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Best hike I’ve done period. Great tree coverage throughout most areas - more foot traffic near bottom but once you get up and out there’s barely anyone. Note that there are some complications with the trail which can make it challenging for some people. I recall one section being pretty narrow to walk on and had to be very careful walking that section with my dog since it was a drop off to the side. Also a tree fell over the trail at one section so you have to climb over the trunk. beautiful peak at the top!

Used to love these trails. Found this one recently but I’ve hiked Black Star and all throughout the canyon. Amount of houses that are being built are without a doubt takes the joy out of the hike all together. Trying to get one peace when I hike, no see houses and people. They also started planting their own trees and plants on the outside of the canyon so, extra took over by the suburbs.

This will always be one of my favorites! The trail is easygoing with only a few moderate hills. It’s perfect for a first back packing trip or if you’re testing new gear. Only do this trail when water is flowing (usually during CA winter months). It can get pretty chilly at night so if you go, make sure to bring warm clothes for night. The hot springs are well hidden at the end of the trail, but there is a good spot to sit and enjoy the warm water that can accommodate around 5 people. Definitely a CA hidden gem :)

11 days ago

We did the hike going clockwise, so the trip up was nice and steady while the trip down was treacherous, but engaging and worth the awesome views.

Whichever way you go, just heed the warning that it's not for the faint of heart. Trekking poles recommended if you go the way we did, and prepare to go at a crawl for the final mile or so down.

Amazing hike but the beginning uphill part is a lot longer than everyone below states. The whole out portion is majority uphill. Incredible views at the end made it worth it. It also averages at about 6 miles from the starting point this sets you at just FYI. We took a couple side routes to look out points that contributed to that

14 days ago

Came here on Dec 30th around 11:30am and it was easy to find parking on the residential area. Maybe it was because of the holidays that parking was easy to find. The trail was easy to find. It was a clear paved path the entire way up and down. You start off with a slight incline and keep working your way up. The incline is nothing too crazy anyone can do it, just keep at your steady pace and breathe. The trail will continue to incline and about .5 miles in flattens out. The view at the top is beautiful and coming back down you get the entire city and ocean view. Definitely would come back again!

Just beautiful. Wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving!!

18 days ago

Phone read 5.0m in 1:17:49 with 1247ft of elevation gain. Stopped recording just shy of the parking lot on return for sake of 5 mile even hike. Steep section up would be considered a scramble if there were anything to grab on to (there isn’t), would have been slick coming down that direction. Essentially all the elevation gain is within the first 1.5m. Not for the faint of heart. The rest of the trail is simply fire road.

Due to the partial government shutdown, the gate leading up to the parking lot is currently closed. You can still park at the bottom and walk up an extra 3-4 miles though. Wish I could have known this before driving an hour and a half!!!

I came on dec 19, 2018, it was a Wednesday so not many people were around. Parking was relatively easy but I can imagine it hard during weekends (the starting point is in a fancy residential
area on a uphill road, and you can only park alone the street in certain area.)

The first 1/4 of the rout could be a little bit intense for people who haven’t worked out much, because it started uphill right away and could be steep sometimes. Fortunately, the trail was wide and no steps or obstacles, and there were a few stopping points for photos and resting.

After has its quite easy, and you would ready the midpoint (the tip). It had a great view of LA and oceans, and two benches!! (I thought that was rare.)

This is a fantastic choice because one can see mountains, skylines, and ocean all at once. Also there’s a diversity of Californian native plants and various birds chirping and hopping around. Highly recommended!

Awesome trail! 3 day backpacking trip. ***Easy to Moderate***
Dont be afraid to take the boots off and cross the river. We wasted a lot of time trying to not get our feet wet.
Willett hot spring was a bit difficult to find the trail leading up to it. We asked for advice and found the trail straight to it. Not to be a downer, but he hot spring was a big metal tub on the mountain side. Still pretty awesome tho.

Would not call this hard. Beautiful views over creek and waterfall and many rustic cabins.

Excellent trail for Running!

Nice mostly shaded hike with some nice fall colors. Definitely do the detour to the waterfall and backtrack back (please don’t scramble up the hill back to trail). December was a good time to do this as it was cool all day in the shade and no bugs.

