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Nice short hike for a Sunday afternoon. the views from the tower are great and there are some great outlooks along the way

Easy trail with the dog. About 10 minutes in there was a bug attached to his face. Might’ve been a tick but we managed to get it off. One side is fairly muddy and wet but the other side is dry and has a nice clearing of the reservoir.

Love the view. Clean air. No insects bugs or sight of animals or even snakes. Neutral for all. My favorite all time place.

beautiful views and awesome hike

It is a very cold winter day, I will be returning in warmer weather . There was a lot of ice today and the trails weren’t marked that well, went off the trail a bit. Didn’t get too far into the trail but the views we did get to see were nice .

Beautiful place !

Great place to hike year round. Views are some of Connecticut’s best. Heublein tower is always fun. Connects to Metacomet trail when u want to extend the trek. Always a family favorite.

Great family hike. 4, 5 and 7 year old. 3.4 miles with dog. Right after snow melt and rain, falls were flowing! Will go again.

This is my favorite hike!!!

Easy hike and good views. It's a bit crowded though. There are lots of families and people of all ages on the trail. There is a picnic spot near the tower.

Super scenic, paved and Unpaved options. Deer, woodpeckers.

3 months ago

Great trail. Not too strenuous.

Awesome views

4 months ago

Hiked with my nearly 3 year old on my back. Very fun, relaxing and gorgeous views.

great hike with amazing views!

Great walk. Beautiful scenery most of the way. A little less so towards the end, but all around a great trail. Easy parking too.

Great trail but you need your phone because many parts of the trail was not marked. There are many trail and you think your going the right way but you are not.If you record your hike you will be able to see where you are. Other than that I loved it!’

Very easy walk. Truly a beautiful path especially around the fall season.

Hiking, amazing views

This was a very enjoyable trail with spectacular views of the rocks and cliffs. Some of the trails do go near the edges of the cliffs but there is an alternate trail right behind most of them a few more feet in. Definitely looking forward to visiting again.


Couldn't be more enjoyable. Nice views most of the way. Looking forward to the possibilities in winter

Couldn't be more enjoyable. Nice views most of the way. Looking forward to the possibilities in winter

Had a great, easy hike here yesterday. If you park in the large lot that the app takes you to the main trail entrance is to the left where you see the bathroom facilities.
As you follow the main trail, I suggest following the sign to the little falls. You'll see the little falls first then the big falls after.
You can also put wadsworth falls into google maps and it takes you to the lot for the big falls on cherry hill road. Getting to the big falls from that lot is very accessible and easy.
Also recommend taking a photo of the trail maps at the main entrance in case you want to check out any of the offshoot trails while in there. Really easy paths, beautiful woods. Tons of chipmunks and squirrels, which made for two tired dogs when I was done. Also a great spot for a hot day, very shady and breezy in the woods.

What a great flat trail that is a full oval.

5 months ago

Short, fairly easy hike with huge rewards. Excellent views all along the ridge line. Views from tower are spectacular.

5 months ago

I found a nice spot to meditate overlooking the town

Beautiful trees

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