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My 8 year old son and I LOVED this hike!

The trail follows a ridge line between two ravines and appears to be open year round with a plowed parking lot. Great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

on Packard Trail

2 months ago

More of a walk than a hike, but a pleasant well marked trail with only a couple of inclines of note. This was a great place to take my dog and he drank from a steam along the path. It was easy to find and there was good parking. If the views were better I would have given it a higher rating.

Nice place for views and a easy walk

The views make it worthwhile.

on Angel Falls Trail

3 months ago

Worth the trip! Many water crossings that take thought and would be troublesome/impossible in spring, some tricky parts with large rocks. Gorgeous waterfall!

Such a peaceful place. Trails are easy to moderate. Fall views of the foliage is beautiful!

This is a good last minute hike destination to choose since it is fairly quick. I wasn't blown away by the view at the summit but still worth the trek up for a few hours of outdoor enjoyment! We went on the first day of fall and the colorful leaves on the ground were a highlight for sure. There were a few places where the path was a little uncertain so look for the red signs on the rocks and trees as you go!

tbe woods part of trail was nice. the old field part of the trail has a lot of poison ivy and thorny multiflora rose.

A simple hike with enough elevation gain to be strenuous for me. I like to do a slightly shorter version of the trail (1.7 miles). . I turn around at the second and last outlook and don’t continue to the end. If you do that you’ll get a little more distance but almost no extra elevation and no more views. You’ll just walk a little further along the wooded ridge and I’m not usually interested in that.

4 months ago

Easy to follow, great for younger kids.

I was turned off by the no dog thing- but on my way up- someone had a dog anyway- rebels... but seriously- a good hike- good views- but nothing to really look at except that scenic overlook- summit was very disappointing. It was ok, tho. Definitely good exercise! Just kinda boring.

4 months ago

Not heavily travelled, so its great for dogs! Easy for kiddos. Not great views of pond, got a glimpse through the trees. We took the Cascade loop, thankfully it is well marked with trail markers because it is not travelled much as one could get easily lost and there was no waterfall, plum dry.

4 months ago

easy hike, to beautiful ocean view

Short and sweet. Awesome view of lakes from the top.

We loved this trail and the view were spectacular.

This is a terrific trail for my whole family. it's is beautiful and we'll kept. the blazes are frequent and it was great practice for my little ones to watch for and follow the blazes.

Absolutely breathtaking! A short scramble, but worth it!

The trails were very well maintained. My favorites were the ravine and pond trail. The ravine takes you into the woods. There are lots of chipmunk, squirrel, and bird sight and sounds. The Pond trail takes you along the fields pond. There are places to swim as well as boat/kayak. I will be returning in the fall to take the hikes as the leaves change.

Good views of Maquoit Bay!
Do not forget to bring your bug spray!
Hopefully they cut the two trees out of the way of the trail!

rock climbing
5 months ago

Have gone at two different times, warm summer and spring melt off. you have to scramble a small bit through the rivers so prepared to get wet at some point. The first time was epic. The spring melt off made it impossible to reach falls safely. Little bit of rock scrambling at some points. Dog had no problem first time but she is large and is able to manuver very well on many surfaces. Small dogs may have trouble. Slick rocks from moisture, just letting ya know. Definately worth the trip just don't go right after heavy rains/early spring.... my 2 cents.

on Packard Trail

5 months ago

great for dogs with little legs

Nice trail, there were points where we became off track by the field but it was lovely.

Good sandwiches at the local deli nearby.

This hike starts out by walking through a field of beautiful wild flowers. Once you pass through the tree line the trail steadily gets steeper and steeper. Once you get to the second viewpoint and take in the scenery the hike levels out but doesn’t really lead to anything

We hike this one quite a bit. Its got a steep section near the beginning that is a good work out and the view from the top is decent. There are a couple spots where it's not completely clear where to go, but nothing too bad and overall its not too hard to find your way.

Not much of a hike.. And the quarry a butts Crooker construction so you are hearing trucks go by... not peaceful ..

Very steep trail and not the best views at the top. It was also really buggy so bring bug spray if the bugs bother you. No dogs allowed for some reason. I did this hike with a 3 year old who has done many hikes and would rate it as hard for such a little person. The footing was also difficult do to the rocks and leaves making everything feel loose.

7 months ago

Nice, easy trail with pretty pond view

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