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Beautiful views throughout. Lots of climbing. We had a blanket of snow so it looked extra magical. Took us just under 2 hours. Great views up top.

Nice trail, clearly marked and easy to follow. you'll have to cross the chain bridge and make a right into a small parking lot with a marker for the Appalachian trail. walk back across the bridge and cross the street at the end, this is the trail head. lots of gas stations on the way on close by.

As said in other comments the first mile or so its a steep rocky climb and will definitely be a good work out so come prepared to start strong. At the top of this section there is a spring and a little structure with a visitors log and a fire pit. continue on to see a sign that indicates the north trail heading to the right. this route is easy to walk and has beautiful views and plant life. This trail Continues past some radio towers and over the lehigh tunnel then loops back around to meet the white trail again. You can follow this back to the start and get some nice downhill sections you can run if your into that, although I don't recommend doing so unless you are experienced as it is dangerous and easy to hit a rock and fall while running. There were also a bunch of woodpeckers around this section.

For a more challenging route take the white trail first to hit those inclines instead.

I would defintely have a good sturdy pair of boots, this trail is very rocky in parts with a fair amount of loose rocks.

Very nice but be careful with dog. Mine is pretty agile and coming down white trail is very rocky and steep and was extremely difficult to maneuver for him. Would rate as difficult.

Straight up and down through switchbacks. Definitely tiring on the way up, but the overlook is so worth it. Make sure to have solid footwear with ankle support for the rocky way down.

Chilly weather gave us the trail pretty much to ourselves. Some precarious icy spots-bring sticks if you have them. views along path are wonderful and the view from the top was stunning!! A new favorite hike!!

Nice, easy hike. Icy on this day though making the trail slippery in spots. We were a group of 7 ranging from 13 to 60. All found it to be an easy outing with a rewarding view. Little crowded at the top. Great starting point with water and restrooms.

as others have said we took the white Trail going up which is very Steep and requires stretching and climbing in a crawling position. He took the Blue Trail down which picks up at the very top of the mountain where things level off. Definitely a demanding Trail on the downhill as our legs started to feel like jelly. we did it in November at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Can't wait to try again in the hot weather when the breeze is definitely appreciated.

Backpacked this section last weekend. It was very rocky, muddy and there were lots of leaves on the ground which can hide some hazards and make your footing less stable. We had to detour at a water crossing which added almost a mile to our hike. This section has a couple significant inclines and declines also.

Hiked the trail blue up and the one white down. The view from the top is splendid! Overall, the trail is on the challenging side, I wouldn't rate it as moderate. Parts of the last mile coming down on the white trail are very rocky and very steep. We loved it and would definitely do it again, just didn't expect it.

Really pretty fall hike. Also relatively uncrowded even though it was a beautiful Sunday. I did the north trail, followed the AT a little ways further, and then went back to the parking lot via the south trail. I definitely wouldn't rate this as a hard hike, but the initial part was a nice little climb.

Super steep, but our group of mostly-out-of shape hikers, 2 young kids, and dog made it no problem. The only issue was all of the acorns on the descent. 2 adults and both kids took pretty bad spills. I definitely would bring walking sticks next time.

We walked counter-clockwise from the visitors center and saw the falls first, then hog rock, and then we turned south on the yellow trail before reaching thurmont. We had a 2 and 3 yr old with us and were taking our time. We recorded 5.7 mi on the yellow loop. It was a very nice hike with beautiful views and fall colors.

such a fun part of the PA AT!

very strenuous, but pleasant

Had an early morning hike and utterly enjoyed it. White up and blue down. Read my blog post for detailed accounts of each turn. It's definitely harder than moderate, at least the first mile up the white trail. The view was worth every single pain and scare. Will definitely do it again

This was a fun hike. Not sure why but I didn’t think it was too rocky as many of the reviews do mention. Great views on the way up and also at the top. Moderately steep which makes it not too difficult.

Very rocky moderate climb to the top. Views are stunning!
Make sure to go early or midweek to avoid most crowds.

had a fun day with some brisk walking around 10+miles (we did a little extra walking here and there) in around five hours!

