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1 month ago

Nice trail with some nice views for it only being 10 minutes from my house. Initial incline is a good challenge but once you are at the top it’s flat and easy. Good workout

1 month ago

This was a quick hike close to the city. Very steep initial hike, then it flattens out a bit. Arrived around 9am and the parking lot wasn’t full yet. Views were ok for an urban sort of hike.

Great view and well maintained trails. But there were groups of rude mountain bikers, which is unusual. Most mountain bikers in other trails have been so nice and courteous. Trail is narrow, and they rode without slowing down. one after another. We had to climb up side of the narrow trail so that they would not hit us.
It was a beautiful sunny yet cool day. I noticed my dog was seeking for shady areas constantly. And I got the worst sun poisoning when we got home. Do not forget bringing a lot of water!

Awesome views. Look out for snakes.

Great! New favorite.

Just did this hike today! For the next few weeks, please BEWARE. I saw a mountain lion about 2.4 Miles into my hike (the lookout point shortly after you see red rocks). Lions are always out there, but just be careful.

2 months ago

Nearest to Lakewood folks, as long as you manage the initial incline the views from top are amazing. Lots of flowers around and peaceful.

Well marked loop with great views!

2 months ago

The main trail up is wide open flat gravel and it’s quick change in elevation that’ll get your heart pumping. Up top is pretty cool flat open landscape with Denver to the east and foothills west and boulder flatirons north in a pretty cool location for table mountain. Lichen peak is a quick and cool detour off main loop that goes down close to the trailhead side and gets you back easy.

Pretty views and wildflowers. The beginning is the longest stretch of incline. Housing along the beginning of the trail also because it’s right in Golden. You can see Denver in the distance at the top

Great trail. A lot of just up or down, very little consistant walking. Easy walk but a lot of incline. This was a first hike of the season and had new hikers from out of town. Definitely easy but more aerobic for those who are more out of shape.

Great trail for a mid week hike, lots of friendly and considerate fellow folks.

This is a favorite hike for after work, as it's close to town and is just the right length to finish before the sun goes down. Not too hard and never very busy. We had the treat of seeing some elk here last time we hiked.

Easy hike, nice views. Great when you want to squeeze a little one.

Easy hike, nice views. Great when you want to squeeze a little one.

Great easy hike though there’s quite a bit of mountain bikers. Keep your eyes up!

Nice and easy trail with gorgeous views.

6 months ago

Good easy stroll. Parking lot full and many people, dogs and bikes on trails all around. Good view and vistas.

Great hike! Steady incline and a bit rocky. The peak is beautiful to lookout at. Don’t forget cash for parking $7. Also, we found a tick headed home so remember to check yourselves!

7 months ago

Got this trail done along with Bergen Peak Trail, total of 10 miles

Led a meetup group around this trail 1/13/18. Really great trail for most beginners because of its moderate incline and relatively short distance.
It's been a warm, dry winter, and there was no snow on trail.

It's a thigh burner once you get on City lights trail. Fairly rocky so you have to watch your footing instead of the scenery. I had the summit to myself the whole time I was there and only passed a few people on the burro trail.

Great location. Trail takes you down first so the first 1.5miles coming from Sawmill Trail nice decline. Then some moderate incline the remaining mile but overall pretty easy hike. Lots of shade and wind so it was cold but no snow yet!
Love this park!

9 months ago

Very accessible trail head with ample parking, great place for a sunset (or sunrise) once you reach the table top. You could explore for as short or as long as you like once you get up top.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Beautiful area! Nice easy trail until you go past the campground and the Sawmill trail ends. We took a right on Maverick trail and it was uphill with a lot of rocks. When we got to the top of the mountain we took Belcher trail to the upper parking lot. Nice hike!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Beautiful views, saw some wildlife, easy hike for all ages!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Just one of many connecting trails at Elk Meadows. Some nice shade the further you get from the main road but not much to see.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Moderately trafficked should be changed to extremely trafficked, but 30 minutes from downtown Denver?? Not much more I could ask for in terms of convenience for a fast hike

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Monday, September 19, 2016

This place starts out nice and open, then works its way into some pretty trees and decent scenery. It was mid to high traffic, consisting of bikes,horses,dogs, and hikers. I brought my 5 1/2 year old and my 3 year old(in a backpack) and they also enjoyed it. There are a few trails here that I would like to go back and check out. It's also a good place to get kids introduced to mountain biking, just be careful with the foot traffic:) I would recommend for an easy trail with kiddos, no complaints at all, 3 stars for an enjoyable outing.

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