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2 days ago

Hiked to South Baldface summit just this weekend. Easy going up to the shelter. Then things got real. Very icy and windy (60mph gusts) from the shelter to the south summit. Made for slow going and as a result couldn't complete the loop. Came down via slippery brook trail which was basically virgin snow and couldn't have been more pleasant. Will return in a month or so to complete the 10 mile loop. Amazing views.

Awesome winter hike. I saw a lot of people saying Tom and Field have really limited views, but several feet of snow means you can see over many trees that you wouldn't see over in the summer, and the views from both peaks were stunning with 180 degree views of the south Presis and into the Pemi from both peaks. Hike this but do it in the winter.

I hiked this trail with my family and it was fantastic! I would highly recommend it for anyone who is in the area.

on Bald Mountain Trail

1 month ago

The view is always great once at the top, summer or winter! You have two different access to this trail. You can rather start in the parking lot of the Hayes Landing in Oquossoc (will be in a left inside on Rd 4, before you reach Bald Mountain Rd), or you can start right at the bottom of the mountain, on Bald Mountain Rd (will be on a left inside on Bald Mountain Rd, a little bit after you pass Bald Mountain Camps). I regularly hike this trail and kinda prefer the first access. The beginning of the trail is therefore mostly flat and it gives you a chance to warm up before you start going up!

Took left at the fork and did Avalon and Fields first and then swung around and did Tom. The A-Z trail leading down from Tom is tricky in that the trail is covered by snow drift and it being next to a steep slope doesn't help - watch your footing. Else it's super fun and a easy 6 hour hike. No views worth talking about - it was snowing. Snowshoes only, microspikes kept ice balling up making them useless.

Also be ready to shed layers - I changed into just a base layer and a raincoat (snowing) because the trail is steep on the way up and you WILL sweat and get wet from the inside if you don't take care. Pit zips on jackets sure help.

Go up Avalon and Fields because these are more steep and then go down the A-Z trail (very small stretches of steep trails). For those inclined to get down on your butt and slide, this is going to be super fun since it presents plenty of opportunities to do so. Let the kid in you out and slide down - you won't regret it. :)

Did a winter hike yesterday before the big nor'eastern came in today. I started at the parking area for old speck/eyebrow and Appalachian trails which is labeled hiking trail parking on the west side of Maine Route 26. Took the Appalachian trail for 3.5 miles, then came to Old Speck trail on the left and followed that .3 miles to summit. (I logged 7.6 miles...not sure why 6.6 miles is listed above) Hike can be steep at times (specially with over a foot of snow) crampons are a must. Some decent over looks during the first section of the hike. Summiting took about 2 hours in the snow. Not great views because the storm had made its way in, however the trees were gorgeous covered in snow.

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Beautiful panoramic views at the top! The trail is a modest incline most of the way. The snow was well-packed and easy to walk on. Once the incline steepens, there is a lot of ice that makes the trail more challenging (I assume this would normally be boulder-ridden, but this time of year you can’t see them). Micro spikes or poles would be worth it over these sections as snow melts daily from the sun and refreezes. In the winter, the trail parking lot is not cleared. You can park on the road safely (it is not heavily trafficked). The trail is short, but plan time to climb the fire tower and enjoy the views. There is a picnic table at the top to sit and refuel. There are also several stream crossings early on for water.

Solo single-day winter traverse

A wonderful winter hike! Crawford path was a sidewalk, still grateful for the extra traction via microspikes. We enjoyed the Mizpah Hut loop, but most people hiked up and back via Crawford path that day. Took us 5 hours with a good 30-45 minutes of deliberate stopping/snacking.

2 months ago

Beast of a trail for backpacking, much more suited for ultralight backpacking or slack packing. Made it halfway to through but forced down after submitting Washington due to weather. Will definitely be going back to complete the rest of the traverse.

on Mount Katahdin Loop

3 months ago

Strenuous, but very fulfilling! I’ve climbed this mountain twice. It’s life-changing. Do it..

3 months ago

This was one of the more memorable hikes of my life. I did it late in the season (knifes edge had just iced over a bit), and was the only one on the mountain. And no bugs! I would highly recommend doing this early winter, if of course the park ranger says it’s not too dangerous. There aren’t many days in life that are memorable, but I’d imagine for most that hiking this mountain is one.

Planned to do this hike today--started at Crawford notch and sumitted Jackson first, the trail was fairly well packed and we didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Planned to go over to Pierce, however the trail wasn't broken yet and even with snowshoes on we were up to our waist--same with heading to Webster. It was a beautiful day however and the Gray Jays were out, Mt. Washington was clearly visible and decked out in snow. Tough climb straight up, but going down was fun--sliding on the snow on our butts makes for quick descent time! My pup came along too and she did great, the snow was soft and had no ice so her paws didn't crack at all and she was warm enough with just a wool sweater and waterproof top coat.

For winter snowshoe this is close to 5 star, depending on conditions.

The trail was packed down almost the entire way, and temps were cold (5F), with 15" base. That meant trail was broken, and microspikes held firm. If you're breaking trail with snowshoes, this would be a very, very challenging loop. If snow conditions were messy, and microspikes couldn't hold, it would be tough as well.

