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I go here with my bike sometimes because it is very close to where I live. The trails are primarily for hiking, but I have been coming here for almost 10 years and have never seen or heard anything to suggest bikes are not allowed. The ride to the top will take about an hour and a lot of muscle. The ride down can be as short as 5 minutes. There are several loops, and many parts of the trail have been widened and coated with gravel, I assume for access to logging equipment. This, combined with many straight sections and a lack of blind corners makes respectful biking here safe and easy. Don't be a jerk and ruin it for me. Only bike here if you can do so respectfully.

Great directions to the trailhead. The trail is wider and has a good uphill challenge. There are a lot of offshoots of the main trail so it was hard to stay on track. Nevertheless the hike was beautiful and the shrine was great.. even though I went on a not so clear day.

Pleasant easy hike with just a little hill climbing. The old growth forest was beautiful.

1 month ago

Pretty good hike and easy to get to, the incline is pretty steep but a good workout! Lots of people on bikes which is cool. Not very many view-points. I think people use it more as a walking/jogging loop regularly. There’s a nice little pond and it’s a fun place to hangout when it’s sunny. The trails are mostly gravel.

A good hike— challenging for me since I hadn’t been out on a trail for months. We hiked up to the shrine and then back. Since the trail is rocky in places, I would recommend caution when going downhill because of slipping risk.

1 month ago

We were taking photos of this magnificent beautiful spiritual place!

1 month ago

Nice easy terrain. I did this one with my 9 and 10 year olds in October. Old growth for the first half, conference center halfway through the loop provided a nice easy break/restroom stop. More open brush for the second half.

What a beautiful part of the world. I'll be bringing the hiking club here soon. I do wish there were more clear view points but i guess that would mean losing some trees. I'll keep the trees.

Good varied trail. Little tricky to follow the path, but got there in the end. First time hiking for many years, so the outward uphill mile was tough for me..
Overall.. good two hour walk

Irresponsible dog owner or owners didn’t pick up after their dogs.
From the patterns and size of the business , I will say it’s from the same dog and owner.

Great loop. Well maintained trail, easy to navigate, beautiful open views. A few wildlife sightings which was a bonus, and only a few others on the path. Peaceful.

This is more of an uphill walk than a hike. Still enjoyed it! Would be great for trail running. Not a ton of views but was great for the dog. Barely saw anyone else and it was a Saturday.

Beautiful scenery!!

Easy trail beautiful peaceful hike

3.9 Miles is the trail length according to my phone. Took me about an hour and 20 minutes to complete. Good trail but if given the choice I’d do the section 36 loop trail any day over this loop trail

I second Jessica Davis' review. Yes this isn't your typical 'hike' where there's some sort of dirt trail leading you up a switch back but it's a nice, peaceful place with not a bunch of people. There are shrines and places to worship or find peace. Lots of random things in the woods and so many blackberries! Noms. Really enjoy it. If you go here, be mindful others are here for peace and quiet as well as exercise. Enjoy the views. You can see the mountains off in the distance at one point too. Lots to explore and take photos of.

awesome so many trails

Beautiful peaceful hike. The first mile was mainly uphill. I honestly have no idea what the person was talking about when they said it was just a "walk".. idk what kinda walks they take but Im in good shape and hike frequently, and this got my heart going.
After reaching a mile, there was a long stretch that smelled wonderful, like vanilla and cinnamon.
There was a sign for a shrine and viewpoint but we must have gone the wrong way because we never saw either.
The scenery was still beautiful, it wasnt the most breathtaking but its still Oregon.
At the end we reached a car port and turned right to go around it, then walked down to the gravel road (turned left on it) which leads back to the parking lot. The parking lot isn't large but has enough space for around 15 cars.
Didn't see one other person the whole time which was great. We had a great time there, will be back, maybe we'll find that shrine!

2 months ago

We really liked the environment. Brought 4 kids (ages 10-16). A little challenging to keep them quiet while we were around the abbey but the kids loved it. Since we were on a time crunch we took the trail that went around the pond and into the woods for a bit. Very nice and peaceful. We saw frogs, lizards, and deer. There are some memorial pieces along the way that we were curious about and wish there had been more info. We loved the environment. Something big jumped into the pond. Kids were convinced it was an alligator :)

Lovely hike with my 2 grown kiddos and 2 dogs. The lake was small, but beautiful and peaceful. The dogs romped around in the water for a bit. I rated this hike only 3 stars because 90% of the loop was on a gravel road. We were under tree cover the entire hike and the trees were pretty along with birds chirping!

Beautiful hike. Not another sole out there, definitely worth the extra 15 minutes of drive time away from the city. Moderate incline the first half of the loop which due to being out of shape had me winded, but anyone in decent shape probably wouldn't consider this hike moderate. Nice scenery with open spaces through an oak grove, which was a nice change from the thick wooded hikes I'm used to in SW Portland. The back half of the loop was more like an easy nature hike. I wish I had brought a bucket because there were blackberries galore! The main trail is wide and easy to follow. It is not marked but the offshoots definitely don't look like the main trail. The only offshoots I saw that could maybe be mistaken for the main trail were clearly labeled "Rock Road", and a logging road clearly labeled Do Not Enter. I definitely plan on going back with my pups when it cools down.

It's beautiful and serene.
I walked the surrounding trails afterwards.

Just walked this peaceful, beautiful trail. Easy, with a moderate incline at the beginning. 'Peace'.

I normally don’t write reviews but I have seen some negative reviews here lately that I wouldn’t want to persuade anyone not to go. The first thing to point out is that the trail it shows you on AllTrails is not the best trail to take and I think many people who are taking this hike and leaving bad reviews are not going to the best spots. Study the map before you go, or better yet, download it to your phone or GPS so you can track where you’re at. You will want to follow the trails (sometimes logging roads) that take you to the highest point in the area. While there is not any INSANE views, there are some pretty good views towards Dundee and Carlton that you can see from the top of the hill. If you get up to these, I find it hard to believe that you would be leaving a negative review on this hike. Even if you don’t see these views, there are many different unmarked trails that you can explore throughout the area. Yes, they are unmarked and overgrown in some spots but that’s what makes it fun. AllTrails says it’s a 2-3 mile hike but I walked 6 miles the first time I came here and felt like there was still a lot to explore. The area is beautiful and peaceful and there are many different ways you can take. Please don’t be turned off by the bad reviews, I think the people leaving them are not doing this trail correctly and have not adequately prepared for the hike.

I’m pretty confused about why this is rated as moderate. It’s not a hike at all, it’s a walk. It was short, boring, and difficult to very figure out where the trail was at times due to overgrown grass. And honestly, it made me feel very uneasy. Something about the environment was eerie and I have never felt anything like that before on a hike or nature walk. Based on others’ reviews, it seems I’m not the only one who had an uncomfortable but difficult to explain feeling there. But besides that, this “walk” or “trail” did not impress me, and there was really nothing to see.

I took my 5 yr old a few weeks ago it was not my cup of tea....I won’t be going back.

3 months ago

Nice trail....perfect Sunday morning walk

great hike peaceful and the lake is beautiful can't wait to go back and explore the rest of the trails

4 months ago

Trail is closed- wildfire!

Very nice trail. Nice of whomever owns the property to allow people to hike here. Very secluded, plenty of bugs, birds and other critters buzzing around. No ridiculous views but a nice hike.

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