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beautiful views from the top, worth the hike. the whole hike, back and forth was about 2.8 miles, and at a comfortable place it should take you less than 2 hours to complete. make sure you have the right shoes, especially when the ground is wet, as I've seen some pretty funny slips and falls from people wearing running sneakers while the ground was covered with snow and mud....so be prepared, and enjoy the views from the top

nice destination. pack food and beverage

Great trail! Would love to do it again in warmer weather. We went on a snowy day in November. There is a fun rock scramble during blue. Very wet on the lower levels of the trail. Great day!

Quick getaway for NYC resident. We completed the trail in approximately 4.5 hours (with a 30 minute detour off the white trail and a 20 minute meal break at the top of the blue trail) with two fit adults and a 45lb beagle dog. Trail markings at times missing, which, thankful for the free Alltrails app with prior free download of the trails.

Some dos and dont's:
Go counter-clockwise, as recommended by many on this page (white - blue - orange - red - yellow). Yellow trail is along the water and brings you back to the parking lot, but minimal trail markings to find the merger from the red trail. To find the orange from the blue - take the left fork when descending from the highest point of blue. Especially if bringing a dog go counter-clockwise because of the rock scramble on the blue trail. 80 degree angle at points.

Wear waterproof boots is a must - no tennis shoes.

We arrived at 10am and there were only 3 parking spots remaining (in both the visitor center and the dirt lot across the road), however, cars were parked adjacent to the center on the main road by the time we left.

Beautiful scenery...
Trails were well marked and lots of fun.

Pretty nice trail, I would rate it easy except for that steep part on the blue dot which is moderate difficulty, would recommend doing it counter clock wise, otherwise it would be more scetchy going down on blue dot. A bit too crowded.

9 days ago

Such an awesome experience! The rock scramble was intimidating at first, but the view is worth it all!

Great trail overall. We did the red, blue, and then white but I would recommend the opposite (white, blue and then red). Since the blue was a STEEP downhill, it made going down for our dogs very difficult. Other than that part, we all had a great time! And also, wear waterproof shoes/boots! Getting your them soaked is almost inevitable.

on Teatown Lake Trail

9 days ago

Lovely little hike. Fun places to explore, easy to follow trails with cute resting spots. My 4 year old and puppy had fun exploring this trail.

Great hike with great views! Highly recommend it but be prepared for steep rocky portions. I’d say moderate is correct but would not recommend for beginners or people who do not regularly do hikes/hill runs. Took us almost 5 hours at a comfortable pace without breaks and we accidentally kept going after the end of the trail.

trail running
13 days ago

It’s a wonderful place in terms of terrain and views etc. and there are a few challenging spots. I ran in from route 58 today (Nov 7th mid afternoon) up to the trails intersection with 53 and back. Unfortunately the experience wasn’t quite as pleasant as it could have been due to the constant sound of rifle fire that seemed to be coming from someone target shooting a little south of the trail. While the area is open to hunting and it is fall, I assumed only bow hunting. And well, this was definitely not hunting anyway. I wondered if perhaps there is a police shooting range somewhere in the area or if this was simply recreational target shooting.

Awesome hike. Great way to push yourself and have an amazing end result to a spectacular view

Overall one of the top hikes I’ve been on. It took us about 4.5hrs (but we stayed at the top for about 45 min). We originally read that we should do white - blue - orange - red .. but after speaking to other hikers along the way we were advised to do white - blue - red .. we did this but be very careful because compared to other hikes I’ve been on the trail was not well marked and at times it was difficult to find the next marker which made it a bit confusing. I would recommend wearing boots as it was very wet and at times muddy.

An excellent hike, with varied terrain, excellent views and beautiful trails.

A word to the wise: if you load and follow the exact path outlined above, please be aware that this is not 5.5 miles. The complete loop, covering Bald, The Timp and Doodletown is 7.5 miles.

Wonderful, none the less, but plan accordingly. Not the first Harriman/Bear Mtn Park hike that’s miles off in distance on this app...

16 days ago

we wanted a short hike and I thought this would be perfect as it is lightly trafficked - unfortunately for us we paid $30 to have lots of familes in front of us and behind us wanting to do this hike. this is definitely a moderately to heavily trafficked hike. we ended up not scrambling up the rock face because of how many kids were already working doing so and it seemed like it would be a very slow process as a result. we met a bunch of hikers who were coming down and who mentioned how busy it was on the ledge. not for us.

16 days ago

Excellent hike. Shaded. It had rained heavily the night before, and the trail was often muddy; long portions of the trail had water flowing down the trail. Very crowded on an unseasonably warm November day--more than 300 cars were parked at the trailhead at 1pm. Took us 3.5 hours (two fit adults carrying a baby in a baby backpack). Some people were struggling with the rock scramble, but we thought it was fairly straightforward.

Hiking today for first time with our dog and I love it but it’s shouldn’t be rated moderate but hard and at some areas experience hikers only,I had to push my dog up the rocks but still it was very exiting

This is a great hike! A pleasant mix of woods, water, and rocky outcroppings. This is a good hike for physically able, school age children as there are lots of places to spread out and many areas to stop and enjoy the natural surroundings. During times when there has been lots of rain the trail is very soggy. I don’t recommend tennis shoes for this hike. It requires sturdy, waterproof shoes or hiking boots. We did the red to yellow to blue to orange back to red trails for the loop. Blue going down from the top is more of a scramble at the beginning.

Nice park close to the city

Incredibly fun and challenging hike! Just be cautious going down as it gets a little confusing which trail leads back to the trailhead.1

great trail for casual walks with dog

So many beautiful views throughout
Definitely not an easy hike. Took us 4 1/2 hours. Lots of shortstops and about 15 minutes at the peak.

Quick Trail, I always go up to see the view and back down. There are other trails within that I ended up roaming around in with my brother and we ended up on the road

Great terrain and views, 6mi out and back to Anthonys nose, one of the toughest in the valley!

Take the Blue side to see the water falls. Best after the rain or snow melt. Leaves were amazing on Halloween weekend. Great views from the top of the hill.
Made it a bigger loop by addling orange trail, then white back to the parking lot.

trail running
28 days ago

This has always been one of my favorite running trails. It is lightly trafficked and the chances of running into someone are slim. The trail is not overly technical, but you have to watch your footing in many spots. I can’t speak to the views because I am usually back in the woods, but you can always get in your car afterwards and find some nice scenery.

Bow hunting is something to be keenly aware of. There are several areas the trail goes through that are open to bow hunting (just in the fall). Just yesterday I crested a hill and saw something to my right (I thought it was Bigfoot!) and it turned out to be a bow hunter in full camouflage heading to his car. We waived and kept moving. I would wear some type of blaze orange/high-vis shirt and/or hat so you are more visible. From a distance a hunter will only hear your footsteps!

Tough trail but fun! Sooooo many rocks (my feet were hurting after the hike & that's never happened before). Trekking poles are helpful here. Trail is VERY well marked, the only tricky part is Antony's Nose itself. (Don't be fooled by the huge rock at the top, Anthony's Nose is still a few minutes away.... when you see the American flag, you're there!) pack snacks because you'll be burning some serious calories.

A wonderful escape into the forest not far off some main roads - following the creek to the waterfall then into overgrown stone wall remnants. Great first hike in New England. Pretty much had the woods to myself. Since it was Saturday, I parked at the school across from the trailhead.

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