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This was an awesome scenic hike to check out the fall leaves and put in a great workout! Pinnacle side was very lightly trekked while the table rock side was busy. The actual ridge trail itself was fantastic and clearly marked. We tracked is at 10.3 total.

Decent hike! Far away view from the falls, but nice overlook spot to picnic

My 15 year old son and I hiked the Pinnacle Trail to the Ridge Trail, and connected back to the Table Rock Trail all the way to the overlook. We did this Saturday, November 2, 2018. The weather was perfect, but everybody and their brother was there making it pretty crowded at the overlook and on the way down (we took the Table Rock Trail back down). We started at 10:30am and arrived back to the parking lot at 4:40pm. We spent about 15 minutes enjoying the overlook. We hiked this same route when my son was 11. We just can’t work up the nerve to take the Table Rock Trail up, because it is very steep ALL THE WAY. We plan to come back many more times, but will probably come on a weekday from now on, due to the crowds. I would advise taking some good snacks and plenty of water. My only complaint is there are no places to pee if you’re a female, but I do believe porta potties here and there would ruin the experience! LOL

21 days ago

Great short hike. The climb down to the water and back up will get you sweating but is definitely worth it. Not sure moderate is the right classification.

1 month ago

I did this hike last week. I had my 4 legged hiking buddy along. She was able to do everything with ease. There was one rock i had to lift her over going up and down.

It took less than 30 minutes to get to the turn for the narrows so we hiked past it to the next turn off that went to the river. I dont recall the name of the trail now but it is on the map. It led to a beautiful area that I am glad we got to see. No one was there. Yay! So if you are concerned about the scramble down to the narrows, just keep going down to the next trail. Both areas were beautiful and I would most likely go to both again. Im not sure how to share pictures after the fact so I guess you will just have to go take your own. :)
Happy hiking

Good hike but the view from observation deck was not very exciting. If your looking to get closer to a waterfall choose a different trail.

Cool trail as always!! Wish the leaves we're turning, but AWESOME anyway!!

1 month ago

Easy to moderate hike. Well worth the time an energy. Waterfall was nice but you see it across the gorge. Nice half day hike.

1 month ago

We did this starting Coldspring going counter clockwise. I am glad we did because we were able to make the ascent up Kimball instead if climbing down. We took our Walker hound with us and she did great- she was tired as were we- had to give her a hoist one time up a rock. This would be difficult Trail for a smaller dog as one reviewer has already mentioned. Trail was marked well except one point it followed a creed bed and I thought we were going to have to back track. I would do this Trail again which is my highest compliment. It was very strenuous, but worth it.

Tough. 10.4 miles total. Pinnacle to Ridge to Table Rock is the way to go.

My first hike to Raven Cliff Falls was in 1966 before the current trail was made. We hiked in from Hwy. 276 near the bald rock overlook. That trail ran by the old bear hunter's cabin alongside Matthews Creek and ended at the foot of the falls. One of the most magical experiences of my life was sleeping under a full moon on the flat rock right at the bottom of the falls and seeing the spray and mist from the falls highlighted in the moon glow. Over time, I wore out the seat of several pair of shorts on the sliding rock about a mile down Matthews Creek from the falls.

Great hike! If you’re looking for a good workout with views as your payoff in the end, this will deliver. I also agree with other reviews - advisable for people who are already physically fit and I don’t recommend bringing a dog, even though they’re allowed. I rate this in the “difficult” spectrum.

2 months ago

Pretty hike. The view of the falls is from far away at the overlook. I would rate this trail easy to moderate.

2 months ago

Directions are a little misleading. Once you turn on to Big Hungry Rd., you cross one bridge before you get to the trail head. You also about 4 miles before you get to the trail head. The trail itself is fantastic and the narrows are beautiful. If you go in a Saturday there will probably be kayakers running the rapids. Hike a little ways up river and you get some excellent views of rapids and small waterfalls.

2 months ago

TLDR: Do the trail! But wear shoes with good tread, and DON’T BRING OLDER DOGS!!

