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2 days ago

Yes the trail IS open! A very strenuous hike (for us 60-somethings) but oh-so-spectacular 360 views of the park from the Landing. Glad we fulfilled another bucket list hike in one our most breathtaking NP’s.

Not for those afraid of heights, but do it anyways! You’ll be so happy you did. This hike is not to be missed.

Dead Horse should be a stop for everyone!

Beautiful and challenging hike, well worth at the end.

This hike is awesome! There is a fairly extreme element of danger due to the huge drop offs on either side of the trail, but it makes for a very exciting hike with great views at the end! This trail is extremely crowded especially once you reach the top and the chains.

Wife and I loved it! If you don’t hike much it can be a bit strenuous, but I still tend to recommend this one to anyone (beginners included). The ending makes it all worth it!

a great accomplishment and great workout

7 days ago

Totally worth the extra leg work to get there. (Meaning permit and drive). Being a solo I lucked out and walked up to the Wilderness desk and got a permit for following day. I’ve got good luck!

The trail was what I’d consider moderate and only so bc of the trail navigation skills required. I found it to be beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard not to feel special connection with so few people out there.

The potholes were Fantastic! The morning was perfect weather and by noon when I finished- the sun hit the incline part of the trail. That’s was great motivation to finish that last mile quickly.

I just n

Wow! I hit this puppy early in the morning with some snow sprinkles and I’m glad I left when I did. Boy does it get toasty on the ascent. Easy wide trail, but super steep in sections. Very beautiful views. It also gets CRAZY busy as the day unfolds, which makes you require a bit more patience. After we reached the top, we broke off on another trail for another 2 mi or so. Quite remote & beautiful!!

I have to add that so many people don’t eat the right shoes and they bring little to no water. I personally find that absolutely insane. Do some prep work and don’t put others at risk because you need help.

Great hike !!!

11 days ago

This trail was unforgettable and hands-down the best hike of my trip to Zion. We started the hike around 7:20 AM and finished around 2:00 PM. We had the trail to ourselves the majority of the time.

The slot canyons are absolutely breathtaking and worth the trek. The only strenuous portions of the trail are the descent and ascent to the river. Otherwise it’s quite a pleasant and easy trail. The terrain is mostly sand, so it’s similar to walking on a beach in hiking shoes.

- Start early in the day because the climb in and out of the canyon is quite steep and strenuous; you won’t want to do that in full sun.
- Pay attention for snakes, spiders, and poison ivy on the social trails out of the river.
- The water in the slot canyons is COLD, so brace yourself.
- Bring some sandwiches to enjoy once you’re out of the subway. There’s a nice flat rock to sit on and relax. You’ll be surrounded by a waterfall and butterflies.

Once in a lifetime experience; however, I'm returning for another viewing of this sensational place.

Very easy and insanely scenic! Took my pup and we both enjoyed all there was to see! Great for all levels and families as long as you keep an eye out for the hoodoos that guide the general direction. I took all the spur trails to the various overlooks- recommend that too

20 days ago

Could not hike entire trail due to a closure, so hiked a loop (made via another trail) back to parking lot. Fantastic hike, beautiful vegetation.

Great hike that gives a full tour of the state park and the canyon below. Definitely do one or two of the overlooks. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail. No shade, bring water!

Yesterday (Labor Day) Krishna finally got a chance to mountain bike in Moab (YIPPEEE!)... So I did a 5 mile rim trail hike in Dead Horse Point State Park! :D <3 My review below and tons of pics.

If you have limited time at the park, I'd suggest to go to the Dead Horse viewpoint at the end of the park road, then walk on the west rim trail and see all the view points you can. If your time is even more limited go to Meander Point ... that one is the shortest offshoot from the trail and has spectacular views of striped red cliffs looking down into the canyon. The east rim all pretty much have the same view (the same view from Dead Horse Point). But, the viewpoints on the west side are all very different from each other, and it's quite possible you can see in to Canyonlands, which is just breathtaking. Also, from my recording (link below), I did not take the entire loop, and clicked 4.9 miles and 640 ft elevation gain. All trails says the loop trail is 5 miles at 908 feet. Their recording seems to be ONLY for the RIM TRAIL and no viewpoint walks. They do add quite a bit of extra walking. I did not have enough time to go to the Big Horn viewpoint. I hope to do this loop again with more time on my hands because I kind of rushed through all the viewpoints, spending only a few minutes at Meander (I'd love to have spent time just relaxing) and about 20 minutes at Rim Overlook. Honestly, there's just so much to see and be awed at in each viewpoint. I wish I had taken my binoculars! Yes, as others mentioned, the trail is well marked (maybe too well marked) with cairns. All but a few were helpful. A few got me off track!!

