 AM so we decided to go to the Jordan Rd. area which is a drive back over by uptown Sedona. What I didnt realize is that if you do that, it adds an additional 2 mile each way. From Jordan Rd. parking There are 2-3 trails that you must take first to get to Soldiers Pass trail. One is a short cut we hadnt noticed in advance. I recommend sticking with arriving early enough at the Soldiers Pass Rd. parking to get a spot. Otherwise, we liked the Brins Mesa hike best from Jordan Rd. A lot a steps tho.

Getting there- You will be on a dirt road for maybe 20 minutes depending on how fast you drive. It is well maintained so a 2 WD car would be fine. There is a restroom at the trail head.

The hike- Nice, moderate hike. We took our time on the way up to enjoy all the views surrounding us. Hiking through the canyon allowed for incredible 360* views. We did come across 2 small snakes along the trail so keep your eyes open for the wild life. Fun trail overall but as others have said, wear appropriate shoes due to loose rocks.

Loved the solitude. Not too crowded. Beautiful views, great exercise.

A very long 5 mile round trip with some good elevation gain. Take plenty of water and rest often. Lots of good-size rocks, so wear good hiking shoes/boots. Periodically, stop and look behind you for some incredible views. Take a camera! Beautiful view at the top. A tough hike for a 69-year old like me but loved every minute and plan to do it again very soon. Has been one of my favorite hikes!!!!

A little hard to find the trail at the end of the loop, but we managed it! There are some rocky parts, but overall it was very doable and there were lots of families on the trails closer to the parking lot.

off road driving
2 days ago

Awesome awesome trail. Couple of really technical spots. Need a lifted vehicle if you’re going to protect your undercarriage. Takes about 4 hours total, so bring a lunch and lots of water and enjoy the drive. Awesome views, love everything about this trail.

Very fun. Go early to beat the crowds!

Really challenging hike. Take about one gallon per person and some snacks to eat along the way. Make sure you take some comfy shoes. I was on Nike Free Runs and my brother was on some New balance 247. I would recommend actual hiking shoes. If you plan on taking a dog make sure to give him/her lots of water the day before and also in the morning before going. Don't forget to feed him/her in the morning as well and also take separate food and water for dog. I took my 8 month old American bully and he did fine. We had to help him a lot getting over high rocks and also getting down rocks on the way back. My dog isn't too big so we were able to pull him up at the end where one has to sort of climb to get to the top. We gave him a break and put him in my backpack the last hour on our way back haha. Be careful on the way back because the trail is tricky to follow. Also because there are many loose rocks. We started the trail around 9:30 and got back to the car around 3:30. We would've made it a 3-4 hour hike if we went without my dog. Overall an amazing hike. The views are crazy and satisfying.

Hiked with our 8 and 13 year olds and they did just fine. We did go off path to find the secret cave and that was quite an adventure. Definitely a good choice for a moderate hike and beautiful views.

Amazing at the summit!!

This is an absolutely grueling, challenging and strenuous "hike." A huge chunk of this is essentially an uphill scramble with some vertical climbing mixed in. This is definitely not for the faint of heart or for those not comfortable with scrambling. That being said, it's absolutely 100% worth it, as the views and sense of accomplishment are great. Just be careful, take your time (especially going back down) and enjoy.

Tough hike! Almost straight up, but worth it.
I would recommend going early if the temperature is going to be high! We started at 1 pm and it was around 28C!! So hot!
Beautiful views and rocky, narrow trail

I feel like I ought to give everyone some info if you’re planning on doing this hike. Plan for 12.2 miles, not 10.7... and a good 8-10 hour day. Park your car at the WAVE CAVE TRAILHEAD. Then drive over to this trailhead and start the hike. You end up coming down the carney springs road which exits the mountains at the wave cave parking lot. Hard trail to follow without this app, which was so helpful, by make sure you bring something to charge your phone a couple of times so that you can have juice the whole way. Bring more water than you think! Trekking across the superstitions for a good 8 miles after you summit the more difficult flat iron gives you a real fatigue in the leg muscles! Didn’t see one soul after flat iron... be careful!!! (Hiked October 2018)

horseback riding
4 days ago

We rode our Mules and it was a good short ride for us with a nice summit lunch break. We had a little water in a creek bed for the Mules to drink from and the hikers were polite and shared the trail. Those with dogs were also very polite. We enjoyed this ride but would not recommend it for anyone that’s not on a good mountain horse or a mule.

Went on a solo hike and it was great. Perfect level of difficulty for me. Took me 2 hours but I stopped a lot to soak in the views. Be prepared for lots of steps, but it’s worth it! The trip down will take probably 1/4 as long as the trip up.

trail running
6 days ago

Fun Run. Enough elevation gain to get your heart going!

Super-challenging hike. About half way up, it starts to feel more like rock climbing than hiking. Tricky trail to follow. Only would recommend for experienced hikers in good shape. That said, very beautiful hike. Very special place. Lots of dramatic vistas. Happy we did it.

To the nice Canadians we met...we did find the way with the help of some locals.

lots of stairs but fairly quick! As someone who doesn't hike this took me about an hour and a half.

One of my favorite climbs. Love the changing terrain. Challenging but very much worth it.

Well maintained trail with lots of great views of Saguaro Lake, as well as Four Peaks and even Flatiron in the distance.
Nice change from the typical Phoenix desert hike, and though the trail is fairly flat, there is just enough elevation change to keep things interesting and to improve the views.
I saw a couple of wild horses at the trailhead. Beside that I barely saw any trash on the trail. Someone must have come through and cleaned up after the party pig summer crew!

This is my favorite trail in the area.

I did this trail a few years ago and it is absolutly worth the difficulty. the Superstition Mountains are a wonder to behold. I would advise against doing this in summer. definitly a spring, fall or winter trail. bring lots of water and some binoculars.

I felt that this was a confusing guide as the loop indicated on this app was hard to find when we got to the trailhead. There are many different options of ways to wander around at this park and I’d go again, but I’d need to do more research outside of this guide.

Very kid friendly. Easy hike for a first timer

Do not drive this road in rain unless you have 4WD. Listen to the ranger.

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.

If a trail can be rated by the number of times used, Siphon Draw to the Flatiron is my nearly 200-time favorite. As I get older, however, it kicks my butt pretty hard so I use it less frequently. Start early for shade most of the way.

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