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3 days ago

This was a pleasant hike without any steep elevation changes. I did this hike mid-week on a sunny day in December with temperatures around 50* F. I was surprised how few other people took advantage of the weather. I only encountered one couple walking their dog and 1 trail runner.

This is a hike that you can take kids on because of the relatively easy grade and distance. Although it is 5+ miles out and back, you can leave people at the bluff top parking lot (halfway point) and come back by car to pick them up later.

Even though the main restrooms at the Glencoe parking lot are now closed for the season, there were rather new and clean porta potties both there and at the bluff-top parking area.

By the way, you can park at the bluff top parking lot and then walk a little over 5 minutes back along the trail to reach the scenic Meramec River overlook.

The only other thing I might add is that the trail was somewhat damp from a snowmelt the week before. So hiking poles were much appreciated in keeping balance at some of the slippery points along the trail.

Great technical trail. Loved it.

Beautiful hike. Will be back.

13 days ago

Nice relatively easy hike, mild grade. Fabulous view at the bluff at the end. Definitely worth it.

Great Missouri hike

Watch for leaves, very easy to fall with lots of rocks underneath.

28 days ago

Great hike today with Stl female trekkers.

28 days ago

Fun trail with great scenery. Leaves made it difficult to see the trail in a few places, but it was well marked, so we didn't have much trouble.

This is a must! Did first two miles with my dog counterclockwise. A few nice spots in canyon right away after paved trail. Took the brown cut off trail due to time which was about 2 miles in and cutoff was pretty short. Wasn’t sure if people were talking about mainly hiking through the canyon most of the way to see more or what, but that what it looked like when you first reach it. . But will start clockwise next time. Would be pretty to see water. But perfect time for the colored trees.

I really like this trail. There was a clear path most of the way and multiple changes in elevation. It wasn’t really high but enough to keep it interesting. I passed several hikers along the way, but overall very quiet. The only thing that was missing is a beautiful lookout!

Beautiful fall hike in rolling hills.


Would have given it a 5 star but poorly marked. Markers are only every mile. A simple blaze system would eliminate this. Started at the West end. The first half mile I was off trail and had to back track and then drove to Lone Elk lot to restart. Hiking rated difficult but only moderate at best. Completed the entire 13 miles plus. Will retry. Positives: very few on trail, peaceful, hills.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Whoever rated this trail as easy is clearly talking about hiking.. I would not advise riding this trail without a certain degree of fitness and skill for some of the more technical rocky area. There are some reasonable climbs as well. Those are the things that make this trail fun however. Some pretty cool descends and switchbacks. Nice flowy sections too.

Great trail. well marked.

This nature preserve had some pretty scenery, but even coated with bug spray head-to-toe and with multiple reapplications, I ended up with 48 mosquitos bites (but who’s counting?!). Seriously—it’s a very buggy, swampy hike. There was a constant buzzing / whirring sound in the distance—maybe farm equipment? We also heard numerous gunshots nearby. There were some trail markers, but without a phone/gps, we would have been pretty lost; even with it, we veered off course onto private property numerous times. Also note that Apple Maps directed us way off course and into the swamp (the AllTrails map to the trailhead is correct, however, so use that one!). This was probably my least favorite hike in the STL area.

nice trail... took 1 hour 15 min.

Pretty hike! You have to go off the main trail if you really want to explore the canyons. We passed quite a few people and a few dogs.

2 months ago

Loved this trail, however we did Jacks Loop and Cattle Ridge together which was a tad over 5 miles. Beautiful scenery, various terrain, but overall a pretty simple hike. Will definitely do it again!

2 months ago

great trail with lots of twists and turns. Dog friendly, beautiful bluff views and interesting geology

This park is a gem!

Definitely bring bug spray!!! Trail head said 2.5 miles but is about 5. Trail is nice, shaded for hot day and is very quiet. Just doesn’t have scenery besides woods. Would be better in fall

very nice trail, but not clearly marked once you are off in canyon part. very beautiful scenery and wildlife

Great trail, lots of shade. Good when you want to get in a quick hike.

I'll start with the positive...

Okay, now I'll share some of the disappointing aspects. This was a boring meander through an overgrown prairie. They call it Stemler Cave Woods, but there is no cave on the premises and no Stemlers. There was just woods...and for about half the trail, it wasn't even woods as much as large bushes. It felt like we were walking a random path someone mowed through the median of an interstate. Don't waste the time driving here if you aren't local. This is mislabeled at best.

Very nice amenities to the site. There are several pavilions with restrooms and a visitor center. The trails are great for mtn biking when dry. I made a loop and only had around 300’ of climbing (4.6 miles). Not as challenging as many in the area. Tree roots, a few small rocks, and horse dung are scattered about the trail. Some of the grassy areas trail have sunk in about 10” making pedaling in them a little tough but not bad. The switch backs were the only part of the trail that was challenging.

3 months ago

Nice path that starts along the river, all shaded but must keep an eye out for the mountain bikers.

I've walked Cattle Ridge trail (~1 mile) with my dog more times than I can count. It's a nice trail, with enough elevation changes and shaded areas to be good practice for longer trails. Lots of horse poop on the trail, so watch out. Ticks are another concern, but where are you going to avoid ticks in Missouri wilderness?

Jack's loop (~4 miles) is long, and, frankly, a bit boring. It encompasses most of Brommelsiek Park, and is good for bike riders, but as a hiking trail, there are better trails for nearby if you're wanting to do a similar distance. It's an easy trail to hike, as most of it is covered, but there are plenty of open sections.

great hike. excellent scenery and well marked.

great trail. well maintained. liked the different terrains. very quiet and peaceful.

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