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Nice trail, not far from homes. Good, steep ascent. Added Red Rocks trail to make for a 4.5 mile hike.

Great hike for families. Took our 5 year old and 1.5 year old (in carrier) up this trail and they loved it. Going up McClintock Upper is definitely the more challenging direction for this loop as it's pretty good incline until you reach the Enchanted Mesa trail junction. A few good views, but it's really a nice stroll through the forest and across the Enchanted Mesa. Many trail runners and people walking dogs.

trail running
7 days ago

It was pretty busy today. There were lots of dog walkers. The weather was great right before the snowfall expected tonight. Terrain was pretty easy - an occasional big rock jutting from the trail but not bad. Great views though!

nice short hike

fairly relaxed trail with a lot of optional tie ins to add length.

Perfect, easy short hike for winter. If this was done in summer, I'd give 3 stars that are because it is boring and too easy. First snow day, beautiful Aspen trees covered with snow and ran into some deer. Thumbs up! Parking was only filled with 4 cars at 9 am.

Hello! Oh man.. where are my dog people to help a sistah out? This trail in its entirety is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. I hope All Trails can change to "some parts of the trail are accessible for dogs." I only saw one review with any robust mentioning of dogs and what you can't access here.

The Spring Loop goes north and south, and the south part of the loop does not allow dogs. There are several places in this area that do not allow dogs. I heard from another hiker that this was due to bears...but not sure what would stop them from moving to the other side. My friend and I had to do another part of the trail.. still pretty, but was an out and back instead of a loop. That was disappointing. The sign on the trailhead says no dogs on the south side and on one other part, but All Trails made me think we could do a loop by the above description. Not true! It says you will get fined, and yes, there were rangers out.

Here are the good parts:
FEE: $5 for non Boulder County residents
TERRAIN: Pretty smooth... a few gravelly areas, but mainly nice!
VIEWS: The lush fall colors were in effect. Pretty meadows and some forest areas.

Here are the bad parts (sorry bikers..)
BIKING: Tons of bikers! Beware. I wouldn't wear headphones. NO. Too many trail runners and bikers. At one point coming back down, we got stuck in a spot because there were so many bikers/runners that we tried to pull over for. Most were nice, but they DID NOT use bells of any sort to warn people. I was surprised I couldn't hear the bikers behind me until they were right up on us.

SINGLE FILE TRAIL IN SOME AREAS: some areas are wide open and so nice, but some parts are single file and hard to get off to the side for the fast-rushing bikers.

OVERALL: I was much happier as we moved on into the mountain...less peeps and just gorgeous fall colors. There is hardly any shade, so it is more of a fall hike. Tons of people and the issue with no dogs on the south made for a different hike than expected. I liked the North Loop part very much and liked down to the Fowler part of the trail. Very well marked. Beware though- lots of people and lots of bikers make for a bit of a "look behind your shoulder all the time" effect.

Pretty views but so rocky, and the large number of inconsiderate people riding bikes ruined it for me. I’ll try a hiking only trail next time.

Good trail for me to get used to altitude!

Loved this trail, very rocky and deep going up. I would say it’s tough for sure. The views were great and several places to stop for pictures. Pretty crowded when we went, on a weekday during mid morning. We didn’t come from valley, we took the mount Sanitas trail and it was hard!

Great workout and doesn’t take too long

Best View! Not at all tiring, the place motivates to hike more! pleasant surprises at every nook and corner!❤

Because it’s one of the few mountain bike trails, I avoid it and let them have it to themselves. Much better hiking trails about a mile into the Eldorado canyon.

This is a great hike if you are looking for a short and moderate to rigorous workout with great views. Ascending Mount Sanitas took me about 1 hour with several short water breaks. It is moderately steep and rocky. There is no shade 85% of the way up. Pretty views en route and at the summit. Descending through East Ridge was rough. I may have taken a wrong turn and ended up off the actual trail because it was loose rock almost the entire way down, pretty dangerous, and I ended up entering the valley trail further down.

1 month ago

Great little hike. I would also agree that it's on the top end of easy. It is clearly bear country. Thick shubbery abound. Great forest areas. I saw a bear with her cub along the Connector. First time I saw wild black bears. Amazing experience.

this is a incredibly steep incline if you go via the mount sanitas trail route and not the valley. the valley offers no shade. the trail is steep and very rocky with a heck of a lot of stairs. there is no flat on this trail it is all up. parts of the trail were rock scrambling. dogs are welcome on leash and it's supposed to be a green tag trail. however every dog except mine were off leash and not all of them were voice recall trained. when I called out to people that my dog was not nice several had to run to grab their dogs. If you have a dog who has some leash aggression issues I would not take on this trail. many other trails in area with less dogs. this one has a lot and it was a Friday morning at 10 when we started!

great views at the top and was a great workout but I was in the mood for a moderate trail. I would have called this one difficult and I would have probably enjoyed it more had I been in the mood for a difficult trail that day

there is some shade offered the way of the mount sanitas trail and some nice stopping points to take pictures or chill.

this was a great hike and it is steep and rocky but well worth it when you get to the top and see the beautiful view.

Tough, short, rocky hike with beautiful views of the city and the valley. Watch your footing as the path is rocky with a lot of loose gravel. Pretty busy and I went at 10:30 am on a weekday. When you're done, splash your feet in the cool stream near the entrance.

This is one great hike but I have to admit I don’t know i think it should be rated hard and we hike all the time... Extreme stairstepper rigorous climb up Mount Salinas.... We started pretty late in the day so I definitely recommend not doing that but I give this trail five stars and would definitely repeat it again... but start earlier lol it ended up being 92° that day

Difficult hike as it’s very rocky and uphill quite a bit both ways. Great views though! Also saw a bear cub around 4:30pm, never saw momma bear but the cub was close enough to get us to book it.

So much bang for your buck on this one-- a moderate trail with the same (maybe better) payoff as any of the "hard" trails in Boulder. Absolutely beautiful. Strong preference for the clockwise direction (Sanitas valley up, mount Sanitas down). This is a challenging trail, but anyone who says it should be rated "hard" has never done Green Mountain Loop or any of the other truly hard trails in the Boulder area. Clockwise direction you will climb a lot of steps and do some rock scrambling, mostly steep rock scrambling and then pretty flat on the way back. I'm not in particularly good shape and I got it done in about 2 hours.

Nice hike, a great workout and pretty views of Boulder.

Great hike! Beautiful views. Challenging but doable.

One of my favorite trails for trail running. Not super difficult but a nice workout. Pretty views!

Was a good easy hike to get some steps in. Ok views which is why I have it 3 stars.

Challenging but doable for two novice hikers. Great views and lots of friendly people

Great work out, lots of pretty views. Steep on the way down definitely take your time.

Went on Saturday morning, as expected, parking fills up fast. Agree with the clockwise recommendation, beautiful views and some sections I would rate hard. Lots of stairs and rocks on the way up, and the top section going down into the valley is very steep. Take it easy and enjoy the view and your fellow hikers!

This was a VERY difficult trail. Not moderate. If you are not an active person, this will be borderline impossible. Steep going up and down.

Moderate overall, but certainly some areas I would rate as hard- and the valley trail being easy. Decent amount of traffic too.

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