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Unreal views! Accidentally took the Mount Morgan trail instead of the initial loop we noticed on the map for this hike...ended up doing a total of 5.5 miles with the 4th mile being the toughest uphill ! Yellow path was a good workout for sure.

Great hike took about 3.5 hours round trip...we did stop at the top for some time enjoying the views. I would definitely recommend going to mount Morgan first and come down Percival so you can go up the ladders rather than down. Going down was a challenge.

Wow!! Highly recommended!! You should know a few things before tackling this one...

1.) the Loop is 4.4 miles. It took us 5 hours with stopping several times and eating lunch at one of the peaks.

2.) this was moderate and sometimes difficult; scaling rocks, climbing down steep ledges, very steep inclines

3.) gorgeous, breathtaking views almost the entire loop

4.) not for those who are afraid of heights or afraid or unable to climb up or down steep inclines. The way down Welch can be difficult on the knees.

5.) START AT DICKEY and end with Welch. Go to the right at the trailhead sign, not straight, and that will bring you to Dickey Mountain first which is essentially going counterclockwise. This recommendation was included in someone’s review on AllTrails and it was a great suggestion!! The other way could be dangerous.

perfectly moderate with a few rock scrambles - ~3 hours
go counter-clockwise to avoid steep descents on rock faces.

Solid hike with great views at the end.

if you are looking for a hike to get a medium workout and excellent view under 3 hours (time to relax at top for a while) this is the one. I am 60, don't do elevations any more. well worth a little heavy breathing as you're climbing from the top of the notch and looking down into the bottom off cliffs on east side.

The other recent reviews are spot on! Steady incline, approximately two hours, easy side of moderate, gorgeous views at the top. Going down was a bit trickier because of the loose rocks so I’d recommend taking it slower and watching your footing. Took one hour to get to the top and about the same to get down. Park in the railroad station parking lot and behind the station is a sign that says P85...that’s the entrance.

Great views for a good portion of the trail. Compared to most trails in New England, this trail offers a longer section out of the forest with good views. We hiked on Labour Day weekend, and the trail was packed.

Great trail. Got to the trailhead at 9am - it wasn't too busy, but I still had company on the trail the whole time. Made for great conversation. Views were amazing. Went counterclockwise, as others recommended.

You do have to pay $5 for parking at the trailhead. There may or may not be trail stewards present, but they don't have a cash box, so be sure to have money ready.

A quick hike with an amazing view of the White Mountains! Well worth the time!

9 days ago

Amazing views all around. A lot of steps and some moderately steep parts.
Well worth it. Go early and during the week for less crowds.

This trail was really beautiful. We stopped many times to admire the surroundings. I see what people mean by starting counter clockwise. There was a lot of climbing smooth, steep rock that would have been very scary going down on. It did start raining while we were coming down. This made things slippery, so use caution if you’re ascending in these conditions. We didn’t have much of a view because it was so foggy but will definitely have to try this again on a clear day.

Excellent loop hike, but heed all the warnings regarding going counterclockwise, and do not go at all if it is wet. The views are excellent- I especially like looking back at Welsh to see what you accomplished.

Serious bang for your buck on this one. It's difficult for a "moderate" hike - don't underestimate, and listen when they say to go counterclockwise (take a right at the first fork), and you'll be fine. Took a little under 4 hours and we stopped to admire the views quite a few times, and for a while. We got there a little after 08:00 and had the mountain pretty much to ourselves.

12 days ago

Most bang for your buck short hike in the white mountain region. Fairly easy, but steep hike. Took about 2 hours in total, including about 20 min break at the top to take in the spectacular views. This one is a must do!

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12 days ago

Beautiful view! I can really recommend this one when trying to get an amazing look on the White mountains and New Hampshire. There is a 360° view point at the top. Definitely go counterclockwise otherwise not very fun. And don't recommend it when it's raining since it can get slippery very easy. Loved that trip!

12 days ago

Amazing 360 degree view from summit. Steep climbs at times. Finished in 4.5 hrs. Great views on bugles cliff half way up mountain. Very tough rock climbing right before the summit.

13 days ago

Absolutely loved this one. Hike was enjoyable. Summit offers amazing views. I’m not sure if I would say hard. Maybe in between hard and moderate. Very highly recommend!!

13 days ago

Great view easier hike. Can be up and down in 2 hrs.

Hike was fairly easy for the great views at the end. Very populated and hard to find a spot to get a minute alone to enjoy the views quietly but the views are definitely incredible!

15 days ago

Definitely the best “bang for the buck” hikes in the Whites. Short and easy, with stunning views of Crawford Notch. Bring your lunch - you’ll want to spend some quality time here.

Great Hike with our 2 dogs....all sorts of terrain, beautiful fields covered with wild flowers and lots and lots of Monarch Butterflies, wooded paths, woods, sunny paths, water along the way, easy to moderate hike....Not overly crowded, some campers, others with dogs / Enjoyable location/hike….we found that it was easy and great for the dogs plenty of areas for safe off leash.

Definitely on the difficult side of "moderate", but it doesn't have the length or elevation gain to actually be considered "difficult". It did have very steep granite slabs and scrambles, though. Those were some of my favorite parts, though! If there is even a tiny hint of rain, I would not suggest this trail - you need all the grip you can get. On a sunny day, I would absolutely agree this trail has great "bang for the buck" as I'd read somewhere. A lot of views the entire way up and down, and 2 peaks. Great to look back at Welch from Dickey.

This was an absolutely beautiful hike however I would rate it as a very strenuous, challenging moderate. Many foot obstacles, rocks, tree roots, boulders. Some rock scrambles, big steps and short butt sliding if you’re short like me. I can absolutely see why it would be dangerous in wet or inclement weather and suggest people heed that warning. It’s very open and don’t forget your sunblock!
On this day it was very hot and I did not think this hike would be this challenging, giving it a 3. Were this rated as hard, I’d give it a 4. I wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been had I understood how challenging it would be. For my partner and I this hike took 5 hours. I didn’t anticipate that it would take us that long but due to the heat we stopped in the shade several times and went back for dropped items.

17 days ago

This is a great hike with the reward of a spectacular view at the top!! Moderately challenging, roots and rocks—typical New England mountain hike

Great moderate hike with a postcard perfect views. Easy parking at Crawford Depot. Trail is a steady climb with only minor obstacles. Family friendly too. First 2/3 of hike is a steady climb and last 1/3 levels off before the top. Take a peek the natural pool about 1/4 of the way up.

18 days ago

Tough, but worthwhile hike. Fairly easy ascent up until Bulge Cliff, but scrambles become steeper and more frequent soon after. Be prepared to scale some rock on the final push to the summit.

Great place for hiking. Some segments of the trail are hard, but having good views, especially the place before the first top, where huge rocky routine is located. Strongly recommend to hike during the fall foliage season, because of the astonishing red view of the mountains.

this trail is gorgeous! it was definitely tough, I feel on the very high end of moderate. (which we weren't entirely prepared for) the summit was very much worth the work to climb this steep mountain! We will be back, when we're better prepared for trails on this end of the moderate spectrum.

19 days ago

The holy grail of kid AND pet friendly. We took my 5 year old niece on this trail for her first hike EVER. She did great and there is a wide rock ledge to enjoy a picnic lunch up at the top. Many many dogs. Our dog gets really excited and wants to play with other puppies, so watch out for people who do not keep their dogs on leash! This wasn't a problem for us until we got to the top and then a friendly pup came barreling right through our lunch! HAHA! Stay alert out there! Great view for very little effort.

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