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Solid hike. Fun way up, but trail was difficult to follow. But whatever, since there was really just one way up. Views at time were fantastic though. Could see Weaver's Needle, Flatiron, and Browns peak from the top.

Coming down was very dangerous. Lots of loose rock and trail meanders.

I prefer Flatiron to this one for sure!

1 day ago

We hiked this trail at the end of April, but realized the weather would have been better a few weeks earlier. The ‘crack’ is at the end of the trail. An awesome swimming hole/cliff jumping spot! Highly recommend.

Bring plenty of water, and even more in your 4x4. Start early as it's an all day affair, and bring friends!

Great, enjoyable hike! We would rate the moderate, however, highly recommend hikers be aware of their hiking ability. The hike is very remote and it would be difficult should anything unexpected happen.

The 19-mile drive was gorgeous but took over an hour. The hike was fantastic, gradual incline with a few steep inclines and declines. Make sure to bring more than enough water and snacks!

Overall a fantastic day and well worth for those who want to make the drive!

Loved! Very scenic, a little crowded in am. Parking is pretty good if you get there early.

9 days ago

A great way to get up high quickly. The trail is pretty easy going, but currently suffers from an abundance of icy snow making things slippy!

Make sure you take a right when you get to the fork on the trail. Left for spring (top of waterfall) right for dam (bottom). Took about 7 hours pacing myself and spending time at the waterfall. Hiked in mid April and water was great!

Great hike! Good trail for bringing your dog. I would say this is a moderate trail, not easy. Great to see the owl’s nest at the beginning and the old crashed SUV at the end. Awesome hike

11 days ago

A lovely walk with a real remote feel to it. I would second Mark Rutherford - the trail is not tough and ‘moderate’ would be fitting.

The hardest part of the day is squeezing past other trucks on the access road! The ten mile approach is actually fine with 4x4 and a little care in places. The views are to die for too.

Finding the trail down into the canyon is easy and I had little/no route finding difficulties. The trail itself was in good shape and there was little brush to impede progress.

The cliff dwellings are fascinating and a great insight into the lives of those who trod the land before us.

Was absolutely worth the wait and yes although a tough hike, with plenty of water, proper shoes, snacks & laughter from friends, recommend this hike. Get permit and enjoy.

11 days ago

Pretty strenuous hike and my husband and I are pretty avid hikers. Falls were dry which didn’t make the 11.5 mile hike worth it.

Outstanding...& hard. Left very late: 1600, which means I had to really hustle. Did lose my way a time or 2, both on the ascent & descent. Spent only 10 to 15mins on summit...

So peaceful here. Perfect place to go and get lost in nature!

We hiked down from Strawberry. The views are amazing!!

12 days ago

Nice hike in, long, and fairly intense but manageable on the way out. Only real
Shit part is that first mile back up, it’s the steepest. Swimming hole totally worth everything! I encourage anyone who is a good swimmer to go into the toilet bowl. So fun. Bring good swimming goggles. Fill your water bladder up at the beginning of the springs, where it’s filtered. It’s clean water, straight from the earth. Enjoy

My boyfriend and I were very excited for this hike! Thankfully someone had marked the trail with chalk and set up many carnies to help us out. If you don’t see one in like 10-20 steps, turn around cause you’re likely going the wrong way. He really enjoyed searching for them. The view was so pretty and the mailbox was very adorable. The only downside was really coming down. No joke about loose gravel! It’s almost half of the trail going down. Be VERY prepared with water, for this was our biggest downfall going down. Thankfully we made it and bonded more over that. Overall the hike took 6 hours round trip, which would have taken longer if not the markings, so plan for spending a day here with lots of water. Not much shade so enjoy it while you find it!

Amazing! Definitely not easy on the way back up but it’s tolerable! It was my first longer hike in many years, and i felt extremely accomplished when I made it back to the top.I can’t wait to go again! One thing... bring A LOT of water! I brought 5L and had my last sip as I got to the car.

Great hike!

18 days ago

Current trail conditions are still rough, but doable. There is still a lot of snow the further you get up. Some of it is waist deep if you take a wrong step. When you hit the 11,400 sign, things get much worse. Without snowshoes, you pretty much have no choice but to go up straight up the scree field until you hit the saddle. Doing so, makes this section of the hike the most difficult. When you hit the saddle, take a hard left and head for the false summits until you hit the true summit. Although relatively easy, it was super windy, but no snow to deal with unlike the forest. Beautiful day on the top with the exception of the wind (4/7/2018).

It was aight. The view was pretty but there’s so much lose rock which made it so annoying. The trail is also hard to follow there’s arrows and stacked rocks just make sure you’re paying attention! Be careful take your time especially going down

18 days ago


Great little trail if you’re looking for an awesome workout. First mile is nothing special as it parallels the highway before cutting back away from the road, but if your taking it all the way the the FSR turn around, the views from mile 2.5-4 are incredible! My husband loved the wild game tracks and activity, and we saw a small group of Whitetail Deer. Pack lots of water, this hike gets long! Great hike, no big frills, but overall beautiful.

Realy nice place
But i was lost on trail
I think you have to gate a gps to do it

21 days ago


Where do you get the permit?

23 days ago

Current trail conditions are not great between 11,200 and 11,800. When you reach the sign that says “Hiking off trail prohibited” near 11,300 ft or so, your best choice is to, well, go off trail. There were literally no footprints at all on the proper part of the trail past this point (now there’s 3 ft deep holes from where I and a few other hikers tried to follow the proper trail). What you should see above the sign is a long set of footprints heading straight up. This has become the current trail, and unless you have snowshoes, follow this. Stay on the snow to avoid damage to ground surface and plants. The straight section eventually hits the upper part of the real trail again, and you take this to the left (north) for a 5-10 min hike to the saddle. Gaiters or tight cinching pants are helpful for this section. From the saddle onwards, first false summit has a few tough sections with snow (I had a 30 lb pack with skis which made all the snowy parts more difficult, hiking light or with no pack would be a lot easier obviously), but after that the trail is pretty clear. Winds were 50-60 mph at the summit yesterday (4/2/18)

The hike back up is difficult.. the view at the bottom is worth It!

Amazing day. !

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