Beautiful trail, I absolutely loved it BUT it is not as dog friendly as the moderate rating and other comments had me thinking it was. All 3 dogs were fine until that last bit with the long, steep rope-aided scramble down to the falls. My younger, 40lb dog with boundless energy did totally fine, however the tiny dog needed a lot of help, and the old 60lb dog called it quits 3/4 of the way down the scramble. She goes with me on all my hikes and does tend to slow down a bit towards the end, but she has never put the breaks on like that before. We were lucky enough to be the only people on the trail today so I set her up with a bowl of water and went the last bit with just the 40lb dog. Tiny dog and his mom waited for us towards the bottom of the scramble rather than her trying to navigate all the way down to the falls while carrying him (and in basic running shoes with no real traction). The falls are BEAUTIFUL and I tried to convince her otherwise but she’s not an avid hiker and that scramble section is REAL Y’ALL! And it’s longer than it seems in the pictures. There are maybe 4 or 5 ropes to help you on the way down, thank goodness, but there are spaces between them too, and some particularly steep drops.

My old girl only made it back up with lots of me pushing her and lifting her over big roots. She collapsed and wouldn’t get back up at one point. If it weren’t for the deep section of stream right off the trail about a mile or so later (where she was able to lay submerged in cool flowing water for a full 10 minutes) then I truly don’t think she would have made it back to the car.

Gorgeous views though! I plan on going back soon, without the dogs. I never did cross the final plank onto the big rock at the falls area, because I was worried younger dog would get swept away by the current if he jumped in the water.

2 months ago

My first hike in several years and was able to complete with little difficulty.

The hike is definitely a moderate hike for new or inexperienced hikers. Trail is narrow lots of roots and small obstacles. The hike was very enjoyable and a good day hike for anyone looking for a reason to get out and see nature. Would NOT recommend for kids who have never hiked before.

We took the #11 trail for the view of the Raven Cliffs Falls and not the trail that went to the falls themselves (4.4 miles round trip out and back). Our group included beginner hikers so we took lots of breaks and took our time. The trail includes lots of short uphill and downhill sections and lots of tree roots -- some in our group found bringing a sturdy walking stick to be very helpful. The final lookout point was a really nicely built shelter with lots of benches for resting. The falls were quite far away but still looked really nice!

If you are used to hiking quite a bit, I would rate this as easy. I agree that it is "kid friendly" if your kid has hiked before -- we say many young kids that were doing fine with plenty of water breaks but also some that could barely handle all of the walking and were at their breaking points :(

My first hike with two of my teenage children. Was perfect for us in terms of difficulty but disappointing that you still need to take a longer trail to get down to the falls themselves. We will make the longer hike to get there for sure.

This description and the linked directions do not match. If you want to hike this trail, go to the state park visitor center entrance, the trail head is there. These directions lead to a different park entrance from which you can hike 1.7 miles up (literally) to the Rock Top trail. Turning this into a loop from this parking lot will be much more than 5 miles. Rock Top was much less trafficked than the trails that this leads you to, so I recommend it. I also recommend sticking with Hiking Upward if you’re hiking in NC/VA/DC/MD. This is not the first time All Trails has steered me wrong, but it will be the last.

Not a bad hike, 4.4 miles total, the trail is narrow in some areas and lots of tree roots. Not very small dog friendly, too many obstacles to jump over. The waterfall is big and beautiful but it is very far away from the viewing/overlook area. Lots of parking space and there was a lot of people were on the trail, high foot traffic trail.

Enjoyable early AM solo hike on a foggy weekday summer morning. I started out a little after 7:00 AM and other than passing one group on my way out, I had the trail completely to myself. I had to wait for the clouds and fog to clear to see falls from observation deck but it was definitely worth it. The observation deck isn't very close to the falls (maybe 1/4 mile) but I had read this so it wasn't too disappointing but be prepared. The fog and mist made for a really interesting hike with lots of neat photo ops, just not a long, clear view of the falls. It was like hiking in the clouds.

This is an amazing little hike. Great for dogs and hikers, even bikers. I didn’t bring anything with me. Besides a dog leash. Some might want to bring a little snack, water etc. The end is beautiful. Great swimming spots scattered around. The end is worth it! There are a few different paths you can take. So read up on where you want to go. BE IN SHAPE. Know your body. This isn’t a trail for people who are new to physical activity. Or people who have never seen a real “mountain trail”.