I started the trail about 8am on Labor Day, finishing by about 11:30am. On the East Rim, I saw only 2 people at the visitor center. I then only saw one person at Rim Overlook by the time I almost finished the trail. It was blissful! It was cloudy for all but the last 45 minutes, which made the walk very peaceful and not that hot. But, do not forget LOTS of water, a few snacks and sunscreen. The sun is more intense than it appears, even if it IS cloudy! (Note as far as my recording is concerned, I had good cell signal all on the east side of the trial I walked, but it was spotty to non existent on the west side until Kayenta Campground.)


It’s worth it even if you’re afraid of heights! My best suggestion is to go as early as possible because it does get very busy and you will have to wait to inch around people. You hold onto a chain for a good part of the last 1/3 of the hike. But there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy a snack and the views at the top. Not super strenuous in my opinion, and like all other hikes I’ve done there’s always those people running up it like no-big-deal-it’s-just-my-usual-Friday-morning-jog.

27 days ago

Amazing hike! You'll need a backcountry permit to do this hike. It's not maintained since you just follow the river upstream, but there is a definite trail to follow (unless you simply want to wade in the river the whole way). The current is not swift at all, and is actually stagnant in most places, so if you have water shoes go for it.

The Subway is at the very end of the hike, and can be slick since the water is now running over moss-covered rocks. The circular pools in the Subway offer a nice place to cool off after sweating all day! Although we saw a number of people rappelling with wet suits on! The water is certainly freezing in the Subway where it's shady (not nearly so for the rest of the hike).

The steep switchbacks at the beginning are the most difficult part of this trail. The rest of it is flat walking along the river, navigating boulders, trees, river crossings, etc. with little difficulty. Aside from the switchbacks, I would not rate this trail as hard. Although it is long.

Bring water shoes and clothes that can get wet! Also, mind the weather and don't enter the Subway if you hear thunder.

One of my all time favorite hikes

Beautiful views of the canyon. Not many people on the trail at all.

29 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike. If you’re an experienced hiker this trail is extremely easy to navigate. If you are new to strenuous hikes with little trailheads then it’s best to buy a physical subway trail map at the zion visitor center; it helps tremendously and makes your trip more focused on the wonderful views this hike has to display. The coolest part was seeing ancient dinosaur tracks that lay on a slab of rock half way in the hike! So cool! The red waterfall and actual subway at the rendezvous was mind-blowingly beautiful. Make sure to bring plenty of snacks and plenty of water since it is about a 5-8 hour hike depending on how much time you spend at the subway. Couldn’t have asked for a better hike!

29 days ago

One of the most challenging hikes I've done, but it was so amazing! I was in love with this hike, the chains at the end are not for the faint of heart (or those with a fear of heights) but they were such a fun challenge. Willy's wobbles are the series of 25 or so switchbacks prior to the start of the steep section of the trail, which really wore us out! The views all the way up the trail are gorgeous, but once you get to the top it is breathtaking. My advice: go EARLY. we woke up at 0430-0500 to make it to the first shutte (and near the front of the line). By the time we boarded the shuttle, there was already a line of at least 100 people behind us. The hike is also much better in the cool morning air.

I got to this trail days before the storm which caused a lot of damage. I feel very fortunate to have seen this amazing trail, it honestly is one of my favorites in Zion NP. There are three pools on the trail, and you can loop this trail up to bus stop 5 for a good 3-4 hour, relaxing adventure. For this being one of the most popular national parks in the nation, this trail was fairly desolate (in comparison to the narrows or the line to the shuttle!). If you are heading to Zion, This is a must see trail to really capture the wilderness of the park!

I’ve done this hike twice with the entire family. It is an epic hike with very treacherous sections the last 1/2 mike. I agree with others that there are many inexperienced people and the crowds make it dangerous. Most people however are very friendly and courteous, it just makes it difficult for groups to stay together and keep moving. Lots of stop and go, like L.A. traffic on a hiking trail.

Trail marked with beautiful cairnes, sae a doe chillin under an outcropping of rock

lovely trail we did it in December

nature trips
1 month ago

Such a beautiful hike, a bit long and exhausting but well worth it all. The falls inside the caves at the end are amazing and refreshing after that long hike.
Remember the trail back or you might get lost or turned around. A bit tricky towards the end but it’s doable.

Have done angels landing 4 times and will most likely not do it again unless they start some form of permit or limited hikes per day, etc. There is way too many inexperienced people on this hike. I've seen people in flip flops, bare foot holding dress shoes, 5 year old kids crying. This is NOT a place for any of that. They make the trail dangerous. There are times were you're standing on the side of a cliff have to inch around people due to so much traffic. Too many tourists who should not be up there. On a another note, beautiful views from the top. Get on the first bus of the day to beat the crowds.

This hike was awesome! I did it back in April, 2018, before the storm. I took the advice others have given and got on one of the first buses out and had little traffic on the way up but lots on the way down.

Scenic. We hiked in the afternoon which was ideal as it was shaded. Majestic views all around! We hiked from the 6th tram stop back down to the 5th. Enjoyable.

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