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1 day ago

Trail is good. It gets handsy when you start climbing around the mountain. Lots of opportunity to go to sub peaks without wasting much time. There was a little bit of snow but not much. Views are awesome! Great weather!

2 days ago

Nice day out there! Made it to the ridge, super windy. The trail is manly dry but some snow/ice patches, i recommend spike & pole!

Would do it again repeatedly.

6 days ago

Trail is clearly marked and packed down. Micro spikes and poles recommend. Absolutely amazing views all around, definitely recommend doing this one

Great hike! Went on Saturday. Snow is pretty deep when you get close to Lilian lake. Make sure to bank on an extra 45 minutes compared to what you would normally hike it in. Great weather though - all in all a solid 4 hours in total. We used winter hiking boots and that’s it - no poles and no snowshoes

7 days ago

We hiked Tamnuska loop today (January 13, 2019). Most sections were dry. However, spikes are needed to reach its summit.

7 days ago

Completed the trail yesterday on a perfect sunny Saturday. Tons of snow all the way up and we lost our way several times because very few people had done the trail since the last snowfall, but we were able to manage, even over the boulder field. The views though were worth the slog through the snow! We did eventually turn back just short of the peak because our boots and socks were completely drenched from the sometimes knee-deep snow (may want to bring snowshoes, although would be extremely cumbersome through a lot of the trail). We will definitely have to do it again in the summer!

Did this hike today on January 12th. There was quite a bit of snow on the trail, but it was still fairly easy to follow. The deep loose snow near the top slowed us down a bit, but it was still doable! Definitely a fun hike with beautiful views at the top. Took us about 4.5 hours, not going at a particularly fast pace.

So I stopped my phone at door jam for a quick break and forgot to start it again lol.... the pics show us at the summit of Loder! Great quick hike very little snow just a bit in the trees, it is def moderate as easy scramble with great holds required. There is a bit of exposure today sucked due to high winds but nothing crazy. The summit push is actually pretty mild just walking up a bit of scree.....
if you are expecting a nice hike it will be hard expect nice scramble and follow the spine of the ridge up.

My favorite hike! Push yourself to get to the top! I was nervous about doing the switchback at the end because it looked steep with loose stones but I went up anyway and the views were incredible, so happy I did.

13 days ago

Wow... We had a pretty unforgettable experience on this trail! We did it during May--it was hot and sweaty at the bottom, and we were literally waist deep in snow about two hours later. Then on the way down it rained for an hour. So I guess pack some layers! We didn't have crampons or poles or anything, so we had to turn back unfortunately. Loved the trail, highly recommend it, definitely challenging and for experienced hikers. I can't wait to come back and do it right someday!

Several cars were broken into at the trailhead parking lot today.

Have been hiking this for 20yrs, but this was the first time with snow and ice. Bring spikes and decent poles, some gnarly ice latches patches on the backside. Shoulder and front side were pretty clear, unfortunately very little scree left these days...

I went to there on Jan. 5. Thin snow at downhill, thick snow on top trail. Bring your spike please.

Bryce, good to know you made to the top. It was windy up there. I will be back and do the ridge walk in summer.

18 days ago

Went up to Lillian Lake last weekend and trail was all good, didn't need snowshoes until maybe 3 minutes before we got to the lake, I'm sure with a little more time there will be enough snow to pull them out earlier. Didn't get to see too much, it got pretty white out but I'm sure its gorgeous! With a little more time we might have made it up to Galatea. Trip for another time but definitely worth it!

on Mount Baldy Trail

19 days ago

Hiked this trail on December 30, 2018 as my last hike in 2018. The trail was clear and almost snow free in most sections. You will get a great view when you reach the North Peak as it is the first high peak along the Kananaskis Road (east side). It has little bit scrambling. We hiked up in about 2 hours and came back in less than 1.5 hours. If you plan to register at the peak, please have a new registry paper as the old one is full!

Did this hike on New Years Day, 2019. Weather -2, windy on the ridge and very cold at the top. This is our first ever mountain climb and we found it quite difficult, highly recommend poles down. Slippery conditions throughout the trail otherwise dust and dirt covered with packed snow patches throughout. We over packed by a long shot, unless you're staying at the top overnight pack light. Absolutely loved it and will be back, the views are worth the pain.

