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This is a great hike. Started with St. S so that we could go up the boulders. Hike is ok for athletic dogs as the rocks on the back side of Acadia get challenging.

The agony lies between your adrenaline rush and the moment of the despair (especially when you accidentally looked down once), pretty scary I would say. Just be ready to use your muscles really wisely and coordinately to get yourself up when you are literally are surrounded with nothing but 2-3 iron handles in front of you.

Great view on the top!!! More of a mental game than a physical one! But worth it!!!

Absolutely amazing views! Make sure to bring lots of water and try to start on the earlier side. It's really sunny and hot during the summer time. Wouldn't suggest bringing kids on this trail.

Really fun trail. To be quite honest, there were a few parts that made me a little uneasy so if you’re truly afraid of heights or a newbie, I’d shy away from this one. The view is breathtaking though.

awesome trail. a little tougher than I had expected...was surprised to see some little children on it...

I absolutely loved this trail- going back for a second time shortly after because it was a lot of fun. Definitely need to watch your footing when climbing, with some parts being more difficult than others, but it’s worth it for the adrenaline rush and amazing views. The way up is pretty short in distance, and I chose to go down through the bowl trail rather than back down the beehive trail.

love this trail! I missed out on it the 1st time i was in Acadia since my wife does not do well with heights. This time with a little research i got her to do the bowl trail and head up the back of the beehive. I took beehive and we met 30 yrds from peak. she loved getting the views at the summit without having to do the heights. She loved her hike filled with mild scambling (with our 11 month old on her back) and I absolutely loved the beehive. i've done angels landing in zion and this is a short fun version on that. Will do multiple times everytime i return. Must do early, i only saw 8 people and we finished parking lot to parking lot in 1 hour.

very extravagant hike and unlike other ones. lots of rock climbing w amazing views.

Breathtaking views!!!

This is such an incredible hike. Definitely would not recommend for children because there were a lot of steep climbs that I can imagine would be scary. There’s ladder steps and metal bars to help you up. I went late afternoon on a Wednesday and there were only two groups with us. I can’t imagine doing this popular hike with many more people because it’s super narrow and you want to take your time. So worth it. I was skeptical about it being rated as the best hike in Acadia with it only being a short hike, but after doing a few others I definitely agree that this was the best hike!

Favorite hike in the park. After this hike you can go across the field for a cool down swim at echo lake

Fun! Not scary while you're doing it (unless you're afraid of heights, I suppose). Looks scarier in photos than it feels, because you always have something to hold on to.

Definitely a great hike, a bit scary for me but glad I did it.

We did this trail on June 23rd. I am terrified of heights, TERRIFIED! I was nauseous the entire trip after my group mentioned they wanted to do this trail. I reluctantly did this hike and was a little nervous at times, but NEVER terrified. It ended up being pretty fun and I enjoyed it. I’m so glad I did it. There’s never a part where there is a sudden drop off the side. The trail always comes back on itself below. There’s a few areas of metal rung climbing and 2 main rock scrambling areas. The first rock section is the “scariest” of the 2 in my opinion. Once you get there, you’re practically to the top. We did it in about 45 mins with time for pictures at the top. Beautiful views, however, you get the same views if you take Gorham Mtn to Beehive if you prefer to skip the “height” stuff. If you’re afraid of heights, just do it! You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment at the end.

More mentally demanding than physically demanding! If you can put aside any fears of heights, this is a fun little hike.

Great hike. Steep incline with bars along the side of the mountain. There are a ton of people on this trail so you may want to start early. We started on this trail, then went down the back side to hike Champlain as well. Highly recommend putting the two hikes together!

I’m was super nervous before and during this hike. I’m afraid of heights and this one is up there but I’m so glad I did it. What a fun hike (just don’t look down). I was very happy it was a loop. I’m not sure I could’ve worked up the nerve to go back down. This hike is a must. Beautiful view at the top. Just take your time and watch your step and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t recommend this hike for young children.

Just a ton of fun (which is the main point, right?). Not as intimidating as it looks from the parking lot. There are plenty of metal rungs and hand holds. Just good to be focused and deliberate when on a narrow cliff path (wouldn't recommend for children under 12). After descending to The Bowl, I linked up the Gorham Mountain trail and looped back around on the Ocean Path (around 4-5 hours total with lots of stops for pictures). Great survey of the different views and features of the park.


what a great hike, one of my favorites. decent challenge. Metal rungs, steep, picturesque.

One of our favorite hikes at Acadia

This trail was so much fun. I feel that it's rated as hard because it is a steep uphill and downhill climb. The iron rungs and ledges make this trail very memorable! My husband, who is afraid of heights was fine and did well on this trail! I would say it's a must do!

This hike was my favorite hike I’ve ever done. I’m scared of heights and I did fine. It’s a quick hike but you definitely need to be able to do some type of cardio and strength to pull yourself up. I would suggest that you wear pants or shorts that are stretchy. I definitely recommend this hike and don’t let your fears hold you back. I’d take the bowl trail back and stop at the lake for a dip to cool off. (Wear clothes that you can hike and swim in or that are fast drying). Best hike ever!

Fun challenge. Go early or there will be lots of bees (hikers) on the hive.

We went on July 1 which was uncharacteristically hot at Acadia. The trail was exciting although short and clearly exposed at some parts. But with a little bit of mental strength, you could make your way through to completing the first part. We had a family of 4 with 2 kids in front of us, who all made it through. On the way back, hike back through the bowl trail and take a short spur to the bowl. Very nice on a hot day and you can take a dip. Parking will be an issue on busy days.

It really is not that hard of a trail...if you are not afraid of heights. it is very fun and the views are great!

Climbed this 55 years ago and 5 or 6 times since. An adventure . Up to the top and down the bee hive. Thrilling!!!

Great hike with beautiful views! Had lunch at the Butterfly Gardens close by.

take the risk reap the reward

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