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Several paths to take form long to short easy to moderate. Wildlife....birds, deer......snakes near the water. One of the paths cuts through a neighborhood. That’s kind of cool.

Great trail! Definitely take the red trail if you want to put in some work. Only passed a few people. Plenty of swimming spots for dogs.

Good trail with lots of switchbacks, inclines and declines. If you are feeling brave, there’s a cave that goes back about 50 feet then opens up into a dead end located on the far side of the shore. Look for a rusted chain at the mouth. Being a hiking stick if you have bad knees. Also be on the lookout for snakes and other wildlife as I ran across one right off the trail and saw numerous deer tracks down by the banks.

That was a great hike, the red trail adds the exclamation point to the difficulty of it for sure. Didn't see anyone out or back except for the workers at the cell tower at the top.

Beautiful hike. A little challenging but definitely worth it!

Did this trail in March 2018 and it’s a great day hike. The first 2/3 of the Trail ascends up Blood Mountain gradually with a pretty good push to the summit, then descends steeply over the finally mile and a half. The trail itself isn’t as established which gives it a very rustic adventurous feel as you hike the Blood Mountain ridge line. The second half of the hike loops back on the AT giving you a chance to run into AT through hikers. Not too difficult would definitely recommend.

Beautiful and challenging trail. Gorgeous views along the way, especially the dam. Easy to find, yet I never knew it was there! A hidden treasure.

Very, very crowded, which I guess is to be expected since it was a gorgeous day with mild temperatures in the middle of winter, and the park is close to a big population center. Still we were surprised that there were just hundreds and hundreds of cars all trying to find a place to park. But there are enough trails that once you get off of the paved ones and heavily traveled ones down to the old mill, it starts to clear out and after that, it was really nice. Some moderate ups and downs, but nothing too steep. I'm not sure why this trail is rated "hard". It was definitely not hard (and we are in our 50's). We followed the track of this trail exactly, and our GPS said 7.8 miles, so almost exactly right on. a 5-star for sure and we'll be back.

I recommend you go early, this is a very popular area. The parking was full by 10am.

Loved this trail! rolling hills, woods, lake views, changing terrain to keep the walk interesting. It was cool to see the views of the dam. A tough short section of walk to the summit. Not exactly a summit to hang out at but the views up there in the winter were in every direction. The best part of hiking this trail is hiking the trail. I will definitely be hiking this trail again very soon. I did not stop during my hike and it took 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete and I clocked the trail at 6 miles for the yellow, red and blue trail. Oh, and I only saw 1 person on the trail the entire hike.

Good trail, well maintained.

My dog, Rezin, and I hiked the loop today, and I couldn’t be happier with how awesome it was. Weather was a little cloudy so it gave some nice shade. Great water access for majority of the hike. I didn’t need to get out my dog bowl, he was sipping from small creeks and puddles pretty much every time we took a break. The view from the peak of blood Mountain is out of this world! Decent amount of people on the trail, but all friendly and majority had dogs but they were friendly as well. Great place to also camp, so I plan on doing that next time! Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful and stunning hike!

Great trail! Has a lot of technical hiking features, and is great for a workout, hike, trail run.

Have been using it to get my pups in shape for a 3day hiking trip and it’s been really great!

Watch out for ice and mud, but the trail is in good shape.

One of my favorite trails! Definitely a little difficult, but you'll be fully rewarded with the view at the top!

just amazing if you want exersise. The summit at the top is a bit underwhelming, but still great. The amazing dam view makes up for it. Just try not to slip!

it's okay in the winter

Good hike overall. Didn't see a soul along the way and easy enough my 8 year old daughter to complete. Great view of the dam at the end.

Great hike some ice on the trail but you could bypass most icy patches. This hike was recommended by a few websites as a top winter hike in north GA. They were right beautiful Mountain View’s all the way. Be sure to climb the rocks by the shelter at the summit that’s where the best views are.. as far as difficulty I would say moderate to hard but defiantly I saw dogs and children that made it to the summit with no problems.

Cold as it gets. Hit the trail at 8:30 this morning and the air temperature was at 7. Beautiful views and vistas although I only spent about 15 minutes at the top.
Trail conditions: deep frozen tundra with some slick spots along the hike.

2 months ago

This is an extremely well marked/traveled trail with many turn-offs. At each turnoff, the NPS has posted a little map with waypoints and a “you are here” legend. Let your kids do the navigating. If they make a wrong turn, there’s not much time or distance lost to the next waypoint.

Great scenic views nearing the summit, best one before you reach the shelter. Freeman trail relatively easy but has some great rock scrambles. Get there early as parking is limited.

It was icy and muddy at times with a lot of rock scrambling to get up some of the inclines making it a challenging and fun hike. There was one part that was hard to see the trail marker on the Appalachian because the marker was worn. Other than that I highly recommend this trail it was a blast and the views at the top were worth it.

Gets your blood pumping early on and finishes with a strong climb. I enjoyed this trail both times I’ve done it

Fun hike with some stretches of uphill that make it somewhat strenuous. I went in late December and had great weather (lower 50's). Didn't see a single person until I got to Blood Mountain, on the way down passed about 60! This was on a weekday so my guess is weekends the part of the trail that goes up/down the mountain is very crowded.

Some climbing.

It was icy, snowy, and muddy at times. It was a great adventure. Lots of scrambling up rocks and inclines to get up!

3 months ago

This was a nice hike for a cool day. I did pretty much the trail marked here plus a visit to the Mill because I like cool bridges and I wanted to get some water and use the restroom. I like that there are branches to the trails that you can take to lengthen or abbreviate your hike as you might want. Like most trails in the Metro area, you are never able to get too far away from the sound of traffic and planes, but there is a stretch along Big Creek with Oxbo Dr just across the water that was particularly noisy. I kind of wish I'd taken one of the other routes that was further up the mountain there. Some of the spur trails are pretty cool -- there's one to the Mill and one to a small waterfall -- but some of them are routes to utility maintenance access sites and those are really overgrown. I went down one on purpose and another by accident; that second one was terrible and I was glad to find out that it wasn't part of the main loop.

12-3-17 Parked at the TrailHead just beyond the DLT campground. Walked passed closed signs and hiked up to the AT then left and headed south to Woody Gap.
No reason for this trail to still be "closed" it was safe smooth sailing all the way to the top. You can definitely see where the blowdowns are but they have been removed from the path of the trail. Plenty of creek/river crossings to get (filtered) water. Beautiful woods for the whole hike. Did a shuttle from point A to B.
If you want to hike this trail, I'd say do it. I went through without any problems.
Happy Hiking!!

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