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6 hours ago

A group of 4 attempted on 12/15/18. About 3.5 miles in from the start (on top of the mtn) there are so many rhododendron trees down that it is impassible. We fought through the first 7-10 of them but were finally turned back when we came to a section that was not passable. Assumption is that storm on previous weekend took these down. Not sure who maintains, but if you know of the proper trail club, please alert.

This trail was pretty brutal and hard on the knees. I definitely recommend trekking poles. This trail seems to be a constant up and down with not much in between! That being said, it's a beautiful trail that offers some gorgeous views once you are on the ridge. The second half of it you go into a rhododendron type cove that's really beautiful and gives you some relief from the climbs. Be careful doing this after heavy rain. Some of the rocky areas are a little treacherous.

Fun hike. Rim of the gap trail gets a bit technical in parts. Trail is very well blazed but its important to pay close attention while on Rim Of The Gap (yellow), some parts are a bit iffy but I always found a blaze within 50 feet of questionable areas. All and all great trail. Would recommend to any experienced hiker.

22 days ago

A good workout.

Loved it. Overcast day, but still some beautiful patches of color even after most of the leaf fall. The bare trees revealed some pretty awesome views, and the recent rain had water flowing along most of trail. Hiked it counterclockwise to get that biggie out of the way first. But don't worry, ascent is gradual enough to warm you up before it gets vertical. And even if we hadn't been able to see distances, the sights along the way, including some substantial boulder formations, are worth the trip out there. Nice steep, lengthy uphills if that's your thing ;) Will look familiar if you're AT-friendly. Go on and do it in one day if you already know how you handle long steep ups and long steep downs. If you're just starting out, wouldn't recommend the whole thing in one clip. But good-looking back country campsites, so maybe break it in half for your first demanding overnight. Overall, a gorgeous, challenging trail. 8 hour hike, including about an hour of total breaks.

Pretty trail that’s probably amazing in spring. As mentioned, Jarrard and Slaughter trails not well marked. Therefore, I felt like Moses wandering through the desert. AT section is nice. $5 fee for parking, cash or check only.

Atlanta trails has better info on route to take and landmarks. Highly advise starting at Jarrard end and not the Slaughter end.

Easy trail. Didn’t like how there’s no proper parking spot as it is under big construction at the moment.

pretty and easy. there were some detours and walks through campsites which made it not great but trail well maintained

Nice place to come for a easy walk in the woods. Very beautiful in the fall!

Great trail , two really great views , colorful !

1 month ago

We were going to hike Flat Creek Loop, but we ran into some people that recommended Staley Gap for better views. It was a gorgeous fall day and the leaves were beautiful! We didn't do the whole hike- we did about 5 miles out and back. The hike was basically an gentle uphill climb until we reached a ridge at the top where the views were pretty looking out in both directions. We didn't meet anyone except a few bikers. Basically a walk in the woods - we usually prefer destinations, but the leaves were beautiful on November 3rd.

It was a perfect day for spending a few hours on the trail. The little bridge over the tree roots was creative.

Not fun, no views. Better hikes in the area.

This is a pretty cool hike.

GA-ME 3/4/17-7/5/17

Stunningly beautiful day and nobody is at Springer Mountain which is unusual

1 month ago

This loop is actually Jarrard Gap trail to AT to Slaughter Creek trail. The Jarrard section was poorly marked in some places. At one point, after losing the trail near an old campsite and wandering for 20 minutes, I ended up just sitting on a log and waiting until someone came down the mountain from the other direction - never would have found the trail otherwise. The AT section doesn't really have any views even though it follows the ridgeline, thanks to the tree cover. Recommend doing a spur up the AT to Blood Mountain, which has a great view and is worth the extra mile or so. The Slaughter Creek section was the prettiest, with lovely foliage and lots of picturesque creek crossings. Next time, I would choose to do Slaughter Creek out and back. My dog liked this hike and had no problems with the terrain.

A great easy trail to just jump on with nice variety. very pretty, well maintained. One of my favorite.

This trail can be started from several different points. The Alltrails map guide has you starting at the bottom of the 425 steps of the falls (which are a must see). I think you might enjoy it better if you view the falls and then drive to the upper falls parking lots. The trail is rated as moderate which I think may deserve an asterisk * verifying with or without overnight pack. I did the hike with a 36 lbs. pack that made it much more than moderate. The trail was well marked and well maintained, there was a point were I reached a fork in the trail the right trail led to the Hike Inn and the left was the AT approach trail. Looking at my app it didn't look as if the trails came out at the same spot but they do at the 3.4 miles to go sign beyond the Hike Inn, so that would have been nice to know I really wanted to walk through the Lenn Foote Inn.

truly spectacular! streams and rhododendron tunnels, followed by gorgeous ridgeline views, then back down into the valley

A very strenuous but great hike. Spectacular views at Blood Mtn. Definitely print out the map from Alltrails because it's very detailed.

Ok, view of woods mostly, not any water source until towards the end of hike near Springer.

it is a tough hike out of vogel up to slaughter gap. gets easier on duncan ridge up to the AT and then blood mountain. I missed the right turn on the way down too. this route is a great way to avoid the insanity of the Byron Reece trailhead.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Decent and fun ride for us (and I'm a beginner)! Some hills but not impossible. Good combination of lake views and woods as well.

2 months ago

Trail needs to be cleared, only made it about 1/4 mile before we had to turn around

An easy but a decent hiking trail which surrounds the lake in the Fort Yargo State Park.

This trail is a more strenuous than “moderate”. I really enjoyed it but considering the elevation and the steep climbs, many quite rocky I would err to rate this more “hard”. I took this trail and veered off to the the Len Foote Hike Inn trail, this was an 11 mi loop back to the park and well worth it as the Hike in trail was a good balance to this strenuous trail.

Amazing views! I got stung by a yellow jacket but it was no big deal. Totally worth it;)

2 months ago

I started around 7:30am and got to the top of springer mountain at about 10. The ascent to Springer is pretty rough, but well worth it. I also took the Len Foote trail back to Amicalola Falls which I’m happy I did. There is a little more to look at. Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite hikes to date.

2 months ago

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon.hike. Completed the orange and red trails without breaking a leg or twisting f an ankle. Beautiful!!

mountain biking
2 months ago

great ride. enjoyed it.

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