4.5 stars for a 30min drive from LA without traffic.
We went to the falls and took the lower creek trail after which was beautiful, and my pedometer registered 11.3 miles.
4h50m including the Mt Zion peak, a short snack, and getting from and to the car.

Saw a deer up close. Woodpeckers. Bear poo.
Little hazy towards the city but the trail and mountainsides were pretty.

The switchbacks are hard and slippery. I slid down a few. The views are gorgeous all the way up. I’m glad I was able to do this hike but won’t repeat it as I didn’t feel secure on many of the switchbacks. Poles are essential.

This hike is great because it’s not too trafficked. It’s challenging and eye catching with a constant view of the city

1 month ago

This trail is labeled moderate but if you decide to be brave and climb the ridiculous steep hill near the beginning, it should be labeled VERY HARD, be sure you’re ready for it. Don’t go up without hiking shoes, you will slip for sure and get hurt. It’s a very long hike and the views up top are really nice. Not much nature though as far as trees. Definitely a winter only trail since you are always exposed.

nature trips
1 month ago

Fine hike. Tons of people and little parking spaces at 6am, so get there early!
Good views of the city but I prefer to be a bit more outdoors.

Did this trail two weeks ago on a Sunday. The trail doesn’t get too crowded which was great, but there are enough people around so you won’t get lost if you happen to go alone like I did. Got there close to 8am and the parking lot still had plenty of space. Signs are pretty visible once you see the starting path. Man! That first climb to the first bench. PHEW! I was beat. Total time for me to get to the Jones Peak was about 2 hrs with breaks. It wasn’t a clear day but the view was amazing nonetheless. Take your time. The inclines are pretty steep but the path is well maintained. It was a great experience. Would definitely do it again in fall/ winter and definitely not in full summer heat.

Shady. Well maintained. Really pleasant trek.

Worth it. Lots of creek crossings, a few caves, clips, campground. Somewhat maintained Moderat trail

Lots of switchbacks & steep sunny incline. Nice and not at all crowded on a Sunday.

it's decent. very heavily trafficked. it's a challenge for a new hiker definitely!

2 months ago

Moderate climb to a steady hike. Quite busy. Go early!

Our journey into the Sespe Wilderness via the Sespe RIver Trail began at the Piedras Blancas trailhead at approximately 9:08 am on November 10. There were eight of us in our party all destined to go to Willet Hot Springs. With the help of some enlightening paper squares, we journeyed into, across, and within the magnificent rivers of our minds and the valley. Clarification: the river of the valley was dry, but the rivers of our minds ran bountifully. The trail profile is no lie, in both directions you ascend and descend a series of crests which we named in order: Robin's Cut Ridge (bring band aids), Lonely Oak Ridge, Rattlesnake Ridge (ps there are danger noodles), Creepy Creek Cliff Face, Helipad Landing, Up-side-down Spirit Rock, Limbo Cave, and finally Trip Stick Hot Springs (named after a spiritually significant agave stem plucked by Macro the wizard). All jeans will be jorts. Mandatory knifing of jeans is hereby instituted. It was hot, so it happened. There is minimal shade on the trail so while I think we could have made it all the way to Sespe Hot Springs if we had more daylight, I do not think we could have tackled the trail with the same fervor if we had gone in the summer. The hot spring is a bit hard to find, in fact we got a bit lost and did a 25-mile round-trip, but if you follow the cairns/elves you will be successful (also maybe ask some people if you see them, the trail is moderately trafficked). The hot spring is actually up, not down as we had thought. All together a truly awakening and rejuvenating experience. This trail was exactly what was needed to reignite the bonds of our friendship and our spirits. 10/10. Will be returning in 10 years. Here is a list of the wildlife we bore witness to: a family of zards, two rattlesnakes, one coyote, a hawk, lots of sheep scat yet no sheep, a graceful deer, a troop of boyscouts (identified by the size 3 Converse footprints), lichen, blue jays, sparrows, quail, a prospective Cal Poly student, and our deepest true selves. *Bonus: There is one camp uphill from the giant rock stack right adjacent to the spring. Bring your packs up there with you and you shall be rewarded as we were with privacy and easy access to a sunrise soak*

Luckily, we went when it was not too hot. Still, 3 liters only took me to the summit which had beautiful views. They were all the better because so few go up there. (the proof being the impeccable ammo can register and lightly beaten trail)

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