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So beautiful! It rained the whole time! Totally worth it! High 40s in temp great trails! Watch the little ones there are steep parts walking toward the falls! Wear shoes with good traction! Bring your camera (if not raining) and a lunch!

12 days ago

I loved this trail, it was just spectacular and the Falls were Magnificent. I arrived after lots of rainfall in this area so the water was roaring. Great place to spend the day. Next time I will bring walking sticks to help with a little slippery and narrow paths. Put this on your list its A Winner :)


The directions off this app didn't work for us, but Google maps brought us right to it.

We went after days of heavy rain and the dirt road had some muddy spots, but my mid sized FWD SUV got thru it fine. The Trail itself was pretty wet and muddy as well.

The hike is great. Mostly easy with a few steep spots and some rocky terrain and steep steps down to the waterfalls which are beautiful. They were just roaring after all the rain.

My Fitbit clocked 9k steps and about 3.5 miles.

nice easy/moderate hiking trail. good for bringing the dogs, but please keep on leash. gets a little narrow at some spots.

17 days ago

Spectacular scenery today! All the recent rains have made the waterfalls amazing. Trails are muddy and slippery but that is to be expected. I agree with the moderate rating. Lots of rocks and roots but the trail is well marked. Lower Greeter Falls with the spiral staircase and Blue Hole are not to be missed!

We camped at Foster Falls about 1.5 years ago in early October, and took advantage of the hiking and it is really beautiful! The falls is great, and looked like a cool place to swim and explore in the summer! The trail was easy to follow, and we watched some rock climbers along the way! Highly recommend the trail and the camping!

The waterfalls are amazing!

Beautiful and very diverse range of beauty if you do the loop.

Enjoyed this hike even though the falls were dry at the time. When we hiked most folks hiked the falls loop. The Johns Mountain Loop was empty. We were the only people on the entire trail for over 3 miles. Amazing view from the lookout at the top and very flat and easy walking along the ridge until the descent back down.

Parts of the trail were not entirely clear with many downed trees and trail covered in leaves and debris. Sometimes it was difficult to see the trail clearly.

Very short, but nice add on to other stone door hikes. Kids love to play here in the summer along the flat area below the fall.

Amazing, one of my favorites!!

short little hike to falls

Hard to find but AMAZING!

We had a little trouble finding the trail head at first, but finally got there. The gravel drive to the tail head threw us a little. The trail head isn't much more than a dirt patch with a mud puddle in the middle so we just parked where we could. No signage but the trail is well maintained and obvious. We hiked up the north side first and there are some sections that are harder than I thought we'd encounter, but overall I'd say moderate is a good description of the trail. The double falls are beautiful and well worth the hike. We came back the south trail which runs along the creek/river and it was so nice. The sound of the water, the fall colors, the smell of the forest, it was awesome. The trail was well marked on that side too. The hike felt longer than described and another person told us it was a little over 4 miles. My husband and I are 58 and 56 and had no problems.

Very scenic and beautiful. Even more beautiful after a good rain. Makes a perfect early morning hike.

2 months ago

Hiked this trail to see fall foliage and we weren’t disappointed. It was gorgeous and we got many beautiful pictures. The forest was ablaze with color and the falls were a treat. Trail is easy to follow. Saw a snake on the way back. I think it was a garter snake.

Amazing place to spend the day. Cold water and beautiful waterfall. Not very much during the summer though. We took a dog too and had no issues. Lovely place. Kinda hard hike down into the canyon though.

Greeter Falls is worth the effort. The trail is a bit rough in spots (rocks, roots, etc.) and the staircase down to lower Greeter Falls was a little daunting. Nice trail with a good amount of people enjoying it. Highly recommend.

Did this trail Oct 28. I actually added going into the Big Creek Gulf then to Stone Door then took the Big Creek Rim trail back. 12.5 miles. 2500 feet. If you do this hike don't pass up ranger falls. Very worth the trek and a beautiful falls. Be ready though this complete trail plan isn't moderate it's hard and trying. But very rewarding. Leaves haven't completely changed yet but the Rim trail is going to be one of the best views for foliage. Good luck.

trail running
2 months ago

There's almost always something to look at. It's a very scenic trail.

If you plan on running
It's very, very rocky.
There are several down trees over the trail.

I had no issue following the trail. It's not overgrown.

3 months ago

Just hiked to the falls and back, very easy hike and the falls are nice.

Seemed a lot shorter then .4 miles. Beautiful area. Love that there isn't any fences keeping you from the edge of the cliff. Waterfall is difficult to see without leaning over the edge.
Drive getting to it was very typical mountainous driving. Lots of hairpin curves!

Great hike and beautiful falls. Well worth it.

This is a gorgeous trail, but the red loop shown on the map is misleading. In order to complete the loop you have to climb a ridge/cliff, unless there's something I missed.

Nice, scenic route. One of my favorite parks in TN and a great escape from the heat in summer months.

Super easy 40 min each way to the falls. Went with two boys 7 & 10 yrs of age

Did this trail today and took our 18 pound older Boston Terrier. He did fine but was pretty tired at the end. We did the lower and upper Falls and BlueHole trails. Falls were great and very photogenic. No restroom at the trailhead. Would love to visit again. Easy day hike.

This trail is a great mix of easy with some technical sections thrown in if you take the Big Creek Gulf Trail. I had my small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with me, and although he was tired at the end, he was able to navigate the trails with no problem. Great for day hiking!

One of my favorite hikes. The waterfalls are AMAZING. So worth it.

3 months ago

This is a great trail. As another reviewer noted, the start of the "mapped" trail on this site is the gravel drive in from the main road. I clocked this at 1.5 miles. If you zoom in on the trail, you can see gravel "road".
This is a loop, but the best part of the trail is all on the southern part of the loop and follows Turtletown Creek. You will hit the double waterfall shortly after the fork in the trail. You can then continue along the "creek" to the second waterfall, which is at the very "top" of the loop. We came back on the northern part of the loop and would not do that again. You move far enough away from the water that you no longer hear or see it. There is more elevation on this side, and therefore a bit tougher hike, but it is not as scenic. Plus, on this side we had to avoid a three foot long copperhead snake.

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