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18 hours ago

Hiked the loop counterclockwise. We much preferred this direction because it got the straight, steep section out of the way at the beginning. Even this early in the winter spikes were necessary on the section between the cabin and the cedar grove. Great hike -love doing this one every year.

Weather was cold, but the sun finally came out.

Great family mini hike. Pack a picnic!

Went in early November, it was wet but very doable. We did the whole loop. This time of year it wasn’t crowded at all, and it was really nice. I’d heard about this hike for years, but never went. I’m so glad that I finally did!!

My husband and I set out to hike a couple of miles, and ended up hiking the entire 8.7 miles. Beautiful day, nice maintained trail. Will definitely go again.

This isn’t really a hike. Yes there’s a trail but all the ones people are talking about aren’t official trails and have resulted in multiple deaths over the years as they aren’t maintained/are very worn away. The falls are beautiful and worth driving to/checking out...but don’t expect a hike and realize if you hike down to the water or behind the falls that you are off trail. This area really needs more rangers/officials to stop all the illegal activity.

Love this hike! So beautiful!

We loved this area and will definitely be back! There was a mama moose with two young, so we turned around and went the opposite way. Uphill for a lot of it, but fun and beautiful nonetheless.

fun for an easy afternoon hike

This is a great trail in the Spring or Fall. If you start along the creek it is shady and the incline is gradual. Definately take the south loop to see Rocks of Sharon and views of the Palouse. The east rim offers more sunshine and views of the Spokane Valley and beyond.

Easy hike that ends at cool suspension bridge. Dog was a bit spooked by the bridge but with some good treats and encouragement, she did it.

This trail is about 9.6 starting from the liberty lake parking lot. It’s fairly flat except for about a mile with switch backs leading up to the cabin. The trail is very well groomed. If you’re going for the views, be aware there is really only one good ‘lookout’ type view, and no noticeable submit, just the cabin at the end of the trail. We did this trail early October, and the fall foliage was beautiful but overall I would describe this trail as anticlimactic.

Amazing, wish we would have come to this trail first. It's definitely worth it.

You get to see water for most of the hike, the trail also starts out paved.

View from the bridge is also spectacular.

on Palouse Falls Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful! We did not go all the way down to bottom of falls, but was pretty where ever you chose to go.. lots of warnings about falling to your death tho.. which puts you on alert!

Great to see rain forest and old-growth cedar groves, waterfalls, typical Montana forest, and high mountain lakes, all in one trip. My daughter and I left Missoula at 10:30 am, and were back in Missoula 8 hours later. Easy, and great, day trip.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Towering cedars at the beginning. We made it to hub lake, not a ton of areas of camping and pretty steep getting down to the lake but well worth it. Made for a pretty awesome weekend.

Good hike. The kids, dog and I had fun.

Beautiful hike! Very well maintained trail. Very peaceful. Cedar Grove was a nice rest point. I always try to select trails with water near by for my dog to cool off. This is perfect with a stream running along the trail. I will definitely be going back in the next week or two. No parking fee right now as it is the off season for the lake goers. Best I've hiked in awhile.

Pros: Close to Spokane, gradual incline, leads to impressive vistas at Rocks of Sharon area, good for trail running Cons: Not very challenging, can be dry and hot in summer,
A friend and I did this route late in the evening in early Sep. 2018. The actual hike itself is pretty easy, and the access road is very well marked and paved. The trail ascends parallel to the creek of its namesake for a ways, then breaks out into some short switchbacks, then you follow a ridge towards the Rocks of Sharon area, which offers some impressive vistas of the land where the forest meets the Palouse of Washington. We managed to watch the sunset from here, then followed the continuation of the loop , using headlamps, through scrub brush back to the trailhead. This would be an ideal trail for trail running, and/or an alternate access to Rocks of Sharon that is closer to Spokane. For someone looking for a spectacular trail with significant ascent, this does not offer that.
3/5 stars

My go-to hike in Spokane. Great trail. Not too far from town. Short enough to do after work in the summers. Great views of both the Palouse and Spokane. Couldn’t ask for more!

2 months ago

Pretty falls.. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of signs saying 'beware falling' though. It was interesting seeing the lands carved by ice age floods with your own eyes.

2 months ago

The falls were amazing. Short hike, steep in some places. Definitely worth the trek. Use caution navigating the trails. Very steep and loose rocks. Very narrow.

Cash or Check only unless you have the discover pass.

All trails were closed today. But the falls were pretty.

I have done this trail many times, both hiking and mountain biking. It is beautiful.

Love it here! Has great little lookout spots and the short trail winds up to the dam. There’s a pond below where a few families were fishing on the bridge. My littles were entertained for hours at the small playground and by the pond. We even had a picnic there for dinner.
Peaceful and lovely scenery.

What a great hike! We hiked to the falls and camped last night. The trail was in good shape.

Great hike- yes- lots of bees! Will do it again soon!

Great trail with beautiful lush forest, a cedar grove, bridges and a waterfall. Plan plenty of time for the hike and know that there is a third of a mile hike just to the trailhead.

I’m not sure where the review in All Trails for the loop starts to get the 8.5 miles. I was expecting to hit the waterfall 2.5 miles in from the trailhead, but it was closer to 3. We came up just short of the top of the waterfall due to time constraints, and our out and back trip from the parking lot was 7.1 miles rather than then 5 miles I had planned on.

Looks like several other potential trail intersect this one as future possibilities.

Nice clean trail and follows a small stream.

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