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Made a detour off the trail, into the canyon. Worth every bit! Today was very hot, but still relativitly cool on the trail. Very nice little hike. I will be back.

Well defined trail, wooded with a nice lookout spot. Fun run!

Gorgeous trail! Hiked it in a little over two hours, but we took a couple detours down into the canyon. We also hiked it backwards, which I enjoyed more as it started difficult and then got easier. Park is well maintained and beautiful. I cannot wait to go back and hike both trails!

Enjoyed the Lewis & Clark trail. Beautiful views of the Missouri River.

Good trail to run. Well maintained. A couple fallen trees to go around. I went on a Saturday morning. The trail was a little busy but is wide enough through most of the trail to accommodate the traffic.

Great little trail along the Missouri river. The Lewis trail is shorter than the Clark trail. You can do one or both but they can be easily done in a day. Good for children and pets but be warned, bring Bug Spray because the mosquitos get very thick in areas.

Fantastic hike. Completed the Lewis trail, which as other users have pointed out, is actually 8.1 miles. I did it backwards, which was an odd challenge, as signage was poor, but that’s my own fault. Recently downed trees block trail access in multiple points, making it necessary to go off trail to get around. Overall a great hike. Took me 3 hours.

Good beginner hikes. Some elevation change but not difficult. Light traffic for a Saturday morning. Clearly marked. Lots of shade on this wooded trail.

Beautiful property, trails are well maintained and clearly marked. Beaver Falls and the creek are worth the trip. There is more paved path and open praire than I care for on a hike, so not very challenging. Quite a few really large trees (for this area), lots of butterflies, and wildflowers. Family friendly hiking / nature walk. Trails are very quiet except where you can hear traffic in the River Rd.

Relaxing with kiddos

good hill climbs,can hear traffic but beautiful little treck!

Good trail with a couple of places where you get a nice view of the river.

Easy trail. Only saw two people on a weekday morning. Very well marked. Easy parking.

Great trail for the whole family. Very easy bike ride

great place! the first part of the hike is pretty easy, it goes along a nice shallow rockey creak and you eventually get to a little water fall called Beaver Falls. After that it geta a little steep, it was wet the day we went so it was a littlw rough, but all the kids that were with us made it with a little help.

Solid hike. The views from the bluff were breathtaking. Only gripe/warning I have is if you chose to start the trail heading east. It isn’t marked well or very defined. We lost it completely at the creek crossing and decided to follow the creek bed until it intersected the trail again down closer to the river.

That was fun, but with all the lose and sharp rocks my feet let me know later how the felt about it. We will definitely do this trail again when we come back to visit family.

trail running
1 month ago

Fun trail to run. Slippery when wet but a fun challenge.

First time here today and using this app! The trail was amazing! I finished a little over an hour and a half. Beautiful views a doe ran about 20 feet in front of me across the trail! Perfect spot to train with alot of ups and downs! Wear tons of bug spray!

This was a longer challenging hike for me and my 10yr old daughter. Parts of the trail were overgrown so hopefully we don’t get poison oak! Overall, it was beautiful and so close it home!

Nice trail, pretty easy walk but very narrow in some area's

My go-to trail. Hike here a lot. Take it to the right/counter clockwise...saves all the little water falls n streams to the end. Lots of wildflowers and butterflies. Pretty icicles in the winter on the srreams.

I love these two trails. Both are loops and allow you to go straight from one to the next if you want to keep hiking. Dogwood is much more difficult than woodbine. I recommend good foot wear as the trails can be quite rough. Trails are almost entirely wooded.

This trail was a really nice hike! Definitely bring your bug spray but other than that we had a great time!

1 month ago

My dog and I love this trail. It’s a challenge going up but short enough that it’s not too intimidating. And it’s almost entirely shaded which is GREAT!

It’s pretty overgrown right now and a tree fell on the path. Beware of ticks. We spent most of the time trying to dodge the overgrowth but my dog had a small tick on her when we got home.

Beautiful trail! Lots of flowers, creatures, and views of the creek. I do not suggest bringing young children unless you plan to carry them 3/4 the trail, though. Not kid friendly.

trail running
1 month ago

Enjoyed the trail. Mostly double and single track, almost all canopied. I am guessing the moderate rating is because the hills. Although just under 4 miles, the various levels of elevation made this a tough one.

One of our favorites and it’s not far from our home. Beautiful scenery and the best time to go is the Fall or Spring. You can see the canyons clearly then. Also a couple days after a rain. Then it’s not so muddy but the water is still flowing through the streams. So pretty!

Beautiful. lots of great views, gorgeous plants. We went the day after a rain so some of the hills were muddy and slick. Wear the right gear and it isn't an issue. We saw just two people the whole time and it was a perfect May Saturday. So green and wonderful! My three-year-old son walked the whole 2.8 miles so really not bad.

Knocked these two out today along with the equestrian trail. Saw a lot of wildlife on the trails with deer, lizards, chipmunks, turtles, and a skunk that wouldn’t let me pass for some time. Take away the skunk and the three dozen or so webs I ran in to and the hikes were a great way to start my summer vacation from teaching.

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