Steep hike up to a great overlook. Fit people will fly up this thing. Average people will hurt a little but make it up fine. Unfit people can make it to the top, just take your time and take short breaks up against all the big nice boulders. Everyone can do this one, some with more effort.

I went super early, got in the park when it was still dark. Was on the trail right after sunrise... didn’t see another soul until I was halfway up and I passed this guy with trekking poles coming down (probably hiked from the other route). I got to the top and there was one young lady there who I chatted with for a bit. I stayed for a little while at the top alone even though it was cold and rain was on the way. A family with a young child about 10 got up to the top. When getting ready to leave I heard the boy say, “going back will be easy!” Well it is easier but not easy, take your time because all the rocks and downslope can lead to a twisted ankle very easily.

On the way down I ran into a few families and couples on their way up. So if you want to do the hike in solitude and have some time at the top by yourself go early!

Wonderful hike, we did take a wrong turn which made the hike longer but we really enjoyed a fantastic View at the top.

Moderate hike with pleasant panoramic views at the end. Trail was moderately trafficked, but not crowded. Elevation steepness and roots/rocks on trail make it a bit more challenging, but it should not be too challenging for anyone with hiking experience or a good fitness level.

2 months ago

I loved this trail!! My friend and I did this trail and it took us 5 hours.

Loring S.’s link to the east coast website really helped. We followed it and we got to see amazing views.

Note: there are a very few pink markers so pay extra attention when you get to this area.

rock climbing
2 months ago

Good hike for those who like to go up and down the rock scrambles. Word of advice though, make sure you head up with enough time to come down while it's still daylight. The purple trail markers, while easy enough to see going up, are very easy to miss going back down, especially if it gets dark. Two of us thought we had enough time to get down before dark, but the climb up took a bit longer than expected and we ended up taking multiple wrong turns coming down the rock scramble. Only the GPS map tracking through this app helped up find the path every time we got off it, but we were definitely creating our own paths at times and trying to do this in the dark was not a good time.
Overall, the views were good and the rock scramble fun on the way up, but not something I have a need or desire to go back to.

I have done this section of the AT twice. I find it to be the most impressive sections on the AT in Northern Pa. I have done it as part of a hike from Ashfield road to Little gap. (about 10-11 miles.) The rock scramble at the top took us over an hour to do little more than a mile. At 57, I take my time and tend to be cautious with my footing. It is challenging, but if you are in reasonable good health and reasonably good shape, it is do-able. (I know both health and shape are subjective. I use knee supports and good backpacking boots.) From the top of the climb you can see about two miles down the Lehigh River. and when you climb across the top, you can see about two miles up the Lehigh river. The view is spectacular the whole way up. I generally hike with trekking poles (non-retractable) I did have to put them on the next level up and then climb up using both my hands in a few places. The rock will disapear and it will turn into a more normal trail. The Blue trial will be on the left and it will take you down the mountain. You can't miss it. It is easier to climb up a steep climb than climb down. I would like to return to climb up the White trail (AT) and come down the Blue trail (Winter Trial) I was told that is much easier to get down that way. It returns you to the parking area at the bottom. It may be a challenge for kids under 8 or 9 years of age. If you are looking for a relatively flat dirt path in the woods, this is not it. I do think that most will enjoy it. Just as a side note. On the cover of Terry Croteau's book about her AT thru-hike, is a picture of the climb out of Lehigh Gap. When I saw the cover, I thought I recognize that. The name of the book is "Footpath My Ass!" That in it self was reason enough to buy it. lol. Good read.

The hike in this trail was amazing. We started with a warm up through the Park Headquarter / Orange Trail, then climbed up to the Wolf Rock, Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock, the view from Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock is breathtaking.

Went on a misty day and was tough but rewarding! Will definitely go back again to see the view (was obscured by fog). I highly suggest going white trail to blue trail - I always feel it’s easier to have the strenuous part first!

2 months ago

Just as promised, 3 Ridges delivered on the hardness! Excellent view on night 2, with a crazy night sky.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it...great exercise....white up, white down

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