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horseback riding
1 day ago

We have been horseback riding here many times and it has always been enjoyable. Majority of trails are wooded and some of the trails can be a little overgrown during the summer. If there has been a lot of rain it can get pretty mucky as well. Various trail types as well. Some are narrow and wind around and others are wide and pretty straight. Sometimes have to make your own trail if a tree has come down. Bicyclists are usually pretty considerate about moving to the side as well.

Went saturday 9/22. Lightly trafficked is not true! this place was a nightmare! Full parking lot with a couple people even honking their car horns. Felt like I was in the city not the woods. The waterfalls were nice but if you are looking for some peaceful trails this is not the place to go! $16.50 for an adult to get in.

hard but worth it! side at the falls is very peopley

After a friend of ours bought property in the Catoctin mountains, my husband fell in love with it. Few months ago, we took a trip to Gettysburg and decided to spontaneously get tattoos. He got Chimney Rock inside his tattoo even though we have never seen it. Last weekend, we took the trail and saw it for the first time and it was breath-taking.

Did the trail counter clockwise. I Loved the trail, throughout my wife and I kept saying this reminds me of....(insert cool place you’ve hiked). Older growth woods to Hemlock stands, through the blowdown areas to the creek that runs the through the north end. A couple creek crossings stepping on rocks and a couple bridges also. Are only mistake was with the poor trail markings. The North country trail cuts through the north end of loop ( make sure you don’t get on it by accident) Follow the white diamonds - they seem to disappear at times especially on the return leg. We got on the North country trail and added a couple accidental miles to hike, but we were hiking on a beautiful day, with plenty of time left in day-no biggie. Basically at the north end you caught it for just a short time. At the sign post that has been ripped off with the with the white diamond- look to your right. You have to look hard to see Minister trail. Someone wrote on actual trail marker pointing at it. (Kind of dog legs here. All kinds of camping at north end.

Wonderful for children with lots of explorable spots along the trail. On 9/22, muddy in low spots near beginning and about 3/4 through, but not terrible with appropriate footwear. You can choose to walk around in most spots. My children chose not to. Most of trail is dry and comfortable.

Good hike experience with the nature and adventure. Although it’s flat after the first 2 miles. It’s challenging with rocks all over. Great feel after doing 12 miler

Great Hike, nice steady climb to overlook. Very crowded. Took counter clockwise route.

Fun trail

Great hike with lots of steps. Recommend hiking boots as it was wet throughout the trail.

Awesome! Beautiful rocks and some fun scrambling!

It was a great hike along the river with several waterfalls. Loved it!

I was at the Pinnacle twice this past week. Be careful of snakes at the top on the right when you first get to the overlook. I saw a copperhead and Timber rattlesnake. However this is always a great hike with spectacular views both at The Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Wear good shoes!

This was a new trail for me and was a slight challenge due to the current weather. Trail was very muddy/swampy and it was difficult to traverse some sections as they were very muddy and some spots were over grown and it was hard to find a few of the trail blazes. Did have a nice hike with a few crossings of the creek. Wear long pants and your boots for sure. Also bug spray may be needed if you like to be bitten less than a few hundred times.

Great hike. One of the best in Pennsylvania I would have to agree. Went the full loop and saw all the falls. Definitely will come back and do it again.

Even though it is kind of a tough loop. I had not hiked in a long while and was able to make it through it without too much pain. Very important to have good hiking shoes because the trail is quite rocky and wet.

4 days ago

Fantastic scenic trail! Walking along the river with the sounds and sights of the white water rapids and seeing some kayakers was terrific. Very pretty scenery with bridges and waterfalls and large rock formations - plenty to see! Not as hilly as I expected (definitely some hills in certain areas just expected more) but be careful on this trail as it lives up to its name "Slippery Rock" and it is very easy to fall on rocks if you aren't focusing on your steps. Did it with my 12 year old son and he loved it. We do a lot of hiking and this is the most scenic and challenging trail (in terms of terrain) we have done to-date. Bring plenty of water and bug spray! Highly recommend this trail but just stay focused and be cautious!

rock climbing
5 days ago

Been there almost annually for past 5 years in January. Crampons and ice gear a MUST in Winter

Been hiking this trail for years. Today was a beautiful day to take the puppers out. Beware of snakes. Today Shadow stepped on a timber rattlesnake (a very large one at that) and it is a miracle she didn’t get bit.

Nice trail - moderate difficulty, nice variation in terrain. Our 7 and 9 year old were pretty tired after doing the large orange loop in 2h 20m. We parked at the Alpine St lot - we got the last spot at 10am on a Sunday, but there's plenty of street parking if you need. Trails are well marked, but Alltrails with GPS definitely helps - we didn't have to double back once. Not much in the way of views except when you reach the powerlines, but lots of nice rock formations, streams and wildlife.

My husband and I hiked this trail on a clear, winter day in January and nearly had it to ourselves. It was mostly flat and wooded -- very peaceful. The views from the top were lovely. Highly recommend.

Was hard, but we loved it. The vista made it worth the work. Took our 9 year old and he rocked it.

8 days ago

This trail is great for families to hike together and practice safety since is easy but it has some challenges. You can get prepared together so you'll ready when taking those moderate and hard trails out there. Hooyah!!!

8 days ago

Good spot to hike today, great weather started @ 930 probably a good time before the crowds started... did the orange & some red to do the one loop... saw a ton of sights up in the air, hawks & eagles.

I'm giving this three stars only because today it was a bit of a mess. This is really a horse trail. This time of year there are places that are very overgrown, and the trails are more like wildlife paths. The worst part was that the trail connections aren't there anymore. Saw Mill Road west to Saw Mill Road trail was blocked by tree trunks and debris from bulldozer cleanup (we were hoping to get to loop 2 and back to Hashawa). So instead, we continued through the zig zags, a ground wasp nest (ouch)and was stopped by the Big Pike Creek. I don't know if this is normally walkable, but it definitely wasn't crossable by foot today. We have had a lot of rain, so it was very deep, and there was no bridge in sight. We had to double back , and after three hours of hiking, we just had a friend pick us up, lol! See my uploaded photo.

Amazing! Beautiful natural waterfalls.

10 days ago

short and simple. cool trail through low trees.

beautiful hike

beautiful! was expecting one fall and a short hike .. 6 miles later and about 30 falls later! so cool.

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