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Loved this trail. Unfortunately it burned in sept of 2018. who knows when someone will go and replace all the wood bridges. Even if they did it will be a very sad sight for a while.

I found it to to be a good amount of challenge with great views as the pay off. Took a little over 4 hours round trip but I have not done much hiking this year so I’m not in the best shape. We went at about 8:30 and the bugs were not bad at all. It’s really nice that there are places to sit and rest once you get to the falls. Great views of the city as well. My garmen showed about 5,5 miles to lower falls.

Easy hike and so beautiful!

The trail leading up is extreme, it inclined so fast and steep. There is a lot of rocks and things you need to climb over. It’s beautiful, pace yourself and you should be good.

This hike never disappoints. Beautiful fall colors this time of year.

my 2-year-old nephew made it up the mile to the falls almost by himself. super easy and loved it. he slept the entire way down. beautiful trail all the way. the leaves are starting to change color right now. I was there a week ago, and it's a nice touch. the trail is paved all the way until a small dirt trail leading to the falls. great for kids, and great for a short escape!!!

This hike is deceiving, if you want to see a waterfall you have to go up an extra .7 ass kicking climb beyond the 2.2 miles in the app description. The app map has you going all that way so there measurement of miles is incorrect. At 2.2 there was a nice stream but nothing I would call a waterfall, may just be time of year as the water levels are low. We were happy we did it, but may have thought twice if we had a correct map or started earlier.

Beautiful hike. Not much water this time of year. Want to do this in the spring.

This wasn’t a bad hike. It’s definitely not kid friendly so I wouldn’t take your little ones. If you don’t read the description make sure to follow your map. It is easy to get confused. I enjoyed it but won’t do it again..

first time hiking this trail. wow, 70 foot drops on sandy unstable slopes. rock walls. had to turn around, sketchy!

beautiful and worth the effort. Last leg is an ass kicker very satisfying!

The hike was great. It was busier than I expected based on other reviewers not seeing anyone. I wish people would follow leash rules for their dogs, though. We met 2 people who had 3 large dogs all off leash. Not only does this make me uncomfortable, but it also can damage the environment. The dogs were going in and out of the creek where there were beaver dams built up, not to mention the fragile moss and small flowers at creekside.

did not expect as a challenging trail but surprisingly amazing place...very relaxing. for sure I'm gonna bring my family next time for new adventure.

This was a very awkward hike. Kind of confusing on which trail to follow the further up you go. Trail isn’t well maintained, and is very dangerous in some parts. A lot of wasps on the trail where the trail is wet from the creek. Wasn’t all that scenic either. Only pro I can think of is you get a workout from it and it’s shaded. Won’t be doing this trail again.

The waterfall is beautiful and worth the trip.

Great views! Steep in portions, but still worth it.

good hike, there is definitely a lot of stair climbing feel mentality to it getting up to the falls and then going up and Beyond to the Upper Falls just be prepared I'ts totally doable as long as you take your time and take plenty of breaks

Beautiful views and nice waterfalls, just the right hike for beginners.

This is a nice trail for a hot day as the temperature in the canyon is much cooler and the trail is almost completely shaded. Be aware that the drive up is a bit precarious! However, we made it just fine in my Ford Focus. Once snow hits I imagine this is inaccessible wo 4WD.

The trail follows the creek, the “swing” is about 1.1 miles into the hike. The trail can be really packed to that point, but was fairly empty past it. A lot of ppl seem to turn back at that point. As other mentioned, the trail does just “end” near the waterfall at the top. We hiked early in the morning when cooler, but as it warmed on our way down, the bees came out in full force! Something to be aware of if you have little kids, pets with you. At least during the end of summer. Nice hike with the dog bc tons of water access. Round trip about 5 miles in about 2.5hrs. I would definitely visit again

Good, simple hike. I followed the All Trails map and did the first turn off to go see Bridal Veils fall (be carefull, steep and loose rock) which was awesome to see. Then the pup and I got back on the trail towards Upper falls. The trail is all cement until you reach the trail head for both waterfalls. The Upper Falls trailhead will have a cement structure with graffiti on it, like other pictures have shown. The trail alone was nice. Slightly steep (by no means bad at all) and some loose rock, but worth the short hike straight up to the falls. Made for a great and simple morning hike. Like in my other reviews for other hikes, I got there early t avoid people (I was there around 7:45am or so) and by the time I got back to my truck the lot was packed and people everywhere.

15 days ago

Short and sweet! I wouldn’t rate this hard at all, there were plenty of young children and families coming and going. Beautiful walk and beautiful falls. We love this!

Beautiful views with lots of shade. Next time I would like to stop by the lake/reservoir. It was difficult going to the waterfall- all uphill- but worth it.

This was a nice hike. Great views of the valley and lovely waterfall. Most of it was easy, but the last half mile was extremely difficult - steep with lots of rocks to traverse. My legs were definitely burning.

I've done this in the summer and winter. Beautiful every time.

Short but fun!

Beautiful falls. Not much run but still beautiful.
The first mile and half has no shade but rest of the hike is shaded because of all the tall trees. Lots of greenery as u go up. We started at 630 am to beat the heat.
Will do it at again next year in spring to check out the falls.

Really gorges place!!

19 days ago

This is a easy but beautiful 2.2 mile up & back trail The sound of the stream is always heard and for 90% of the hike you can see it. The most difficult is the beginning section that had a 30 degree down slope and the same up slope at the end. This section is only about 30 yards and can be slippery. The trail is narrow but well maintained gained with a few clearings to rest and take in the great views all around. The trail is 95%-98% in the shade this time of year. Getting to the parking area is well described in the app. Will do it again with additional guests.

great hike! loved it.. beautifully scenic.. and the waterfall is sooo pretty!

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