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A perfect place to go as a beginner or an veteran hiker. There's plenty to see and plenty to explore, going off trail for the waterfalls isn't a recommended ideal but, really brings this place out for you. Aside from very relaxed environment and amazing views this place could use a little less cautionary flare. It's polluted with signs, markers, and trash from adolescent mistakes.
Going there as a kid to now was slightly depressing but none the less an amazing place to explore and get away from it all.

Great trail! Good for beginners! Beautiful falls!

great trail any level

Short and easy, but pretty view of rural New York State!

Loved this trip! The falls were stunning, not flowing too much water at the moment but still extremely enjoyable. We took the red trail & found that to be the best one to see all 3 waterfalls. The trails are definitely still a bit muddy & loose which makes the steep parts a bit nerve wrecking. We got a TICK BITE from the trail, luckily the tick had just "dug in" when we found it & all is fine, but be aware that there are ticks in the area.

5 days ago

The walk in is beautiful & we enjoyed the well-kept, wide trail (including some very interesting rock features). I do not agree with the last post about the trails being well marked, though. There's one map at the trailhead but no markers throughout the walk (and there are some other side trails off the main trail, which aren't included in that trailhead map).

Great hike!!!

Waterfalls are flowing beautifully! The trail is muddy and slick in a lot of spots, but a good hike.

best view I've ever seen. gorgeous. perfect length and steepness.

nice little hike for family. we went with our family of 8, ypugest child was 5. he had no problem navigating the well marked trail. pretty view form top.

Very nice loop hike where you see down into Middleburgh. I will definitely do this again.

Great views on the perimeter trail of the lock and river. Some nice lookout spots. Good view of a bald eagle nest. Only downside is there is a ton of people

Great hike. Trails weren’t too confusing to me, though it’s spring and the leaves haven’t grown in on the trees yet. Because of that I was able to see the tree markers just fine. Only thing that threw me off was the road crossing sign. It was the same color as the tree it was on and I walked right by it. Also a few muddy spots, but with decent hiking boots you’ll be fine.

Only somewhat difficult part of the trail that I want to call out is the stream crossing on the red trail right before the bench. There’s a down tree you can use to cross, but the water was high the day I went so I walked up and around (next to the railroad-be careful.)

So if you’re looking for a quick hike with a tad more adventure that is a little less traveled, this is a great spot.

*If you’re a geocacher - it’s a PERFECT spot for it. Just be careful because of ticks.

The northern park of this trail area is awesome; nice track, ups and downs, meandering thru the wood; the southern section though is quite muddy ... some boardwalks do exist but after a rain it will be muddy and flooded. I wouldn’t recommend the southern area to kids or animals until it dries out.

Loved it.

Did this trail 2 days ago. Good trail, but was very muddy in certain spots. Be prepared to cross the stream in some spots, feet might get wet since the river is high. Waterfalls we're full and beautiful!

Hiked this trail last weekend, was a beautiful day. trail was well marked and falls were very pretty.

Absolutely loved this place. A lot of inclines, so be prepared to get a workout. Trails are muddy in some spots and there were a few downed trees, but they well marked and very clean. I saw no trash or litter as described in a previous post. Things people should know 1)There is no direct access to the falls. The upper falls has an unmarked trail, but you do have to cross the creek a couple times and yes, your feet do get wet. Also, it is still a bit icy down there. 2) You have to cross the creek a few times on the main red trail. Your feet will most likely get wet. 3) I would not recommend this area for small children. There are a lot of steep inclines and ravines. The trail is narrow in some spots on the inclines. Also the bottom 2 falls can only be viewed from the top of the falls. The rocks are muddy and slippery. Did not seem safe for little ones.

Really easy, nice walk. Kind of confusing trails. Beautiful nonetheless

on Myosotis Lake Trail

1 month ago

love it and dog friendly

on Myosotis Lake Trail

1 month ago

Great hike

nice day to take a hike with the dog. this is a great woodland trail. it goes up and down the ravine and has some decent inclines. Trail is pretty well-marked all the way to the north end where a nice waterfall is. past a few streams and creeks on the way. very low running water if any today. was going to finish the red trail but markers along the way indicated trail ended at different parking lot entrance so we just headed back. Trail has some steep cliffs on the side along the way. will come back later in the year to finish the trail and see the other waterfalls. beautiful day, great exercise! Sun. 22 App. 2018

Nice hike. Great view if you can get around the picnic eating folks with their many dogs. So many dogs.

Nice hike, but the trails are pretty confusing. Glad I read previous reviews so I was prepared!

Perfect leisurely hike with great views. Good for kids and dogs.

Muddy but awesome! We've done it before. Great for kids and dogs.

Great trail, but confusing. We ended up on several different trails attempting to find the falls. Muddy with a little bit of snow left near the water. Kid, big dog, and small dog friendly.

Great quick hike with the kiddos (8 and 5). Only took an hour and thats with stopping to picnic at the top. Pretty nice views along the top for the minimal effort to get to the top. Was a little muddy still but not too bad

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