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This property has a lot to offer. Did a nice loop starting at Crow Hill where there are some nice technical climbing routes. Then went over to Ball Hill then down to Wolf Den Hill before returning via the Paradise Pond. Hike, climb, mountain bike, canoe...this place has it all.

Enjoyed this trail October 27th, 2018 with my dog Sonny, my daughter Brianna and her pup Piper...it had snowed during the week so the further we climbed the more snow we found...about 3 inches...made some rocks on the steep incline a little challenging..pretty hike with the trees covered in snow..marked out spot at the cabin...made it to the scenic overlook, beautiful!! It was windy and cold, a storm was brewing so we turned back. A bit of a challenge but worth it!!

Much less crowded but makes for a steep, quick ascent.

The Monte Rosa ascent is less trafficked and wonderfully scenic, featuring a pre-peak before summiting Monadnock. In mid-Oct it was pleasantly cool until I got to the bare rocks, when the wind and cold kicked in. Top was crowded and chilly. I took the White Arrow trail down, which as others have noted is challengingly steep. Go slow, choose your footing, and crab walk as needed. Worth it!

A fun, moderate hike with nice views, especially on a fall day like today.

A good rewarding, moderate, hike. Today was my second time climbing it. The views going up and from the scenic outlook were amazing. Cloud cover prevented most of the views from the top.

Incredible. Just hiked this on Saturday October 6th. Absolutely beautiful. Ran into only two other hikers the entire hike. Must have spent an hour at the top. Took me 3.5 hours counting that and didn’t find the trail strenuous at all, and I’m not in the shape I used to be!

Cool little hike. kind of hard to find trail, since its tucked behind some business buildings. fairly easy hike. took about 45 minutes with multiple stops for pictures. if your not very active you might get out of breath a couple times but it's not bad. multiple types of landscapes. ad of Oct 1st some of this area is open for hunting so WEAR BLAZE ORANGE!!!!

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1 month ago

First time out, it was well marked for the most part but I’ll admit I did do some loops twice figuring it all out, 2yellow types of trail markers plus apple ones and a few backtracks since what I thought was part of the loop was just another entry/exit and ended up on main road. Trail is well marked, slow run to save my ankles lots of roots and uneven terrain, but pretty and I’ll do it again.

2 months ago

More easy than moderate. Beautiful views from the fire tower at the top.

2 months ago

I’d put this on the easier side of moderate, took the Indian trail up and The bridal trail down, just under 2 hours.

Its a lie.... moderately easy to get up, but this loop comes down white arrow trail. Thats is listed as hard. If you have any doubts at all come back down the way you came.... just sayin. The view from Mote Rosa is almost as good as from the top. Any doubts, turn around there.

2 months ago

They do a really good job of hiding the parking for the trail head. I used the Bolton Trails Committee map (http://www.boltontrailscommittee.org/2-vaughn-hills.html). Most of the parking they refer to is clearly private property when you get there. There's a note buried in there about setting your GPS to 245 Vaughn Hill Rd. There's a beat up sign pointing you to the parking lot that's kind of difficult to see.

The positives are that the trail is pretty vacant, or at least it was when I was there. And the marsh is really cool. It's also a really easy hike with lots of tree cover.

The negatives are that the trails are all really poorly marked. There are blazes for a "Bolton Loop Trail" that isn't documented anywhere and it seemed like they kind of just gave up on the other trails after a few miles. Alltrails has this listed as 6.5 miles and there's no way I got to all of it because it was such a mess to navigate.

It is a tough hike but with rewarding 360 views. Much better and secluded than the busy Mt.Kineo.

Did this trail Labor Day morning. Got to the trailhead at 9am and there were no other cars in the parking lot! Mosquitos were pretty bad on the bottom 1/2 so highly recommend bug spray. Very nice short hike - no views from the summit, but at the intersection near the top take the right - .1 mile to open ledges with lovely views.

Took the bridal trail up and down with two 15-pound dogs no problem. Beautiful view at the top.

Beautiful hike! Amazing views from the top of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Tons of broken glass at the top, presumably from the old fire tower, so be careful if you bring dogs! Very steep on the second mile!! I’d rate this moderate-strenuous for the last mile in itself

2 months ago

a great hike. indian trail is well worth the effort. views are spectacular.

Nice view of Moosehead Lake and mountains to the west. It would be a great hike for viewing the foliage in the fall.

Quick, sustained elevation but doable in 2.5hrs. My 14yo daughter outpaced me handily. Nice views at top and good workout.

3 months ago

I love this hike! Bridal trail is moderate in your mid life our late teen kids kicked it on Indian trail. Amazing view on the fire tower if you’re not afraid of heights or have someone to coach you up!! The carriage trail is a nice walk but if you decide to go up the back on the hardscrabble trail there is a lot of mud and trees down blocking the trail. You have to be vigilant about the trail signs. Also the uphill slope is difficult. If you’re going down from the fire tower slow and steady wins the race for your first 20 minutes. Then you’ll just be fending off the black flies. Cool tracks in the mud human and animals!!

this was a great hike, I would say Parker trail is very easy, but would not rate Cliff Walk trail as easy, quite a few rock scrambles, but lots of fun. Much preferable to the crowded white dot on the way down.

Great short hike with kids. Found the trail head easily enough following the new blue signs on Lily Bay Road. Note that the trailhead is 4 miles off the main road, not 3 as the sign says. The hike was nice, quick up with views from the fire tower. Not much water for our pooch on the way up though.

3 months ago

Excellent adventure

This is a difficult trail if you aren't an avid, in shape hiker. It took us 4 1/2 hours out and back w about a 25 minute stop at the top. It's a mix of roots, a lot of rocks, almost reminding me of walking thru a semi dry Stream bed. We took our 5 Year old, 75# dog with us as well. The dog made it up and down with a little soreness, the same as the two of us. The views at the top are amazing! Do know that the hike is tough, but well worth it!

Love this hike! So pretty and tough, but not killer.

We found the trailhead easily following the directions. About 1/4 mile in, we came across a bear cub - so cute - but he ran up the trail and we decided mama couldn't be far and we didn't want any trouble, so we backtracked and had lunch at Kokadjo, then hiked Burnt Jacket back toward town. We'll be back soon!

3 months ago

Easy trail, beautiful field with wildflowers. Clean and not crowded, dog friendly. Relaxing walk!

3 months ago

Me and my girlfriend hiked Indian Trail on our way up and had amazing views and at some points being on the shear side of the cliff. Indian Trail ends up intersecting with Bridle Trail and from there to the top it wasn't much until we got to the fire tower. After climbing up the fire tower there is the most impressive view! The hike back down was Bridle Trail back to the Kineo docks. Overall very enjoyable hike

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