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trail running
3 days ago

visit there from time to time. This time I do a trail running in circle with bunny run on the other side 2 weeks ago again. Some places are still wet, muddy and tree fell in 2 places. also some wood small bridges path has some losses. MTB, run or hiking if you don't mind some mud and a little bit off trail. Bunny run on the east side of the river is nice and dry.

Running there myself and with friends for quite a few times. Gravel base so not much mess. It can start from varieties location and connects you to other trails bond lake. Not technical trails at all, and almost no tree and shade.

This trail has been a favourite for years - it’s hilly (“99 steps”) and they’ve done some maintainence over the years so it’s much easier at the beginning however this is not a light stroll. It’s hilly and if winter - slippery and involves some creative moves across the terrain :) Will definitely get your heart rate up. Lovely space for a family walk, a date, a stroll, for dogs too.

This was a pretty good trail, keep in mind this is in winter with feet of snow on the ground, cross-country skiiers were out there. Great for all types, easy trail, well owen in paths and the loop that goes through moore park to the brickworks is a great workout at about 7km.

I think this trail is closed down? I don't know if its just under construction or if they're putting something else there but I couldn't walk through it :(

24 days ago

Nice and easy

Good neighbourhood trail. Easy accessible. Well maintained.

watch out with winter hikes, slopes are difficult to navigate,but still doable with minimal ice.

trail running
3 months ago

Park closed for the season. A few dog walkers. Nice area.

This is my favourite trail with my dog. We usually make a round walk of lake. Less than an hour, slow walking along a beautiful lake and trees refresh us. Today was 10 degree in the afternoon. Lovely November day.

It was a bit windy when I started on Old Colony rd being in the open, but then there is more trees so it gets warmer. I took the trail around bond lake for the return, cutting back on old colony rd. That section was my favourite being in the trees and having amazing views of the lake. Main trail surface is crushed lime stones.

4 months ago

hiked this trail several times and I always see someone new

Great local wooded trail, other then the sound of the odd lawnmower from the houses on the top of the ravine you feel like you're in the middle of much larger forest. I went on a colder fall morning so there wasn't much traffic....definitely going back

Great trails, amazing views . Does have a lot of hills and rough terrain but love it. A little muddy in some parts , and they do need to come in and remark some of the areas. I found many people were getting lost from the Bathurst entrance ( I parked at the 19th side rd ). Blue trail turns to White markers near the end . Over all great like will defiantly do it again.

Fun and adventurous trail!

Great for beginners. Nice swim after the hike.

trail running
4 months ago

Went Trail Running quite a few time (at least 5 times) over there in Winter and Summer. I only met one Trail Runner so far. 85% are MT Bikers. and 10% are hikers. Most of people bike/run/hike over the west side trail over because it is longer and connect to Crother Wood, Brick Works and then Lower Don Trail and so many trails and park. If you run slow like over 6:30 you shouldn't have problem. Part of the elevation is high and run is narrow, but yeah, just respect the trail and you should be fine. it is pretty now in the fall Sept to Oct. Rather I recommend the east side over the ET Seton park from Arrow shooting yard to the ET Seton park #3 park lot. It's elevation is higher. BTW, great scenes and challenging running.

At the entrance of the trail there is a sign indicating that ticks are present in the area. Enter at your own risk.

5 months ago

Not what we expected, the scenery isn’t what Ian into . Wouldn’t recommend

Pretty busy trail, was under construction when we were there. But definitely beautiful and in a great location!
Not everyone has their dogs leashes, so be cautious of that if trekking with a pooch!

Absolutely loved this trail.
The trail head at Moore Ave is kind of hidden and not signed at all. It's on the south side of the street. Look for the "Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre" sign on the north side of the street as a landmark; trailhead is directly across from there.
This is a great trail! Beautiful wooded area with rivers/creeks and tons of stuff to see and explore with kids. We went with a group of 8 adults and 8 kids (ages 2.5 - 7 yrs old) and this trail was perfect length and difficulty. Bonus is that we went on Sunday so at the exact halfway point, the brickworks farmer's market was happening so you can get delicious food. We stayed there for a while and then just hiked the same trail back. We didn't technically do the "loop" in that sense.
Will do it again!!!!
Oh - I haven't mastered using this app to find my way in trails so i just asked ppl if I was going the right way towards the brickworks.

it was ok for a last minute hike after a morning soaker. paved path and lots of traffic. never felt like I got away from the city

We walked around Bond Lake,amazing view!

5 months ago

Great cliffs

Very pleasant walk in the park.
Very easy. A Beach walk.
Walked for about 2 hours - lots of cyclists.

Great trail half hour from GTA( Toronto)

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