There are some truly steep ups and downs. I had to rotate snowshoes and micro spikes. Several of the steep downs are so steep that I had really no choice but to slide down sitting. I took off micro spikes so they didn't catch. 20 yards later I had to put them back on because uphill was so severe. For other parts of the terrain, primarily Avalon turn off until end of Field Mountain descent, snowshoes were the right equipment due to more variable conditions, and drifting snow.

Heat management is important for this loop. The Avalon access trail is very steep start to finish. So be ready to shed gear. And climbing continues all the way to top of Field. It would be easy to get hot, and then freeze in sweat on the way down. Start cold, with thin layers, and a shell. Given all the up, that will be fine. As usual, protect extremities in colder weather.

Lastly, I found navigation from top of Field down more difficult than expected. Snow had drifted, and I didn't see any blazes. I didn't get lost. But be handy with a map and compass, or have GPS with back-up if you are doing the first run after a major snowfall, where snow might cover blazes.

This is a challenging loop in winter that rewards good heat management, decent fitness, and a willingness to wait until a few strong trekkers have broken trail first.

It was my first overnight hike. Definitely challenging for myself. Amazing views, absolutely would do it again.

4 months ago

The trail is in great shape. The weather was perfect. The views from all the peaks were great. Many great photo ops .

Happy Labor Day! What a brisk 20 degrees!

Happy Labor Day! What a brisk 20 degrees!

The climb is always worth it.. beautiful views once we reached the top. Definitely didn't wear the right shoes for snow/ice. Not a hard hike per say but very slippery in areas. Fun to see all the tracks in the snow on the way up. Wish we would've started the trail earlier to enjoy the view up top longer. Incredible. A few in our group didn't make it all the way due to the slick conditions (child in a backpack child carrier... better safe than sorry). Definitely want to come back in the summer/fall!

Did this hike ascending South Baldface first, it was November and the slide up the south face had to be worked around, up on reaching the Knob the wind picked up, wind chills here until the col between summits can be frigid, be prepared for wind, lots of nice views from Monroe to Moriah, south to Chocorua, north to the Mahoosic's and east to Pleasant Mt, rock formations on Eagle Crag are cool, def worth the Sidetrip, then defend to The Emerald Pool on the way to 113, the loop took me 7:45, taking plenty of breaks and lots of pics...

5 months ago

Best view I’ve ever seen. Make sure to go on a day with good weather or you won’t even be able to see the view and path can get narrow. If you go in late summer you might be lucky enough to see some Thru Hikers! Took us about 3 1/2 hours total up the AT trail and down knives edge. May take longer and we were in top shape.

6 months ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it in 1983 on a tour of the huts. Hiked up Ammonoosuc Ravine. Stayed at Lakes of the Clouds Hut. From there, went on Westside Trail to Mt. Clay, to Sphinx Trail, to Great Gulf Trail, to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, and back down the Ravine.

6 months ago

Typically spectacular Evans Notch hike. Certain sections are good for foliage peeing. First hiked in October 1991, but only straight up southern section of Baldface Circle Trail to just beyond the shelter and back down the same trail to the road. Hiked full Circle on October 16, 1993, for 9 miles. Returned October 8, 1994, and did Bicknell Trail to Eagle Craig and back down by Baldface Circle Trail, 4 hours. Not a great way up, views limited. Should go up South Baldface Circle first.

difficult but fun at the same time.

My boyfriend and I went in early July of 2017. We did not get there earlier enough to complete the trail and walk along knifes edge. It was an incredible trail with awesome scenery. Living in MO I was blown away by the beauty of Maine and what this trail offered.
It was very rainy the day we went, hiking poles would have been nice. We were unsure on what to expect on this trail and if we ever get the chance to return will be more prepared.

6 months ago

A good amount of parking at the trailhead (toilets are available too). You need to cross the street from the parking area to reach the trailhead. We stopped at the Emerald Pool, which is a beautiful large flowing stream. Then we started the loop counter-clockwise via the Slippery Brook Trail. We went left on the Eastman Mountain Trail, where we camped for the night in utter solitude (we heard the shelter was quite busy!). The next morning we used the Baldface Knob Trail to connect with the Baldface Circle Trail, which was fairly steep taking us to South and North Baldface Mountains. What a nice, strenuous, and varied loop trail! Note that there are a couple of brooks back towards the beginning/end of the loop, but not in the middle of the loop.

6 months ago

Loved this trail.

-Quick but difficult
-Prepare to climb over boulders
-Quiet trail, did not pass any hikers through entire loop
-Brought my 8 year old dog, he managed well
-Caution, dangerous drop off
-Great views

Great overall day and hike. Stayed on Craford up to Pierce. Wind was howling and cloud cover but felt pretty awsome. Took a break at the Mizpah. Pretty cool trek between Pierce and Jackson. Finally saw some grayjays on Jackson! Great views there. Onto Webster and cliffs. Wow the cliffs were crazy. The wind was intense looking off the long drop down. Nice waterfall and look off thev"bluge". Just so much to love about this hike

We started our hike on Crawford's path to the summit of Mt. Pierce and took the loop around Mizpah hut and down. It's a fairly moderate hike with a hard climb at the top. Fall is the best time to hike up these mountains. You can't go wrong with the gorgeous views of autumn landscape, perfect weather, no mosquitoes and less crowded trails. The full hike took us a little over 6 hours and the views of Bretton woods, Mount Eisenhower, Monroe and washington was spectacular.

Such a beautiful hike dudes

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