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1 day ago

Gate was close so had to park at lower parking lot which added .8 miles round trip. Microspikes made snow travel easy. Beautiful summit above the inversion!

A great trail for snowshoeing! The east loop is longer than the west loop. Lots of critter tracks in the snow.

7 days ago

Hiked 12/3 after hard snow previous day. We cut it short about a mile from summit as snow was getting pretty deep and we just had regular hiking boots. Honestly, I thought we could've made it but we played it extra safe This hike is amazing and makes you feel small! Beautiful place. Hope I can return and finish the rest some day.

Super hard. Gorgeous views. Can’t wait to do it again.

30 days ago

it took us two hours and fifteen minutes up to the peak and one and a half hours to get back to the car. we probably could have gotten down faster if it wasn't dark. plan accordingly.

1 month ago

Such amazing scenery. Few steep stretches but not too long. Probably a butt kicker in the summer but it’s a pretty mild fall hike. Definitely will do this one again.

1 month ago

Another trail in Davis County that isn't maintained after about 3.5 miles. However, there are 2 turnoffs that link over to Ford Canyon Overlook. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the Bountiful Peak Trail with the turnoffs instead of the Ford Canyon Overlook trail if you want to see off the cliffs.
Trail was easy to follow for 2.5 miles. At 2.5 miles there started to be pretty consistent trail markers (soda can bottoms and some pink ties) that helped in a few spots even though the trail is still pretty obvious. There were a few downed trees that I couldn't move and the scrub oak is starting to encroach on the trail. I was glad I had pants and long sleeves. At 3.5 miles or so I spotted the last trail marker and the forest opened up into more of a field. The trail is difficult to follow due to lots of little paths from runoff or whatever. At about 4 miles the fields end and you hit a wall of aspen and scrub oak. I tried pushing through a few places but it was too dense for me. You can see the peak about a half mile distant and see the vegetation thins out but I looked ahead and couldn't see a trail after the vegetation thinned out again.

First off, please realize that the last 11 miles driving to the trail head are on a very rough and rocky back road. Took us an hour! Need 4wd/awd. Good tires. Make sure you have a spare. lol. But its sooooo worth it. Amazing hike. Killer views for 80% of the time. First and last parts are climbing but the rest is relatively flat and easy. Lots of trails that split to get there. Highly recommend! Beautiful scenery. Enjoy!

Very thankful to have done this climb with my huskies before Guardsman Pass closes.

Climbs rapidly in a short amount of distance.

The snow wasn't too bad when I was there.

Crampons probably not necessary in my opinion.

Gaiters would be good though ..



Nice quick hike trail. I had my two dogs but the trail is pretty skinny at some parts so we kept moving out of people's way. Trail is moderately flat for the beginning then goes up a bit then down again. The climb back up isn't terrible and the bottom by the stream is beautiful. Was there a few weeks ago and there was still a solid amount of fish (most alive but some where dead as it's getting to the end of the season). Lots of people at the bottom but you can keep hiking down to find more solitude.

1 month ago

Super dope view, also make sure to go right at the radio tower and not into the rocks on the left there is no way to get to the trail without backtracking.

This was a great hike. It is correctly labeled as "hard," but only because of the distance. The trail is a steady climb up switchbacks for a few miles, and then several miles of ridge-walking, before a strenuous climb to the summit that lasts approximately one mile. By the time that I was done, my joints were aching and I was very tired, but only because I had hiked 17 miles, and not because of any particularly difficult section.

We saw moose and mountain goats, and we signed our names in the log book at the summit. It was a great day.

2 months ago

Good hike, nice views. Lots of Fall colors. Moderate hiker traffic and horseback travel.

I only went from Inspiration Point (Willard Mountain) to Willard Peak. You can approach the peak from two different directions. The first route is the trail that goes up to the ridge and then bends to the left, following the ridge up to the peak. There is some scrambling, and the last stretch you have dropoffs on either side. It is the shorter route.

If you summit from the Ben Lomond side, it is quite a bit easier, but there doesn't appear to be a trail for the last bit. From Inspiration Point, take the second closest trail to Willard Peak (the closest trail is the shortest route described above). The other two trails stay lower, and provide a direct route to Ben Lomond. Once you pass the peak, you can look up and see a couple grassy saddles. Cut up these until you get the ridge, and then turn back to the north for a gradual climb to the peak.

