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Great hike. Will definitely do again when the water is lower.

cant wait to come back this summer!

One of the most beautiful waterfalls we have seen yet!

So lovely. Childhood favorite.

Rocky path with amazing views! so beautiful.

The hike was fun but my friends and I brushed against a plant called Giant Hogweed. I did a ton of research because I got 3rd degree burns from this plant across my half of my shin. I would advise to AVOID this trail or be extremely careful. Someone needs to go out there and take care of this plant. I'm scarred to this day and still sensitive when I put my socks on. The pain was unbearable, stuck indoors for 2 weeks straight. Blisters the size of a baseball on my leg. And this location is the only place in the area that this stuff has been reported. I would have reported it but I don't know where I brushed against the plant. All I know is that I was hiking on this trail with my friends and I noticed weird burns on my legs later that night. Two days later my leg was covered in tiny EXTREMELY painful blisters. By day 6 my entire leg was purple and blue and swollen I had no idea what had happened and I had to visit 6 different doctors. It was 14 days before I came outside for the first time. Took 3 months to get rid of the blisters. I am scared and sensitive to this day. PLEASE AVOID THIS TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Great falls to visit year round. Easy to get to in the snow.

This is an awesome trail! The views of the waterfalls are amazing and it is moderately challenging. Definitely not 1.2 miles on the loop though. It’s closer to 2.5 miles if you go all the way around. The Lower falls creek crossing is marked with orange ribbon tape if you are coming from the upper falls direction. The crossings were difficult because everything was frozen or covered in ice (we came right after a big snowfall) so we had to rock jump and slip-slide our way across (getting very wet in the process). One of our favorite hikes and definitely worth coming back to!

lots of traffic noise. mainly for biking. the trails are not marked well.

Beautiful when it is frozen.

Short, easy hike and impressive waterfall

Really enjoy this trail. Pretty easy walk uphill to get out to the observation tower. Have done this trail twice. The first time we got up there just as the clouds rolled in and blocked out everything. The second time there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Breathtaking. Really cool view down on to the Blowing Rock to the south and Boone to the north. Highly recommend if you have a couple hours to spend.

2 months ago

A favorite hike! My daughter and I enjoyed this hike so much we went back to back days.

Just hard enough for a challenge but fun enough to be..well fun. I would not recommend little ones as some have but thats me. Kids cost too much to lose one.

Will 100% do this again when we are in Blowing Rock.

First time there for me. We came in from the trailhead at Kawana Road and encountered a total of four stream crossings to get to the base of the falls. Since it was the end of December we encountered a lot of ice which both me and my two dogs had some difficulty navigating since the ice was all on rockface. Air temperature was 34 and my stream thermometer showed 44 degrees. Most of the tread was pretty good though there were some areas that were a little trickier. All-in-all a great little hike and one I'll probably be back to do again in the fall.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. I didn’t like walking on the gravel road for possibly a mile? The cascades/falls are small and pretty. Thanks Toby Brennan for helping with the blazes. I took a picture of your comments Incase if no reception and did refer to them on the trail. All Trails map kept me in the trail. There is water for dogs in the middle of the hike as you walk along the creek.

Great trail. Easy until left turn up Cragway HT, not crazy difficult. It was super windy at the top but had incredible boulders and beautiful views of the valley.

3 months ago

Don't let the "hard" rating scare you away if you are not an "experienced adventurer". I've been taking my kids here since they were about 3. Not that we've done the whole trail, but if you're enjoying a day in downtown Blowing Rock and want a hike, this is so convenient and fun. Maybe it gets harder towards the end, but at least the first mile-ish is fun for kids who like to scramble over roots and rocks, etc.

3 months ago

Bummed! Giving it 3 stars but BEWARE! We drove to Blowing Rock only to find the trail closed for repairs. It would be nice if the website had stated this. Went to Daniel Boone Fork trail instead...nice hike.

3 months ago

nice trail system, with a good trail map at the beginning. long and somewhat difficult. mainly used for mountain biking, involves yielding to bikers. must keep pets leashed. nice view at the top, although no feeling of seclusion

4 months ago

Great hike today. Rating should be Moderate.


Took the Nuwati trail to the Cragway Trail then Flat Rock View. Cragway was challenging with rocky terrain which made it super fun and interesting!

It was not the hardest hike I've ever done but will be one of my favorites. The falls were beautiful. The hike to the falls was easy to follow and there were many little trails around the falls to explore the falls in more detail. Once we crossed over to continue on the trail it became difficult to follow. We did a lot of bushwacking and stayed close to the trail only because of the alltrails map. With this being said, it was a lot of fun. We were determined to find a place to cross back once we saw the trail continuing on the other side. We did have to get creative and had to go below the trail to find a place to cross. We walked, climbed,scooted across a couple fallen logs with the water rushing under our feet and then jump across another rock. We thought it was a blast but might would be too difficult for someone older or without good balance. Once we reached the other side the trail was easy to follow the rest of the way with a gradual incline. This will definitely become a regular hike and possible camping spot.

Peaceful hike! Loved having a big pool to swim in after the hike. There are two ropes - a big white one at trail’s end to the upper part between two Falls, and a smaller blue rope a tad before the end of the trail that leads to the base of the lower Falls. I had my dog with me so didn’t attempt the white rope (mostly steep rock and was cautious for my dog ), but we were definitely able to go down to the the lower Falls . I had to help my dog up the bottom rocks back to the trail, and he did fine. I am counting the days to go back and swim- with family this time!

See Kristin Black Yoxall’s review for trail directions.

Perfect if your in Blowing Rock. Steep Hike. Water falls are not large but still nice.

Easy wide trails. Rewarding view at the fire tower.

I have hiked this trail years ago I did not find it easy . ( need to change the rating to hard ) It is nice at the bottom but that walk back out is hard !

Great registered camping sites and pretty easy hike. Storytellers rock is pretty and a must go. Plenty of roots and rocks for the majority of the trail. Lots of small to medium water sources that cross the trail and can get your feet wet. Love it!

4 months ago

I give it a five because of the great waterfall views. There are at least six great locations on the trail. The trail is difficult to follow and we got lost at least three times but worth the trouble.

5 months ago

Very easy walk, lots of chipmunks along the way to watch. Great view from the fire tower up top!

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