Enjoy it! It’s mind clearing and a great workout.

3 months ago

Great hike! The trail down to the Narrows is definitely not for everyone but the view is worth it. Be very careful if the trail is wet (be very careful anyway. Be extra careful if it’s wet). The pink flagging does not appear to be there to mark the trail branching downwards off the Pulliam Creek trail but it’s very apparent—a packed clay path that has clearly been regularly used.

I took my 2 dogs on a Sunday and saw no humans for the first 3 hours. Unfortunately, I got lost, and ended up on some sort of road, passed a house, heard 276 traffic and knew I was near civilization. Thankfully, I had plenty of water. Got to the hwy. and then had to try to figure out which way to Raven Falls parking lot, yes, I had no paper guides and just tried to use common sense, following the sun. I was struggling with the walk toward my car, as the road is very busy, and the narrow shoulders were scary. Finally, I figured I'd better save down a car, which I did and a very sweet guy stopped, said Yes, we WERE heading in correct direction, about 3/4 of a mile ahead. At first I turned down the ride he (and 4 other men) offered, then thought I'd certainly better take him up on that ride, as walking the road was treacherous. Got safely to car. Unlocked vehicle, DEAD BATTERY! So, I waited. 2 other cars were parked there. Mind you, it was no 7:30, park closing at 8. A nice solo hiker and his dog appeared and he kindly jumped my car, and my dead battery came on, whew. Forgot to mention, that, of course, NO cell service going on here...
Let me make a suggestion, too, that the trail blazers NOT be red and orange, so close together, makes for some confusion. We were hopelessly lost for a good while. I DID see 3 hikers on trail, after the initial beginning where several folks were around, but for most part, my 15 lb rat terrier, and 55 lb mixed-breed Norwegian Elk Hound had the forest to ourselves. Passing by the Lieutenant sheer rock faces was beautiful and, surprisingly, the dogs navigated those rocks well. I suggest having paper guides on hand. I won't go in those woods again without them, as it's way too easy to lose your way. I am in decent shape, but, seriously, I was starting to wonder if I could keep going. My legs began feeling like rubber, it was wild.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Fants Grove is a well marked trail system and trail maps are available at the parking areas. While rated intermediate, its more easy than intermediate and you can maintain speed (visibility is good except in a few places where the undergrowth is trying to choke the trail). There are some good climbs but I never had to go to up my granny gear. Trails are well maintained and flow and makes for great cross country mountain biking. I rode on Thursday evening and was by myself and only came across one hiker but there were signs of heavy horse usage - you have to watch out for the trail muffins. LOL!

4 months ago

Great little hike. We were in and out in 2 hours, which included a dip in the (cold!) amazingly fresh water pools by the falls. The rapids/waterfall at the end are definitely worth it, and the descent in and out of the narrows is challenging enough you feel like you got a workout! The rest of the trail was very well-maintained and relatively flat, so might be great for a trail run, with a swimming break in the middle. FYI there was a sign posted that said the trail is closed Mon-Thurs for trail maintenance, but since we’d already driven all the way there, we ignored it. Saw one couple the entire time so it wasn’t crowded at all.

Great hike down to the narrows, but be ready to scramble to the bottom. Definitely at the top of my list!

My favorite for a day of ball-busting exercise. Regardless of my fitness level, I have always been drenched in sweat, and exhausted by the time I reach the parking areas. Everything up until Bill Kimball is pretty easy/flat. The first bit of Bill Kimball is pretty flat, and a little overgrown in area, though well blazed. But once you start ascending, it’s 35 minutes of exhilarating torture.

I recommend hiking from Jones Gap to Coldspring Branch to Bill Kimball and out in a clockwise fashion. Making Bill Kimball a steep ascent rather than descent. Make sure you have water.

Amazing hike! I had a blast and the challenge was just my style. Although the trail is listed as kid friendly, I wouldn’t bring anyone under the age of 6 or 7 if you’re planning on going the whole 4 miles.

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