2 months ago

Single wide trail. Definitely moderate. Hard work for young kids.
We missed the Salmon by two weeks. Next year we will make it a priority to be here mid September.
Beautiful colors and spectacular views.

This trail or at least the general area offers fantastic view from the mountain ridge down on both sides. The road to Willard Basin Campground is rough, mainly used by ATVs and trucks. The trailhead is not marked so I don’t even know what trail we took. But the views were great.

I don't think this trek should be rated as hard. It might get a bit tiring if you are doing this trek during the hot summer months else it's a decent moderate trek.

the views were amazing, though the incline made it a tad harder than moderate, plus.the distance. worth it though!

Not a hike I expected, but I loved the scrambling over boulders to get to the top! Colors changing and gorgeous views all around. We did the loop around Bloods and Lackawaxen Lake as well as Peak 10420, all of which are entirely do-able if you want to make this a two-fer peak day along with lakes. Bloods Lake had a ton of families and dogs, so if you don't like crowds, don't plan on spending time at that lake. Lackawaxen was less people and more serene.

2 months ago

It’s definitely hard, especially toward the top. But the views are great. There’s a marker at the top from 1892 and a mailbox with notebooks where you can write something. When you’re just past the radio tower, there will be two trails. One goes straight toward the rocky ridge and one goes down and to the right. Take the right one because the straight one doesn’t go all the way to the peak.

Great time of year to hike (late September), some shade, autumn colors, cooler temps.

Such a fun and amazing views. The Kokanee salmon were beautiful as well!!

2 months ago

Easy 5 miler that is much more crowded in Autumn. Hiking this one on a Sunday afternoon during peak season for the Kokanee Salmon spawn, we were coming across other hikers on the single track trail every 1-2 minutes, and you have to step aside since the trail isn't wide enough for two people. This appears to be a bike-able single track, but please don't bike it in the fall - there just isn't enough time for people to move out of the way, and bikers aren't able to get out of the way themselves.

The trail is relatively easy. There is an incline at the beginning of both sides of the trail, with a higher section through open meadow at the top. If you hike a few times a year, you should be able to do it without any problems or any breaks. There were numerous children and older folks in poor health on the trail, so it should be accessible for anyone that can walk unassisted.

If you're here to see the Kokanee Salmon spawn, that is a yearly event during September. The times change. I've heard that it is typically in the second week of September. Of the three times I've been, I've seen single fish once, small groups of fish once (this time), and then the third time they were so thick that you couldn't help but step on them if you kayaked in. This visit seemed a bit late, as there were quit a few dead fish near where the stream emptied into the lake.

I love this trail, gorgeous in the fall. It's becoming too popular tho it was a bit crowded comparing 2 years ago. My only complaint would be kids trying to grab and disturb the salmon while they are trying to mate, lay there eggs and being tired from their long swim... please do not allow dogs in the water or letting the kids to play with the salmon. It is illegal to catch them. lets protect what's left.

Pretty busy (likely because of the Salmon). The fall colors are starting to appear too! We ended by cliff jumping into the reservoir; terrifying and amazing!!

We loved this hike! We took our 4 kids ages 9, 6, 5 and 3. They were all able to complete the hike in and get back (although there was definitely grumbling and crying at times) except for the baby. We carried him the whole way. It was beautiful though! And the best part was seeing the Kokanee Salmon Run! We will definitely do this again next year.

One of my first hikes in Utah and it was a beauty! Fall colors are starting to appear. We went early, as much of the trail is exposed, and I was glad we did. Nice breeze!

3 months ago

Nice hike to see all kinds of nature! The salmon spawning in the stream was amazing to see. Mostly shaded, but narrow and steep most the way.

3 months ago

it was steep on the way back up but not too bad overall I'd say rating is accurate. really crowded and a narrow trail so thats why I gave it 4 instead of 5. it's pretty though! the salmon were really cool to see! go early!

Did this as a hike/run, fall is a great time to go for some great views of fall colors. Go early as the majority of the trail is exposed. First 1 1/2 miles are a beast!

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