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The trail itself is beautiful right now. Lots of shade and wildflowers. It is a steady incline the whole way to the falls, but is very manageable. The falls themselves were a bit disappointing due to the lack of snowpack from this past winter. Like others have mentioned take timpanooke trail and stay right at the fork with the log. From there it’s a few gradual switchbacks to the falls. Word of caution, getting to the actual falls requires you to do a little bit of climbing up some rocky area ensnared with tree roots and the falls themselves are on a somewhat sheer cliff face.

Very pretty, fun little hike it can be crowded though.

Great trail that stays in shade and cover

Once you get past the lake, the trail is much more fun and the waterfall and surrounding canyon walls are stunning. I wouldn't rate this as difficult especially compared to Mt Olympus..

Worthy of a visit. It's a very simple, well-worn trail to follow and there are some nice views at the falls. You won't be disappointed

I went about a month ago and my mom's friend tore a ligament plus the hike is not moderate at all it is really hard.

the falls had little to no water and the trail wasn't well posted. have to be careful you don't continue on the timp trail.

2 days ago

The trail on its own is a great introduction for inexperienced hikers. My 5 year old son could accomplish the trail without needing any assistance or requiring a break. It has a few log bridges that cross the waterfall's stream that kids enjoy. The stream's size fluctuates depending on the run-off, but I have never seen it go above ankle deep.

This trail seems to attract a big crowd. plan accordingly around peak times or you maybe disappointed.

Beautiful but the graffiti was disappointing on the boulders near the falls...

This trail is a strenuous one. It’s nearly a mile from the parking lot to the trailhead, so plan accordingly. The temps were right around 100 in early July, so bring plenty of water. Steep steps and large rocks are prevalent for much of the hike, but the waterfall is a beautiful destination. The upper portion is even steeper than the lower, but it’s worth the wobbly legs you’ll have at the end of the hike!

3 days ago

The easiest hike I’ve done it is short and so pretty with all the pine trees around. The water fall is small but a really nice place to go . I recommend it to go really early in the morning so you can enjoy the place to yourself.

Beautiful views along the whole trail! We went on the 4th of July and it wasn’t crowded at all! The first half is pretty steep, bring enough water on a hot day! Also if you want to get down in the falls, you’ll have to climb so rocks/in some water but it was so worth it!

4 days ago

We loved this hike! While the HOARDS of people in the parking lot were headed toward Stewart Falls, we took the trail to Timpanogas Falls and had the place to ourselves. We had 8 kids with us (15, 14, 12, 12, 11, 10, 8, and 7), and while two of them complained a bit about the heat on the way up (it was 75 degrees but very sunny and felt hotter than that at 9:40am), everyone handled the trail great. The trail did have some nice shady spots to rest. There was stinging nettle on the final descent to the Falls and several of us got stung, but it wasn’t anything the icy water couldn’t fix. We had a great time climbing around the falls and having a nice snack. My sister brought her dog on a leash, and he had a fabulous time. No other signs of doggies on the trail. I wasn’t expecting the falls to be so pretty and majestic (compared to other waterfalls we hiked to—except for Stewart Falls, of course). Wonderful, secluded place with incredible views!

South trail was nice and fairly comfortable to get out of the 102 degree weather. There is a lot of wasps on the trail and a few snakes. was a bit disappointed in the falls but I'd still do this trail again as it was shaded a lot be and it follows the creek the whole way so no problem with a water source.

Beautiful trail! The lake is gorgeous. Highly recommend.

beautiful, shaded, and not too long. I was able to get up to the falls after work in the evening and race the sunset back down the mountain in just a couple of hours. gorgeous views and it was too crowded on a Friday night.

Amazing trail! Pretty easy until the last part to the falls. I did see a mountain lion on the trail a while back. Probably not there anymore and very unlikely to see one, but be cautious!

Only hiked up to the base of the first waterfall. Don't have any experience rock climbing or scrambling so I didn't even consider trying to get to the upper falls. If I ever learn I will go back and attempt the full hike. If you want a short, shady hike with a waterfall then try this one and just go to the base of the first waterfall. It was pretty nice just sitting on the big rocks at the falls. If you want some more hiking you can go across the road too and hike around..... pretty nice river down there.

Very nice hike with great views over the city for the first part. Definitely worth going all the way to the falls! The trail isn’t perfectly marked, but it not difficult to follow.

This trail is rated at a hard but we did this on July 4th and it was relatively easy until you got to the last half mile. The last half mile is kind of steep but the water fall at the end is totally worth it.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful, family-friendly while still being a bit of a challenge. Beautiful falls at the end. Can get crowded, but if you go early it's just you and the wilderness! Watch for wild life; I saw a mother moose and 2 calves with her!

The trail is beautiful. It is difficult but the waterfalls are awsome. Really enjoyed this beautiful trail. Should take plenty of water as during hiking you will not find drinking water.

My family and I (husband, 4 year old and two dogs) took the south trail today from the trailhead to the top of the waterfall. My Apple Watch put us at over 5 miles and it took us over 4 hours, with breaks in the water for the dogs and a break at the top for some snacks. It wasn’t a bad hike although there were some areas that worried me a bit with my 4 year old (drops straight down with one minor slip). Some parts of the trail seemed pretty overgrown too and we were walking basically straight through plants. We had fun at the rope swing which is right next to the water so great place for the dogs to cool off too. Mostly shaded with a few areas of sun. Much hotter on our way up than on the way down. All in all it was a good hike for all of us. The dogs did great and so did our 4 year old for it being his second hike. You will come out dirty as it is fairly dusty and some areas are must. My husband had an awesome “tan” on his legs from all the dirt and our son’s face was covered in dirt

This is always one of my favorite go to hikes. It is always a killer after the long lazy winter but always worth it.

Great hike. Read previous reviews to follow the 7.7 mike hike and to stay right at the log so it worked out well! Lots of shade. Great for dogs. Proved to be a good workout!

This trail kicked my butt since I haven’t been hiking in a long time, but I loved it! Hard, but will be easier next time ;) waterfall was beautiful and very refreshing

10 days ago

Overcrowded and unsafe.

It was packed with people and little kids. Someone above the grotto dislodged a bolder that came crashing down into the area below. It was a miracle no one was killed or seriously injured. It was a hot day so everyone was in the shade around the edges around the edge of the grotto. If a kid was in the sun or crossing from one side to the other they could have easily been crushed.

My sister in law's ankle was hit by rock fragments. We did some quick first aid, packed up and left.

There are dozens of other great hikes in Payson Canyon. If you do go to the grotto, I would suggest avoiding crowded Saturdays during peak summer. In any case, keep your kids close and be hyper aware of who and what's above you.

10 days ago

Great trail!

11 days ago

We found this fall to be very beautiful and peaceful. Up to the fall I would rate it Moderate. There are some steep areas, and it is a lot of rocks you have to climb. I was able to do the hike by myself with a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I would reccomend this hike.

Two words: Bug Spray! There were also a ton of flies. But despite that, this hike was incredible! My 5 & 3 year old did so well and loved every second! We hiked on July 6, and it didn’t feel too hot since it was shaded 80% of the trial. The water is amazing and the greenery is so lush! I’ve never seen anything like it. We live 1.5 hours away from this trail and we will be going again for sure!!!

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