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Nice well maintained trails. We took old bridal path to Col trail and made a loop after reaching the peak of west rattle snake. We did a lot of down hill climbing on Col trail before ascending up. A relatively easy trail. We had a four yr old w us who did just great.

on Mount Shannon Trail

3 days ago

stunning views. 1 mile incline up but well worth it

Such a fun and manageable hike! Definitely recommend going up the blue an down the yellow, because the blue gets a little steep at the top! Such gorgeous views at the summit!!

Beautiful views from the top!!! Climb was OK, not too difficult and not too exciting. We did it VERY slowly - 4hrs (instead of what it should have taken 2hrs) total with 1.5hr of rest on the top and in between as one of us had injured ankle the day before on the other trail. Lots of people on the trail, but it didn't bother us, mostly young people, one group were likely professional dancers who once reached to the top played music and danced. That was kind of cool.

love this trail so nice and the view is beautiful.

on Old Bridle Path

4 days ago

so in love the trail. it breath taking. we will be do this in falls

Beautiful View

very fun trail with great views. Crowded, but then again, the best ones are.

we did the blue trail up, yellow down in about 2 hours including lunch at the top. It was a great hike with beautiful views and my dogs are now exhausted.

12 days ago

This was a great trail for a family with small kids. The hike had enough elevation to challenge the kids, but it was a wide easy trail. The view at the top and partway down was breathtaking.

A pretty good trail that offers a solid half day hike. I was doing a practice run using two trekking poles and got a solid workout going up Winslow trail which is fairly steep. I came back down on Barlow Trail and was pleasantly surprised to find so many mushrooms on that trail.

We took the South trail going up and then did a slightly longer loop taking Clark Trail, then back west on the Hurricane Trail (uphill again) before heading down on the West Trail. Best part aside from the amazing views, was the mossy forest along Hurricane Trail. If you have the opportunity, take the extra .5 miles to head Southeast on Clark Trail, then West on Hurricane before heading down on West. Or, take the South trail going up and down.

I did yellow trail up, blue trail down. The yellow trail was a perfect level of difficulty. The summit was beautiful. I went on a 90 degree sunny day so I did not stay up top for long, but it would be a great summit to have lunch and stay awhile. The blue trail down was very steep. The hikers who were walking up it were some of the most soaked with sweat, panting people I've seen lately. Entire trail is well marked and it's basically impossible to get off trail.

17 days ago

Nice gradual incline, nothing too drastic. The trail was very well marked and easy to follow. Plenty of rocks and roots to help with footing. While there were many cars in the parking lot, we only met two people on the trail itself which was nice. The views of the lake are incredible once you get to the top! Will definitely be doing this again in the fall when the leaves change!

Very little effort for great views!

Very rocky with lots of roots. Breath taking at the top with 360 degree views.

19 days ago

Family did this trail today with a 6 yo and 2 yo in a backpack. Perfect length, great view at the top, and clearly marked.

19 days ago

Took the blue trail up, yellow down. Roundtrip took about 2 hours with beautiful views @ the top of the mountain. Mostly in the woods until the last 5-10mi s. Blue is steep as you get above the tree line with rocks but plenty of young children and dogs on the path so not too strenuous.

nice views for such a short hike

trail running
24 days ago

It was a nice quick run. It was hard going up the face(blue trail), but I was able to run 90% of it. I went up blue and came down yellow. Next time I will go yellow both ways.

Great hike with amazing 360 degree views up top. Hiked up Winslow which had some steep challenging rock to get up and cane down Barlow which was longer but easier on the way down. Very well marked trails and got a great workout from it!

Definitely doable, a couple of bold rock areas on the way up but nothing too difficult. We went up Blue and down Yellow, which was entertaining as Blue includes more climbing, and Yellow is more relaxed, with many streams and beautiful forest. When you go up Blue you’ll enjoy a couple of open rock spots with AMAZING lake views, so don’t miss an opportunity for a great picture! Summit is bold and has a lot of space for everyone, so take some food for a nice picnic. Good luck and enjoy the stunning views!

27 days ago

I loved this hike! Was a little worried about ending up on a different trail seems how they all start together but the trails are marked really well! Nice gradual incline- rocks an roots for good footing. View was beautiful! Short easy hike but definitely a good one! Ps - did with baby on my back!

Beutiful trails up and down, stunning 360 views at the top. Pretty easy trails and highly recommend doing this hike barefoot, very grounding lol ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

This is a great trail for families. It is relatively easy to navigate and there are signs throughout the trail providing information on the surrounding trees and animals. As a highlight, there is also a great view of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Easy hike with the family. (Kids ages 9 and 6).We went up the quarry trail and down lakeside which had better lake views.

I prefer blue up and yellow down. It takes about an hour to go up and an hour down, if you don't take many breaks. Blue is steep but it's nice to get up there quickly. and this is a perfect mountain for sunrise hikes because it's not a long hike up

my family and I did this hike today we have a 9 yo and a 5 yo they had no problem. Beautiful views!

Definitely not “easy” more moderate than anything else. Great trail, well marked.

1 month ago

Hiked it again today. Went up Blue and down Orange. Steep going up but definitely glad it was shorter than yellow with the steepness. Orange was challenging going down but not as bad as going down Blue.

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