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13 hours ago

Trail shouldn’t be ranked as hard. Beautiful scenery!

Awesome Trail. Really enjoyed

Beautiful little hike. Came across a few people but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

This a really nice hike, it gets a little technical as you near the summit, need to pay attention to the trail markers as they aren’t always visible. Used this app to navigate back to the trail which was very helpful!!! Enjoyed the view from up top, relaxed on the bench and read a few notes from other hikers/adventurers. Definitely worth the trip!

They view were spectacular and the hike was scenic. I completed this hike solo and found great difficulty in navigating it as the trail was horribly marked. I must have spent and extra hour or two trying to find the trail both on the way up and he way down. What can I say, I was determined. I will not be hiking this solo ever again. A group is recommended. I left my fair share of cairns to help those future venturers, if you could contribute as well, please do.

One of favorite hikes. Great place to sit and play at the bottom. Nice fall leave colors in October!

Did the loop in 2 hours, with my family. Managed a little scramble up the Bell Rock :)
Started at 1PM and still was a pleasant hike. Got lucky!
Fantastic vistas of Sedona, all the way.
Will do this again next season.

16 days ago

Had a great drive up to the trailhead. Only 3 vehicles were parked there when we arrived early in the afternoon. Game plan was to hike 4.1 miles in to see the ruins. Well about 2.9 miles in while in the wash on the Rogers Canyon trail we encountered a mountain lion. We surprised him, about 75 feet between us when we saw each other. He appeared to be drinking from the stream. He fled down canyon, but we weren’t sure if he would double back and didn’t feel like continuing in his direction toward the ruins, so we opted to backtrack to the trailhead. Time was about 4pm. Bring bear spray and be vigilant for mountain lions in this area of the Superstition Wilderness area.

Easy hike with beautiful views!!

20 days ago

Beautiful and hard hike. The AllTrails rating of ‘moderate’ is incorrect. The trailhead has it rated as ‘extremely difficult’ which is correct. Lots of steep climbs and it is fairly long 6.8 miles. But incredible views and happened upon a rattlesnake and a king snake. Bottomline, leave early, no dogs for sure due to terrain and difficulty, and be in shape!

I love this place. Very easy walk. I have been coming out here for years. Not so much for the trails but to reconnect and get away from the city. There is pure silence out there. If you're lucky you may hear a critter or two wrestling around in the shrubs but for the most part it's like a vacuum. It's almost magical. Definitely spiritualy fulfilling with the ruins being there. I have encountered rattle snakes in late spring early summer on more than one occasion. Very low traffic. Don't steal my spot!

What a great hike! We did it with our 7 year old and two dogs. Our dogs are very experienced climbers and had a hard time on the way down. I would advise against bringing the pups, but they loved it.

Great hike, but don’t forget your raincoat like I did. Busy in front, but as you make the turn toward Courthouse it breaks off and your the only person walking, except the newlyweds walking hand in hand in the rain. Great Hike if your in the area

Although very popular, this is a very beautiful hike!! The views along the whole trail are spectacular. There are some slight changes in elevation here and there but nothing too difficult.

Really nice short in and out trail leading to some breathtaking views and some interesting ruins. We had the place to ourselves it was lovely

1 month ago

Great trail for almost any skill level, only one real uphill section pretty level otherwise. nice relaxing hike with plenty of scenery. Very easy trail to follow, I never needed my maps, plenty of cairns.

1 month ago

Fairly easy trail with kids, though with a couple potential ankle twister areas. Recent rains appear to have washed out the bridge and left extra rocks in some areas of the path. We saw several small toads, lizards, a variety of insects, and a snake sunning in a rock. Beautiful view of part of the lake from a rise. Clean restroom and eating pavilions at the trailhead.

I think this is not an easy trail but moderate. maybe its easy if you are an avid hiker. the trail was very rocky and mostly steep; I did the loop clockwise. my device measured 5.3miles and took me 2 hours to complete the loop. 5 min before I arrived I asked myself why I drove 40mins for a trail thats has no shade, but then I started to see so many air balloons on the sky. They were lots bigger seeing by eyes. they were there early in the morning till around 7am. I also saw a big rattle snake was rattling and camouflage on the ground but he was climbing up on the mountain not on the trail. Overall this trail does not worth the drive but worth for one time experience.

This is an easy 1-mile out-and-back trail. Nice views of the surrounding valley. Very interesting history lesson on the signage along the way.

I will say. Beware man cause there are dead ends everywhere. The trail is terribly marked and so easy to wonder off just a few feet and your toast. I’m no beginner and yes it was 4 am and pitch black but I was running circles for 2 hours till I found the correct siphon to climb to summit. Still a killer hike and reckon you plan to get lost a few times if your not familiar with trail.

Awesome signs explaining what use to be there! Amazing views and lots of little critters!

While the “trail” did display BEAUTIFUL views it was BEYOND a hard rating for me and the group that I was with, and we ARE NOT novices at “hiking”. This was more mountain climbing than hiking to us. The trail was unmarked after a certain point and quite dangerous out a few points in my opinion. Maybe we had gotten “off trail” at one point on the way down but I was seriously praying that I wouldn’t die!!! There was literally nowhere to get my footing or nothing to hold to. It was serious rick climbing!!!

Again the trail was beautiful once we got to the inside of the mountain but it needs to be marked A LOT better and that rating should be extremely difficult. This was a once in a lifetime hike for me. Glad I survived it!!!

I did this trail for the 4th time February 18th 2018. I like this trail as it has lots to offer. You start by walking a slight downhill then across a bridge that at a inlet on Lake Pleasant. Great photos from the walk down to the bridge and on it.

Then it’s uphill and their is a bench you can take a break at will great views. From there another mile you end up at a lookout point that has great views.

You can also go left before the lookout and come out at another picnic area and road, in about two miles, or return the way you came in. You get a workout walking from the bridge back to the trailhead.

This is one of those hikes to do more then once.


Decided to hike this trail for the first time on Labor Day. Unfortunately, got a late start and it was HOT. There is no shade to speak off - only the partial shade of a few Palo Verde trees along the way. I would recommend this trail if you want something close to the Phoenix metro area where you would get a decent workout. However, the views are nothing special and not much variety in plant life...mostly cholla, saguaro, and Palo Verde trees, with an occasional cactus barrel and ocatillo.

2 months ago

Short and easy, nice signage for the ruins. Head down the back to access the balanced rock.

Easy trail to navigate and not a lot of elevation changes. I went on this trail in early May and although it was hot, I was able to complete the trail with no problems. I started out early in the morning though so keep that in mind. Great views of Bell Rock and surrounding terrain. I recommend going clockwise on this trail because most people start off going counter-clockwise. Well marked and quiet. Took me about 3 hours because we took lots of breaks to take pictures. Account for extra time if you want to climb bell rock.

Nice parking lot and bathrooms! Also have dog bags ready if you forgot. We brought our golden retriever on a fairly hot day. Didn’t hike too much due to the heat but it was a very easy trail to follow!

Amazing scenery! We were lucky with weather but unfortunately the falls were dry. Still worth the hike u won’t be disappointed. We had our Goldendoodle and she loved it too

Took me 2 hr and 15 minutes in total to finish the loop.

Love it! Will come back and climb the rock!

If you cross hardscrabble road there is a bunch of uphill hike ah bike

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