21 days ago

This was definitely a unique hiking trip. We did this trip at the end of December 2018 on a Chinook day. The wind forecast was 135km/h for Opal Ridge for that day. The time we climbed it, Environment Canada reported 165km/h max gusts on Nakiska Ridgetop. It was definitely a windy climb, many times brutal wind lasted for about 1-2 minutes, then lightened again. You just brace yourself for that time, and once it's gone, keep going. Reaching the top in this weather made it even more satisfying. We loved it! The climb itself was steep but was manageable with crampons. It's definitely a "must do" trail.

23 days ago

Have finished Baldy a few times, but recently completed the scramble to the north summit on December 24. Trail was in excellent condition, very little snow. There are areas you can bypass the scrambling and continue up scree, but continuing along the ridge is more enjoyable. The scramble entails a short, not steep downclimb with good holds and some exposure. Shortly after, before reaching the summit, you will encounter a gendarme (the crux of the route). It is right after the rock bench. You can bypass this to the right, but if you are a semi-confident scrambler or climber it shouldn't be a problem. There is some exposure so always double check holds as a fall here would be problematic. Once past this, the final path to the summit involves some routefinding. After trying a few different ways up, I found scrambling up the north side of the final summit approach was best, as there are some fun slabs to climb up and the rock seems to be more secure. Unless continuing to the south summit, go back the same way (however, doing this solo I would not recommend downclimbing the crux given that the rock may be unstable).

Completed this trail on Dec 19/2018. Navigating the boulder field in the snow was definitely the most challenging part. With all of the rocks covered in a layer of snow, very hard to tell where to step so progress was slow. I wish I read the other reviews prior to leaving, then we would have known to stay right.

Once we made it past the boulder field, the rest was fairly easy. Staying on trail was a touch challenging due to the fresh snow and no clear trail, but we found our way to the top.

The trail wasn’t icy, just covered with loose snow. However microspikes are still necessary for this time of year.

I am making this specific review 3/5 only because the trail is absolutely NOT for dogs. When I am looking for hikes that are dog friendly, I am under the assumption they can complete the trail. It is 110% not for dogs. It was challenging to get to the chains and then when I realized we definitely weren’t getting across that.. the challenging high turned to pissed off. Getting us back down the way we came was stressful and dangerous for both of us.
Also, the entire trail once you are out of the trees is so poorly marked that unless you know where you are going or following footprints, you would get lost.
I am pretty disappointed with this hike because of those two issues.
Bring poles and microspikes.
My next review may be better when I don’t have my girl - if I decide to try this hike again.

Amazing hike...loved the Scree...

the direct route is in the trees most of the way and steep. the Northwest is definitely the way to go.

Fantastic hike. Very quick to reach the summit, but very steep along the way. Not too much snow in the way, but very windy near the top. Would highly recommend if you want a great view without needing to set aside a full day for hiking.

on Opal Ridge

1 month ago

Good hike for winter and summer. We did on early December 2018 and had no issue reaching the top point (ridge). Better to have spikes. It is windy and wind jacket is recommended.

We did this hike last week (Saturday December 15, 2018). The trail was mostly dry with little snow patches. I recommend having spikes but you may manage going without spikes. Windy at top, so have wind jacket. We did this hike quick in 3 hours and 20 min.

Wear good hiking shoes and bring poles if you're planning on going up on the ridge. I hiked this back in September when it was raining/snowing. I tried to make it up on the ridge, but it was way too slippery and dangerous without poles. Rawson Lake is beautiful though so it was still worth the hike.

Was up there on December 16th. Everything was in good condition. Only went as far as Lillian Lake. Spikes were definitely an asset. Snow shoes not required up to that point.

Amazing hike would not recommend for beginners.

I looked at this hike through a gender lens, and even after considering the impacts of male construction workers on rural communities I went ahead with it. Completed this hike the weekend of Dec 15, it was very windy and cold at the top. The views are spectacular and the hike is a grind almost the entire way up. Most of it is in the trees which provides some relief from the wind. There was very little snow, poles are recommended as are micro spikes. 4 hrs with several stops.

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