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Very nice trail but we did Not cross the bridge on the highway because it's Very dangerous. There's No walkway or room for pedestrians.
I would recommend driving across and parking on other side.

walked this in January, no bugs! besides the short walk across the bridge being pretty dangerous as there is no bicycle lane, especially with a dog, the trail was great! well marked, we had a blast

trail running
12 days ago

Great trail. make sure you map your path, there are multiple trails that link to make a loop.

Great day hike! I look forward to getting back and doing the full trail.

Beyond the waterfall .8 mi in, the trail becomes very technical with serious terrain variations and rocks along the path!

Great trail

trail running
27 days ago

Well maintained and clearly marked trails. Plenty of parking st trail head beyond sports fields (my phone’s maps do not show the road continuing to the trail head, but it does).

I hiked it and the Eagles roost today.
I was easy. It was a beautiful day! I'm glad I did it. Tomorrow a cold front is coming in for a while. It was cool when I stated this morning, so I was the only one on the trail. By the time I was done I seen a few people coming out to hike.
If you live fairly close by I highly suggest coming here. It's beautiful. And there are other trails also. One that is paved, and easy. The trails I hiked are very visible and clearly marked.

2 months ago

My wife and I went for a drive and a place for a nice fall hike. We came here. We had a really good time. We did the Pine Ridge Trail first, so we came in at the end of this trail and walked it backwards. Had a bit of a problem at one point, all the leaves falling probably caused the problem. After that very first section, we had no problems at all It was a great, fun, easy hike!

2 months ago

My wife and I went for a drive and a place for a nice fall hike. We came here. We had a really good time. The trail was marked well and wasn't too bad, even with all the leaves falling as much as they were. It was a great, fun, easy hike!

2 months ago

We went in late October, and the leaves were amazing! Beautiful colors from inside & outside the forest! We did only about 4 miles of the trails, following the Last Call and Crazy Mary routes. Highly recommend!

Nice 5 mile out and back, within an hour’s drive of east Tulsa. Leaves were just starting to turn in late October. This seems like the only hiking trail open right now, so prepare to share the trail with other hikers. Would definitely go back in spring, or when the longer portion of the trail isn’t closed for hunting.

Great trail, well marked for the most part. I don't recommend coming during hunting season as a good chunk of the trail is closed. Overall a great trail to get your hiking legs.

We hiked from the trailhead at the park to the swinging bridge and back. Overall, the trail was well marked, though some spots were overgrown. Be prepared to walk along Highway 10, which was very odd. Also, the swinging bridge was closed for maintenance, but we didn't know it until we crossed over to other side and read the sign on the locked gate. It would have been nice to put a sign on both sides, especially since it was deemed unsafe to cross. Other than that, it was enjoyable.

4 months ago

I enjoyed the views on the back side of Mt Kessler.

very nice, well maintained trail. trail set up for both mountain biking and hikers. although I was disappointed that there was no view point or anything special about the trail. you could stare at a picture of a wooded trail and walk 6 miles and it'd have the same effect as if you had walked the whole thing.

Great trail. Can’t wait to complete the entire loop.

5 months ago

The trails have been updated recently and are well maintained. My favorite trail to visit when there isn't time to drive out for a long outing.

Our hike was almost 6 miles on this trail. It was nice with lots of small trails connected. Saw some cool mushrooms, a box turtle, frog, salamander, and some other rock structures. Be sure to snap a pic of the map at the entry point before you go in so you know which way to go. There are other paths that will make the hike shorter if you like.

Super fun trail and very doable for beginners.

7 months ago

only one section of the trial is nice, the rest is walking down the road.

I love this trail I have been on it many times. Just enough up and downs to get your blood pumping but not so bad you need a evac

I went clockwise to Mary's cove then headed back. The up and downs are brutal on the back half. It was pretty, especially with the flowers and fruit trees and red buds all starting to bloom, but nothing spectacular. I did stumble across some wild hogs though.

8 months ago

Kristen and I did this trail on trip to fayetteville. So close to town but the trails are great! Big trees. Cool rocks. Nice views. Lots of elevation change. Loved it. It is now a trail system that is a bit confusing as we did not have map. But trails are great fun.

Beautiful, very well maintained trail. we followed the outermost circle, but there are quite a few places to shorten the hike if needed. Perfect for hiking, trail running, or mountain biking.

I love this trail I have been hiking it to get my trail legs for a up coming thru hike of the Superior hiking trail in Minnesota

Had a great time with my son on this overnight trip.
We started at about 1:30p, done by 5p next day...we felt we pushed pretty hard.
As suggested by a fellow reviewer, we did the trail counter-clockwise, glad we did. Got the hardest done first.
Be prepared to go up the side of a mountain, than back down, many times.
(basically a chain of smaller mountains)
This was my first hike of a constant 18 and camping on the trail. I suggest 2 nights if you can. More time to enjoy the scenery and not have to push so hard to get done.
P.S. - call first during hunting seasons.

10 months ago

Beautiful untouched nature with so many amazing views while hiking up and down a small mountain.

10 months ago

First part of the trail is nice, but the last half is not. It is basically paved road. The coyotes at the nature center are pretty. They also have a pretty eagle.

excellent trail!

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