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Hiked this trail in January and it was covered in snow. Amazing hike. We accidentally went up a side path and went the wrong way, which was easy enough to figure out when we saw some skiers coming down it. Stay to the left lol
This hike is super easy even in the snow. Had a blast and the little falls that’s at the end was worth the little hike there.

this started out as a very easy trail and you could run it until the last 3/4th mile where it goes from graded dirt to almost river bed like conditions of tons of basketball sized loose rocks and slippery boulders. route finding can be difficult at times but stick to the main trail and it's a fun hike.

Easy trail, somewhat protected with a gentle ascent, barely noticeable once you are on the trail. Only tricky part is getting down to the creek just before you get to the falls. Rocks are a little slick and you just need to be careful. Crossing the creek is easiest if you just get your shoes a bit wet. Gala are gorgeous and be really careful if you decide to head up to the falls.

It was a bit of a challenge since I had not hiked in 2 years. I loved the challenges though. the views made it all worth while. We wet our faces in the waterfall.

Great hike. Beautiful relaxing spot when you get to Lake Mary.

great trail with rewarding view

very fun the donut was a hike to get to though.

Beautiful stop on the way to lake Catherine.

my 2-year-old nephew made it up the mile to the falls almost by himself. super easy and loved it. he slept the entire way down. beautiful trail all the way. the leaves are starting to change color right now. I was there a week ago, and it's a nice touch. the trail is paved all the way until a small dirt trail leading to the falls. great for kids, and great for a short escape!!!

Pretty steep until you get to the first lake, but it’s worth it!

Hiking on a weekday when it’s less busy? Want to shave 1.6 miles off the stated 3.0 mileage? Save yourself the aggravation and drive the 0.8 miles down the road to the ACTUAL trailhead. I really wish people used these reviews to provide useful information as was intended for this forum. The app incorrectly states that the trailhead is off the side of the highway but if you drive down the paved road for 0.8 miles you will see the actual trailhead. I was really irritated to add mileage walking down a private road which doubled the actual mileage of the hike — especially on a Monday when it wasn’t busy and there were spots at the trailhead. The trailhead isnt large so I imagine on weekends it would fill up quickly. I’d say maybe 20 cars can fit, maybe less. Wish I knew this before hand. Also once you make it to the waterfall if you want to see the actual donut hole that people photograph you have to hike up the waterfall over slick rocks. While this did not pose a problem for me, a lot of the reviews claim the elderly can do this hike and I’d like to clarify that it is true to a point given the climb up the waterfall itself. If you’re reading this please pass it forward and write useful information on these reviews so it helps everyone seeking information. Should be common sense. Don’t be a sheeple.

From Missouri reviewer: this trail was very easy. There’s a bit of an incline at the beginning but otherwise it was a great trail for all ages. The waterfall was beautiful but very rocky so be careful! We climbed up and over the waterfall to have lunch and it was lovely. Highly recommend for a quick hike for people not from Utah, and who aren’t use to the altitude but still wanna get outside.
Views: 5 stars
Trail difficulty: easy
Access to trailhead: easy drive up road.

9 days ago

always love hiking this trail. sometimes you'll see animals sometimes not. but a great trail none the less.

9 days ago

Took my boys on this trail. It was a great beginner trail for them to get started on. We went on a Thursday evening and there was only one other group of campers on the other side of the lake. We found a good spot in the trees and setup our hammocks. The weather was beautiful and surprisingly, the mosquitos were minimal. I would definitely come here again.

9 days ago

Very nice trail. Hiked it yesterday morning. Saw a mule deer and young moose. To see the donut part of the falls you need to scale to the top of the falls.

Great quick and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall . Not much water this time but still pretty .

11 days ago

Moderate hike, nice trails that are marked. Trail head was behind the bathroom building, we walked back from the falls on the dirt road next to the stream that connects back to the main road out. Waterfall is not running very fast but was still worth seeing. Able to get across the stream on rocks so didn’t get shoes wet, if water was higher you would want water shoes. Don’t forget a jacket if you go in the morning it can be 30 degrees colder in the mountains.

nature trips
12 days ago

Great hike! Easy enough for the young and old. The trail is well worn and plenty wide. Very high foot traffic so you won't get lost. The waterfall is fantastic. One of my favorites to visit.

I enjoyed the hike I noticed there is a point in which the trail breaks into two parts. One that goes to the stream that leads to the fall. And, was wondering if anyone knew where the other trail leads too

Beautiful views and nice waterfalls, just the right hike for beginners.

Love this trail!

Fun trail with a great end to it.

on Donut Falls Trail

13 days ago

Classic. Haven’t been here in years. The water seemed pretty low this go around, but the waterfall is still beautiful.

Climb over the waterfall, and up the steep rock for a nice view of the canyon.

Such a pretty hike. Quick and easy for an after work activity.

15 days ago

Great trail. Saw frogs, a praying mantis and a deer rib cage. About half sun and half shade, great with kids.

16 days ago

Very peaceful hike. late afternoon was a good time for less people and more shade.

16 days ago

Nice easy stroll, not so much a hike.

Not a bad hike. This was only my 2nd time hiking after a 20 hyadisis. Won't do it again tomorrow but will do it again.

The getting to is HARD! It was really steep for a lot of the time up but the destination made it worth it. Lake Mary is very beautiful.

17 days ago

My group and I were planning on backpacking to Ibantik lake but because it was windy and cold...and we got lost twice, we decided to camp at Wall Lake instead. It was well worth it! The hike there was easy. The path was well paved. I do suggest using the map provided by AllTrails bc the trailhead was hidden and there’s no signs pointing to the lake. Since we arrived at 4pm, there were plenty of space left. The next day, when we got back to the car at noon, it was completely full. People were parking at the overflow area. Also, bring $6 in cash to park. If you’re looking to camp at Wall lake, there are plenty of camp sites already set up with fire pits.

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