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Awesome views. Great way to take in Yosemite Valley.

Fresh snow made the trail a little hard to follow in the beginning but once we found our way there wasn’t any issue.

Did the hike in regular waterproof hiking boots. Probably should have used snow shoes.

An easy, local trail; perfect for when you want to get out of the house, but dont want to travel far. There can be lots of traffic depending on the day, but for the most part, easy and chill.

Easy and fun for the whole family. Beautiful view of the river from the bridge..

20 days ago

Beautiful trail up to a granite dome with 360 views. A little different than any of the other trails we did at Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Not too steep. Well maintained trail. We were the only people on the trail in late November.

on Buena Vista Trail

21 days ago

Great Panoramic view point looking over the mountains. Also amazing spot for sunset, we had the pinkest sunset at this point. We lost the trail on the way up but if you follow all trails route you will be fine. But alternatively if you want to get up to the top quicker you can just simply climb up, which wasn’t too difficult. Small car park but we went at the start of November so was quite and space. Also no toilets at trail head.

Beautiful trail in the fall, the leaves are falling, crisp air and deer sighting. Relatively easy on both paths, small incline of stone steps but it can be done. Good hike for all ages.

Always a good trail, family friendly, fantastic perspective of Half Dome.

Great hike! Easy not bad at all. Bridge is very beautiful! Only bad thing.... too much poo from every kind of animal on the trail.

Beautiful morning walk with two bear sightings, both with one cub. Easy trail and only one bottle of water required. We walked from the Upper Pines Campground. Mostly shaded but some sun to warm us as we came back the loop trail.
Highly recommend.

Great for all levels, great hike anytime of year. I’ve hiked a few times alone with my puppers just for a good workout... My not so active pre-teen who would rather be playing video games enjoyed himself as well. Lots of great quiet spots to just enjoy the views. Fun bridge and not too many people.

I always start my trips to Yosemite with this hike, and it’s the perfect warmup to more strenuous ones in the park. When you first arrive at the trailhead, it splits - I recommend taking the dirt path instead of following the road, which is more for the bikers and strollers. This trail is relatively easy and flat. The views once you reach the lake area are gorgeous (and even more stunning in the winter). Most of the crowds stop there, but I like doing the full loop. There are restrooms available too. There’s also plenty of wildlife that still passes through here despite the crowds (including bears and bobcats).

We had a great day today! We hiked the trail up and back with our small dog. The grade is easy enough yet a challenge for us unaccustomed to hiking. It’s a pretty trail to begin with, tall yellow-brown grass and oak trees scattering the landscape. You go through two gates on your way. There are plenty of cow pies and fox droppings on the trail. There’s no large rocks in the trail. You can hear the rushing of the water as you near the bridge. The view of and from the bridge is definitely worth the hike! We went in mid October.

A nice walk that is somewhat on an incline. There was no water in the lake so it was strange to stand in the middle of where the lake should have been but it was still very scenic

Good hike. Took approximately 30 minutes to the bridge crossing the river and approximately 30 minutes back. Lots of elevation changes but nothing strenuous. This is a good hike for spring, fall and winter time. We will be back as trail continues to other trails of moderate to hard rating. Views of the river and gorge are beautiful. This is on BLM land and a $5 dollar fee for day use is required. It is self pay. Dogs are allowed on a leash. Bathrooms and water at trailhead. Enjoy!

Very dry foliage, this is in October. Nice workout. We’ll be back!

This was a nice easy hike with a beautiful destination. Nice views from the bridge. We brought our dog (on a leash of course) and cleaned up after him. The people on their 5 horses left a lot of poop on the trail that we had to dodge. I wish there was a separate trail for horses. We will do one of the longer hikes next time.

Beautiful hike in the valley. We were there mid October, so the leaves were changing. The only problem was that there wasn't really any water due to mix of drought and time of year. It's great being in the valley tho. Mirror Lake was dried up, so we got to stand right in the middle of the valley and have a good view of the cliffs around and spend some time in the literal shadow of the Half Dome.

Right off we see a large bear with a deer going the opposite direction. Some insects, easy short walk.

2 months ago

Beautiful, obviously, but obscenely busy.

Really nice spot for a picnic, super easy walk that's beginner accessible. just maybe not on a super hot day cusbtheres a long stretch with zero shade.

Beautiful trail in the gorge by the river. No wildlife sitings, but fun nonetheless!

Loved our hike! Perfect temperature and not too busy. Clearly marked and very easy hike. Huge issue with mosquitoes and flies at the trailhead and continued along the hike

3 months ago

Great short hike. Little elevation. Saw three rattle snakes by the boardwalk in Zumwalt Meadows.

Roaring River Falls in Late August does not have a lot of water but still pretty during Golden hour.

A pleasant little hike that gets very busy later in the day (like everywhere else in the valley), so an early start is highly recommended. Nice views of the North Dome with the Mirror Lakes and some pleasant meadows along the way.

3 months ago

Such a easy, short trail that had great views at the end. Saw a flock of quails running across the path. We had the trail all to ourselves but we started around 8am. We were glad to do this hike early in the morning since this is not a lot of shade available. Truly enjoyed the views from Buena Vista Peak. 8/19/2018

Very easy and beautiful hike! Great views from the meadows up at the canyon. I hiked in the meadow and did some scrambling on the big rocks above the river. Would definitely go back again!

Nice 50 min walk (with kids) to Mark Twain and other stumps :-)

This place is beautiful and peaceful! It starts off at a waterfall. Looks a little to dangerous to get in. There are lots of nats and mosquitos since you’re walking along a pretty little river but, my bug spray from Walmart worked just fine. I fell in love with the meadow , there’s a wood walkway that takes you through it. We recorded 6.8 miles because we walked the whole thing and went around a extra loop at the end(by accident). My son is 9, it was his first hike and he did very well! This place is definitely a must see. (Also someone stole my go-pro from the bridge please return it

Such a beautiful hike surrounded by towering granite walls and the sound of the river accompanying us along the way. Very easy walk although we recorded 4.9 miles and 387 ft of elevation. A minor negative were the gnats that seemed immune to bug spray. Highly recommend this hike that all fitness levels can enjoy. 8/4/2018

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